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thread: Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception - Dec 2007 #3

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    Apr 2007
    Sunshine Coast, Qld

    Hi All
    Jbub - just wanted to say GL with this cycle. I am in TWW, but some of the other girls here should be fairly close to you.
    Shannon & Slyder - thanks for your supportive comments.
    Anyway, not much happening here, many AF symptoms, but who would know if its AF, progesterone pessaries or implant?! Trying not to read too much into anything & have 6 days to go till BT. The nurse did say I wouldn't get AF either way because of the pessaries, so I guess it will be a secret till the end.
    Have a great day all & speak soon.

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    slyder Guest

    Peta that's right about AF, you wont get it until you come off the PP.

    Jbub, welcome. I think at this time of year there are fewer active IVF cycles, but that doesn't mean there aren't people here to give you support and advice. Good luck.

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    Oct 2007
    Rural England

    Hi everyone

    I hope Christmas has been a relaxing and rewarding time with DPs and family. I think I did a fairly good job of not over-eating too much and not getting too annoyed at my family How did everyone else fair?

    Our honeymoon was wonderful - so many things I've done for the first time on a holiday, like snorkeling and kayaking, and hand-feeding fish and listening to muttonbirds make a racket all night (DH wasn't as impressed at this as I was lol). We came home to do a mad 48 hour rush to be ready for Christmas, so I've been quite tired this Christmas. Unfortunately OCP has been affecting me more this time round, too.

    I started Synarel today and I come off OCP on 2nd Jan. I'm due to start stims / down-reg scan 11th Jan - I think they've made it a bit later this time to cater for my late AF, based on last stim cycle. I've been badly slack with OCP - I don't seem to be good at taking it consistently at the same time, with all the distractions of the honeymoon and Christmas (even technically should have skipped a dose, I was that late with a dose during the honeymoon - panic stations at the time!). I worry sometimes that it will not be a good thing for the cycle and I'll have ovulated and my ovaries won't be "quiet" enough to start stimulation, but mostly I'm going through a biiiiig patch of apathy atm. I should be really excited to have another chance at a stim cycle, but I think I'm just really tired right now.

    I've spent a while catching up with everyone's news since we went away after the wedding, and I apologise if my greeting and wishes are a bit late now.

    Mon - I hope you're recovering ok from the over-stimulation. I'm very sorry to hear your cycle was cancelled. You've been on the biggest rollercoaster - lots of hugs.

    Slyder - glad to hear you and DW are back in the game. I hope you're Christmas was ok - sisters have great timing, don't they? - my SIL is due to give birth next week (she'll be induced next Thurs) so it was a little difficult to see her at Christmas.

    Shannon - I hope you're recovering ok from your hospital stay and OHSS. I'm really glad to hear that you and DH have been able to find a way to express the difficulties that you're going through to each other. That analogy was really good!

    Kerri - A belated congratulations to you! I wish you a safe and happy pregnancy.

    MWL - Hi there I don't think we've met yet, but I've followed you're progress and I'm sorry that this cycle wasn't the one. I hope you and DH are coping ok :hugs:

    Peta - thinking of you lots - I hope you're hanging in there ok. Not long to go!

    Jbub - welcome and I wish you lots and lots of luck and a speedy journey through IVF. We are all here for you if you need - plenty of people to offer you advice on all the things that you're not sure about. There will always be someone here to offer you support and help you if you're not feeling 100% confident about anything. I hope you're doing ok on those injections for now - ouch for those bruises! I found that making sure you injected at exactly 90 degrees to your skin helped with the bruising and any pain - and plenty of ice before you inject!

    BW - I hope you're recovery has been going ok and that Christmas didn't put a dent in it! Been thinking of you lots and sending you recovery vibes

    dusty - hey hun Howe's (lol) the surfing been going? I lost whether you were away on hodilay or what or whether you're away still or back (doh! sorry!) Thanks for all you're advice about LHI - it was sooooo helpful, and we really felt prepared to take advantage of the time before we even reached the island!

