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thread: Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception - April/May 2009

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    Oct 2007

    Congrats Lani and 2mums!!!!

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    Aug 2008

    Hi Lovely Ladies!

    How are we all?

    Lani: Wow congrats on the 25kgs! My trainer put m on something similar before my wedding and I lost 12kg, and then got a severe bout of food poisining a month before my wedding and lost another 5kg. It's a great feeling isn't it! My IVF counsellor told me if you lose 10% of your weight increases your chances of conceiveng by something like 20%?

    JBM: Good luck with that 6 week challenge. For something short term like that have you considered boot camp? It's brutal as hell but gets great results!


    True Blue: back!

    on tra_k: chin up, that month will fly by before you know it and your body will be relaxed and healthy and raring to go!

    Rob: Good luck with the FS!

    sandygirl: Glad you're feeling better! It's such a draining journey.

    AFM: AF arrived with a vengence yesterday. First BT this morning. Waiting for the phone call with results to find out when I can start jabbing. Had a hell of a time on Synarel, vomiting 2-3 times a day for almost 2 weeks now, migraines, joint swelling & pain and averaging only 3hrs sleep a night. FS not happy but we agreed we don't want to upset my system by making any changes now, although if nothing improves by mid next week I won't have a choice. Has anyone else had these problems? Anyway it's all worth the casue in the end. Waiting for good BT results and hoping 1st scan will be Friday week. It's all starting to feel real now!

    Hey has anyone else had trouble with this forum lately? For about the last week I keep getting error messages intermittently throughout the day then a few hours later it's all ok. Also been unable to make any changes to my profile either.

    Hope everyone has a happy & safe Easter, wherever you are & wherever you're going!

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    Dec 2008
    Leongatha - South Gippsland, Victoria

    Hi all
    There are so many people in here it is hard to keep up - so just a quick hello whilst on my lunch break.

    Pollyanna - So sorry this wasnt your month

    Infinity, Lionfish - and GL with everything

    BOC - Sorry AF arrived but good to see you are positive about things and getting back on the horse

    Trueblue - hi chicky. Your lap will come round before you know it and then you can get on the road to having your dream come true.

    Buggirl - sorry again about AF

    to everyone else - I realise I have missed people. GL with everything i.e. jabbing, transfers, waiting etc

    AFM - Im just ing, and had my last booster Pregnyl today, 8dpo and IUI. Trying not too think about any symptoms etc as hard as that it.

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    Mar 2009
    Sydney, Australia

    Hi All,

    I am on day 3 of my 3rd FET (HRT cycle) so still a long way to go yet....trying to build my positive vibes and get ready for the next instalment. (whatever that maybe!!) Such a rollercoaster ride.....

    Congratulations to those ladies who got their BFP's - wishing you happy and healthy pregnancies.

    To everyone else....good luck I hope this is our lucky, month, year etc etc

    Looking forward to getting to know you all over the next month.

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    hey to all my beautifuls...
    i hope your all going ok,im thinking of you all.
    to all the new girls a big welcome.
    i hope you all have a nice easter and the bunny finds you all my self id like to find him and shoot him ..again he costs me a fortune

    take care girls
    ill be back soon to join you all but for now just lurking and cheering you all on from the side lines

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    Jan 2008

    boc: thanks for word of encouragement, doing well. as for that nasty af , hope she is nicer to you. hope you feel better soon. yes i probs with forum this week too ?!.

    loops: pregnly gives me all the symtoms of preg, so i ignore everything and makes me less insane in TWW. good luck, hope for that BFP !!!!

    jodz: goodluck to you

    afm: well i lost 1/2 a kg this week, thats amazing for me !!!!. feeling fine and just plodding along doing nothing ( with TTC that is). nice to be having a break, i don't even know when af is due or what day i am on ? this is great .

    xx kisses and hugs to all oo

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    Aug 2008

    Wow JBM, congrats on that half kg! That's great news that you're so relaxed!