    BG, TL, and anyone else who may be lurking, I hope you all had a lovely, relaxing Christmas that the new year is looking bright and full of hope for you all. Same goes to everyone

    Miss C

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    Jul 2007
    Sydney - Inner West

    Kinda glad that Xmas is out of the way! The day was good, was really busy in the kitchen helping my mum (as we had it there) and washing up. DH had the sh**ts that I was the only one helping - well with my sis looking after her bubs and SIL tired from her hosting Xmas eve dinner it only made sense! But was better actually as kept my mind off things - in a way. Well until my SIL made a comment at lunch about my sis and how exciting that her son is here and gushed and gaaed and said 'and this time last year you were PG'. It just put me in a dull mood! Like I needed to be reminded. It p****ed me off as I felt it was very insensitive of her to make a comment like that knowing about my situation. My DH agreed, but told me to not let it get to me, but you just cant help it, can you! Esp. when she kept going on and then said now there are more mums and dads ... la la la! Like please, any excuse really to not hang around the table and go wash dishes etc was better!
    Told DH that next year if not PG we'll go away so that we can avoid the whole family thing! So BW I reckon you did a great thing!
    MWL - hope you got some answers when you went for your BT. It's hard. I dont think I was upset the first time, but more angry when AF came. I was more upset when I found out that of the 14 embies that fertilised, only 1 made it! So when went for transfer I didnt get a vibe that my embie would make it! I think every1 deals with it in different ways! But it so helps to share your experience and vent here! Every1 understands and makes things easier here! I hope you and DH are doing OK!
    Slyder - nothing worse than hearing when some1 - especially close to you - conceives straight away. That happened to my sis last year and her son is now 5 months old. Shannon - I can also relate to you in that way ... esp. when you are TTC at the same time, and have to go through seeing that person close to you be PG and then give birth - it is such a constant reminder and can hurt. I love my nephew to bits though, so dont get me wrong, they bring so much joy!
    Peta - hope the 2WW isnt making you stir crazy - at least the time is flying! Well for me, so I hope it feels that way for you.
    Jbub - GL with the injections! Its so exciting when it all starts! Make sure you rest and arent planning anything stressful, as it can make it hard emotionally! Wishing you all the best.
    Miss C - your honeymoon sounds like it was divine! I know what you mean though about not taking your drugs on time, that happened to me as well! I am sure all will be fine! My DH said, why dont you just set an alarm! I will probably do that next time.
    Big cheerio to Dusty, BG, BW, TL, HB and anyone else lurking! Hope you all got through Xmas OK! And if you arent back at work (like me), hope you are having a nice relaxing break!
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    Dec 2007
    Grantville, Victoria, Australia

    Hi all.. got my BT results today. Embryo didn't take. Must have been the pessaries that made me think it had. Anyhow, the nurse asked if I would like to go straight into a defrost cycle and I said Hell yeah.. So she asked when AF arrived, unfortunately AF arrived 2 days early so I have to wait a month as the lab doesnt open until 2 days after I would be due for implant. So once again, AF screws everything up.
    Things have been a little wierd at the moment, DH isn't coping with the "non-stickiness" of our embryo. He just wants to get another one in ASAP.
    So seeing as I have a month off, Im going to hit my FS up to chase up how my wait is going for my operation (public system, couldn't afford IVF AND operation so went on wait list and jumped the queue with IVF, or at least that was the plan)
    WHich reminds me, whats with all this crap screwing up our plans, I mean seriously.. How much does this crap want to mess with our heads, emotions and relationship. (ok, vented now)
    jbub - welcome, good luck with everything I really do hope it works well. I can only suggest you try to be aware that you are injecting yourself with some pretty serious hormones and well, It does play with you. I found being aware of the fact made it a little easier to cope. As for the injections, I don't know if it made me weird, but I started enjoying it... strange.
    Peta - *hugs* good luck....
    Miss C - Congratulations - on the wedding.. hope this is a sign of good things.
    As for Christmas, it got screwed up by AF.. least I didn't have to do the family thing and deal with one sis who has a 2week old and the other has a 7 week old, all up 8 kids under 6.. not easy being the only one who cant make babies.. I know they don't mean it and I'm probably an over reactor, but I/we do feel alienated. Ya can't help it Im sure.
    Anyways, I hope everyone survived Christmas.. Looks like I'm going to be quiet for a month or more until things can kick back in, Ill keep my eye in so can sent wishful thoughts to everyone at their stadges.
    Thanks for all the support everyone.. this really is a valuable group.

    Happy Christmas, and Best for the new year. It HAS to be our year.
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    Dec 2007
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    I forgot the thing thats been ****ing me off ever since I've been telling ppl it didn't work.
    What is with people, who have kids/or not, who come out with... Well, look on the bright side, means you can get smashed/****ed/ have a drink or more on New years eve..
    Ok, done now.