    Smithy, if you like send Mr Easter bunny my way. I am totally out of dark chocolate and want some RIGHT NOW!!!

    Actually for once this month AF was a blessing! I couldn't wait to see her ugly face cause it meant I got my BT! Oh and good news, my results came back, my hormone levels are absolutely flat so I start jabbing in the morning YIPPEEEEEEE!!!! One step closer girls!

    First scan due a week from Friday so grow little follies grow (but not too much please) !

    Have a great night ladies hope you all get a good rest! to you all!

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    Feb 2009

    Morning Ladies,

    First off a BIG Congrats to Lani, thats wonderful news...

    Welcome to any newies and those who have unfortunately had to return, hope your stay is a short one.

    Quickie update to keep in the loop, still waiting for AF, she was/is supposed to turn up anytime from yesterday so, will be starting Clomid anytime in the next 3 - 15 days, argggh this is torture!

    Have a lovely long weekend.

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    Nov 2008

    Morning Ladies,

    Well update for me is we will do an FET next period so should be early May. As my previous embies didn't thaw I don't have any hopes with it as that way there is no let down, if we can get 2 to thaw we will put 2 back otherwise just 1 which would be better than nothing I would just be happy to get something to thaw.

    If that doesn't work or happen we will do a stim cycle in June.

    But for this month we are on our own !!! I might buy and actual ovulation kit maybe that would help ??? Anyway my suggestion to hubby was dtd twice a day I will stand on my head after to help the swimmers get there and maybe we can create a miracle ha ha! Wouldn't that be a neat trick! I have read so much info on how to improve sperm quality it unbelievable and it all contradicts itself, one says caffeine helps the others say it doesn't OMG can they ever get it right???

    Anyway I hope you all have a great day, I am off to pick up easter bunny supplies mmmmmmm, be better if I actually ate chocolate too!

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    Apr 2008

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry i havn't been around much - i have been lurking though!

    Selfish post....

    I caved and POAS this am - 13 dpEPU and 9 dpET (blastie) there was a definate faint second line within 5 min..... oh my god ..... do you think this might be it..... i have never seen a second line before!!!!!

    will BBL with personnals but had to tell someone!!!!


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    Mar 2009
    Sydney, Australia

    Bella55 that is great news.....I hope it turns out to be a BFP for you!!!

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    Feb 2009

    Hi Everyone!

    Big congrats to you Lani and 2 Mums!
    Bella fingers (and toes) crossed for you!
    Boc - I am pretty much at the same stage as you I think - but I didn't have to do the nasal spray - thank God by the sounds of your side effects!
    And to everyone else (there is so many of you all) - I hope things are going well for you what ever part if your cycle you are at!!

    AFM- I have been patiently waiting for AF to appear so I could call the clinic to start my first ever IVF cycle (yay) and of course she was 2 weeks late - anyway after she arrived I called the clinic and I am having my blood test done tommorrow at 9am and will then find out when I can start on my injections. I was so annoyed with all the waiting and now the time has arrived I am getting nervous and excited all at once. I know we are sooo much closer now than ever

    I guess I am going to have a lot more to write about now that it is all happening - I bought a camcoder to document the journey to share with our future children to show them the amazing way they were conceived!

    Take care everyone, Happy Easter!!

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    Dec 2008
    Leongatha - South Gippsland, Victoria

    Happy Easter everyone! Have a safe and happy one! And good luck wherever you are at.

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    Aug 2008

    Oooh Bella!!!!!! my fingers, toes and everything else I possibly can for you that you get your BFP!!!

    Now ladies this brings up a debate for me.

    To pee or not to pee, that is the question!

    I have been told a number of times that I really shouldn't POAS whilst doing the IVF for fear of false positives etc, but more and more people seem to be doing it. So should I or not? And if so, when should I? Stupid ignorant me thought they only worked AFTER the date your period was due anyway but I have a friend who does them every month on day 21 of her cycle so I'm really confused here.