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    Dec 2006
    In my own private paradise

    i seriously think some people find themselves at a loss for words - they want to be supportive, but don't know how to express thost thoughts - they don't know how to say "*****, that just sucks - what the hell is wrong with the world??' - they look for ways to try to lighten the mood and see a positive where realistically none exists - so the pluck lame things to try to focus on. and then there are some that are just idiots!! but i think in general, there are more people that don't know what to say than there are people who are genuinely insensitive swines!

    i doubt there has been a single person going through this journey that hasn't copped something along these lines in the past MWL (unless they've not shared with ANYONE) - it doesn't make it right - but i can promise you we've all been there, we all share your pain - and we ALL want to slap someone upside the head and say "are you REALLY that clueless??'

    take care hun

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    slyder Guest

    Yep, BG is absolutely right. Couldn't put it any better. We share your frustration, MWL.
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    Oct 2007
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    MWL, I'm sorry that Christmas was so difficult. AF is the pits, but Christmastime is just AF being ridiculous. It sucks. I hope that you and DH can find solace together, even though there's a wait now for your next cycle. Perhaps there is a small positive to take out of this - a break is better for your body rather than doing back to back cycles. I don't know if it's any comfort, but I thought I'd just put it out there.
    I went through a BFN only a few weeks ago, and I know BG did too, and I still have days where it bothers me a lot. Grieving and feeling like carp is how you're entitled to feel and we're all here with you, to support and understand as much as we can how you're feeling.

    Lots of hugs :hugs:

    Miss C

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    Dec 2006
    In my own private paradise

    miss_c is absolutely right hun - no one expects you to be happy and bounce back immediately after a BFN - it hurts like hell that something so important has been torn from your grasp when you've been so close - and you are more that entitled to grieve for that!!

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    kellrobryan Guest

    could this be the mth

    Hi Hope we all had a great christmas
    Good luck SUZ i hope you get that BFP news
    well it was day 21 on x mas day for me so this mth it was just to hard to fit in to get to a doc to check my levels

    Just wanted to ask you all what do you think about this
    Every month from day 21 i always seem to get brown spotting right up untill my af comes to see me i have asked my gyno why i get this and he said he wasnt sure but said most likely as i have pcos
    but this month
    on day 21 and 22 i had light brown spotting again nothing much but alittle to still be able to say it ws there but since day 23 its gone back to clear cm now
    also had sore nipples since day 21 and now im day 24 and my nipples are killing me
    I havent had this nipple problem in the past but i have gone upto 100mg so do you think it maybe the reason cause of the clomid making my body do this or do you think its good signs for early pregnancy
    Im not to sure on what day i did O so it makes things alittle hard

    Any ideas would be great
    Good luck to you all hope we all see 2 lines soon
    Take care Kellie

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    Mar 2007
    outer South East Melbourne

    I just wanted to say that I always got spotting before AF for a few days and the only cycles I didn't get it were my pregnancy cycles, including this one. Good luck.

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    Dec 2007
    South East Victoria

    Hi All,

    I'm new to this thread, have popped in on advice from Slyder (thanks Slyder )
    DH and I have one IVF baby, an almost 9 month old boy named Reid. He was actually a twin but I miscarried one at 7 weeks.
    We're just getting ready for a FE cycle in January, right now I'm just waiting for AF to turn up so that we can get started.
    I look forward to getting to know you all and here's hoping we're all celebrating BFP in 2008.


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    slyder Guest

    Good to see you here Lee.

    I think you'll like this thread - it's pretty dead at the moment but usually is pretty lively. Not sure if I mentioned it on the other thread you were in and I can't be bothered going hunting, but we're soon to commence our second FET with two embryos. We've done one stim and one FET so far with neg results. If this FET doesn't work then we'll be doing another stim in May or thereabouts.

    And everyone else here is at varying stages of the process so there's plenty of info and advice to be had.

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    Dec 2006
    In my own private paradise

    welcome Lee - there are a few of us that will be kick starting again going into the new year - i'm sure you'll find the support here really helpful!

    i noticed you're from south east Vic - are you going through one of the Melbourne IVF clinics or a regional one?

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    Oct 2007
    Rural England

    Welcome to BB, Lee
    Good luck for your cycle in the new year - BFP's all round!
    There'll be plenty of people in here in the new year with support and sticky vibes and babydust and all sorts of things that will be helpful

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    Jan 2007

    Way to go Pollyanna! I remember my first injection, I stood in the kitchen freaking out for half an hour before I managed to do it! Here's hoping that it works for you!

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    Jan 2007

    Wow, it's quiet around here.

    Miss C, sounds like you had a wonderful honeymoon!
    Welcome Lee, good luck for your cycle
    MWL, I second what the others are saying, I don't think anyone really knows what to say, although that's probably cold comfort.

    Well, christmas is over for another year - thank god for that! Looking forward to making my new years resolutions and moving into a more successful 2008. Happy New Year everyone!

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