    Hey Mahli we may end up being 2WW buddies! Thank your lucky stars you didn't get stuck with the Synarel. I decided to spoil myself tonight but ended up wasting perfectly good Pizza (ewwww yukkk sorry hehehe) but feeling pretty crapola right about now.

    Have a great Easter peoples and hope the Easter Bunny is generous but also don't forget the reason for the season!

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    Apr 2009

    Hi Everyone!


    New member here. Trying to conceive for the last 3.5 years. Got pregnant naturally after almost 2 years of trying which we lost at 12 weeks. Started IVF in 11/08 and got 20 eggs with 7 good embryos. First fresh transfer didn't take. Planning on a FET this month. I'm already annoyed with my IVF provider. They made a few mistakes on the first cycle which hasn't done much for my confidence. Tried to phone in for day 1 of FET today but couldn't get through to accounts despite sitting on hold for 30 minutes, trying again and finally leaving a message. Reception wouldn't let me speak to the nurse until account was paid which I was trying to do but couldn't! Anyway, they seem to be a very popular provider and have only heard good feedback but am annoyed and stressed all the same. Hoping they'll be open on the long weekend. I'm sure everything will work out but felt the need to vent all the same.

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    Mar 2009

    Howdy all,

    Welcome to all the newies! Congrats to the Lani! Yey - great Easter Bunny present!

    The POAS debate is an interesting one - sounds good Bella - I always POAS as I couldn't stand to find out the dreaded news on the phone - especially receiving the call at work...and especially since I never get AF before beta test so would always be thinking if it worked - atleast a POAS warns me/prepares me!!! I buy them off ebay - nice and cheap and reliable! And it is always in the back of my mind that a faint positive could be from the trigger - mind you yet to see one yet!

    So my update - got a BFN negative on Friday and am still waiting for AF to come properly - so weird as normally it comes with vengence and is full on - not sure why it isn't coming properly and basically not at all! And not much crinone coming out - maybe I'm blocked up!!! So no natural FET this month as cycle all over place - bring on May

    Good luck to others in 2ww and those who are cycling!

    Happy Easter - may it bring lots of 'buns' in ovens and lots of 'eggs'!

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    Mar 2009

    P.S - Not sure which thread it was - can't keep track! - but someone asked me how FS was monitoring diminished ovarian reserve?? It is done through blood tests at ovulation time. I've had two tests so far in 12 months to monitor it - it is low but not critically low yet. Antagonist cyle way to go though - I have 5 days on clomid then 10 or more days on gonal at 375ml and then 3 antagonist shots/ one trigger then pick up! Always average 10 eggs at pick up and normally 6 fertilise through ICSI and transfer two and 4 normally make it to freeze!!

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    May 2007
    Otago, NZ

    Hi there all! After a good few months lurking, I guess it is finally time for me to tentatively pop my head in here and say hello. My story as briefly as possible goes like this - I started the depo injection shortly before our wedding which was the best thing since sliced bread at the time, until we decided to ttc. I came off it May 2005 and 22 months later still hadn't had AF so was waiting for an FS appointment when lo and behold I discovered I was pg. Unfortunately this was molar so had to be terminated with the associated wait before ttc could resume. Since then, I have had irregular AF (with no sign of PCOS) and a further m/c. We have just found out that in addition to this, DH has low sperm count and motility so again, we are waiting for an FS appointment. A quick question - I have been googling like mad as the day DH did his thing, he had just come down with some nasty bug and had quite a high temp. In my google mission, everything has said that high temps in the three months preceding the test can decrease count and motility - if he had a temp the day of his test, could this account for his bad results? Either way, we still need that appt. Anywho, that is our story
    Bella - I remember you from 6month+ thread, I have everything crossed for you and hoping that line is darker tomorrow!!
    Looking forward to getting to know you all and hope you all have a great Easter

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