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thread: Long Term TTC & Assisted Conception - Dec 2007 #3

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    May 2007

    Hi Pollyanna,

    I was on Clomid and have only had one trigger shot and from my experience..... yep it hurt. Not a pleasant injection and the pain lasted for a good hour or so after too. It will be all worth it in the end though! Good luck
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    Oct 2007
    Rural England

    Hi everyone,

    Synarel/OCP is knocking me about much more this cycle - I seem to have a few hours of congestion problems after my morning spray of Synarel atm - hope it's being absorbed ok. Pretty tired too - seem to be able to sleep at the drop of a hat at any time of the day - but hey, that could be as much the ongoing heat in Melbourne atm (it's due to reach 42 degrees today - how ridiculous), or the whole getting to stop at Christmastime after months of frenetic organising for wedding/sale of home/ILs visit etc. In any case, I'm glad it's not so busy right now. Our house settles on the 25th Jan, so the packing starts 2nd Jan - I promised myself that I would have a week off after Christmas before starting. Looking forward to stopping OCP on 2nd also - side effects may settle a bit then. Lets hope nasty AF does the right thing and shows up on cue this time round.

    theresep - I agree with you - taking action and the next definitive step really is like a therapeutic way of dealing with the low points (i.e. BFN) of AC. I'm glad to hear your preparing yourself for your next plan, and I hope you're doing ok Welcome to the thread

    W1 - it's sounds like you've got a plan on some of the actions you can take at the moment too - go you I think that's all we can do when the disappointment comes - continue to look forward and find ways of bringing hope back into our lives with the next step. I think it's the best thing we can do, not as a cop-out, but seriously the best thing we can do to look after ourselves and our partners.No doubt it gets harder each time there's cause to regroup and start over again, so I tip my hat to you courageous people that have been through it multiple times - that's most everyone in here at the moment

    Hey BW - isn't amazing how kids can pick up on the needs and/or concerns of other people? They really are astute little creatures. I'm so glad to hear you're looking up and beyond the incredibly crappy year you've had (not meaning to sound patronising, I promise!) and I'm wishing you so much luck and hope for your upcoming FET.

    Big hello to everyone else who's around at the moment - Happy New Year to you all! Multitudes of best wishes and hopes of our dreams of raising our children fulfilled.

    Here here to procreate in 2008! :P

    Miss C

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    Our IVF Blessing Has Arrived after 6 Cycles

    Apr 2007
    Brisbane Australia

    Hi Everyone Christmas is over and back to work Tues for me.

    DH and I have decided to wait till March for the lap and run with an April cycle not sure why just being told april is it so thats the plan now.

    Miss C glad to hear all went well and to everyone one else I am trying to catch up.

    AF arrived today I hope the this is the last paininful one after the last round beacuse I have been on the couch all day Hopefully DH and I can get out for NYE

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    slyder Guest

    Welcome Therese and W1. W1, you'll find you'll get used to the different threads and forums before long. To start with it seems a bit overwhelming, but it soon starts to make sense.

    Hi to Rach81 and everyone else.

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    Nov 2007

    Hello everyone - I haven't posted for awhile so I thought I'd drop in to say hello. I guess the failure of my first IVF cycle hit me harder than I thought, and it was easier to avoid coming online and talking about it.

    So commiserations to those whose 2007 wasn't as they'd hoped, and congrats to those who had that longed-for BFP.

    And hello to those newbies I've missed since I've been AWOL!

    My news: I had an appointment at my clinic today - it's Day 22 of my cycle - and they took bloods. They just rang to tell me that I haven't ovulated yet - what's that about??? Will I ovulate? Isn't it kind of late in my cycle not to have ovulated yet? Maybe I don't ovulate every month? Does anyone have any info or advice?


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    waiting1 Guest

    Hi All...
    Well.. I went for my blood test today this morning knowing it was all over.
    Then I decided to go to a movie and thought I better deal with AF. Went to do so and virtually nothing there.... great....
    so go to movie and clinic rings to say I have a level of 3. 2 is not pregnant and 3 is inconclusive but still not pregnant. Great. So they think AF will be on its way but cannot count it as yesterday therefore I cannot fall within 2007 safety net... damn it !
    I dont know if it is at all possible that implantation happened yesterday and that is why I have a level of 3 but it all seems extremely unlikely to me. I have no idea what is going on. I was mentally all prepared for my negative adn AF and now neither - but nothing good either... Ill keep you posted...

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    *las* Guest

    Good luck for your appointment Pollyanna!!

    I had no problems at all with the trigger. Numb the spot with some ice and do it as quick as possible!
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    Apr 2007
    Sunshine Coast, Qld

    Hey there everyone.
    Just wanted to pop in here & say hello & lets go with the new catch cry for 2008 as suggested by Theresep - "lets procreate in 2008!". I like it & hopefully we will all get our long hoped for BFP's in 2008.
    Have a great night everyone, whether you are staying in sleeping (like me - boring) or heading out on the town!
    Speak soon.

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    Oct 2007
    Rural England

    Hey Peta I'm like you - staying in. It's too stupidly hot here to do anything else anyway - 42 in Melbourne today. Happy New year to you

    Hey Vicki - nice to see you here again. We missed you. I really couldn't offer any advice that was certain about you not having Od - it would just be speculation. Perhaps I can just offer that maybe you're having a longer natural cycle given all the stims recently, as a way of your body adjusting again. What did your clinic say? Hopefully somewhere will come in the thread and give you a bit more info from their own experience. Happy New Year to you

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    Aug 2005

    Thanks for your answers,not that i wanted to know that the trigger does hurt. I had the internal ultrasound and he is very happies with my follies-he measured them and said one was excellent and the other not bad. so i have to do another 3 days of gonal f then another ultrasound and then maybe the trigger.I have to say now though i'm really dreading the trigger...And in hindsight the ultrasound wasnt all that bad , it was interesting.....Still glad i didnt have breakfast or i wouldve chucked for sure...lol

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    Aug 2005

    P.s Happy new year....

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    slyder Guest

    Pollyanna, DW's trigger didn't hurt at all going in (used a bit of ice to numb the area beforehand) but it did sting a bit as I injected the contents. Nothing bad though. It varies person to person.

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    Our IVF Blessing Has Arrived after 6 Cycles

    Apr 2007
    Brisbane Australia

    Happy New Year to all may 2008 bless us all with the bubs we are looking for

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    Dec 2007

    Hello just wanted to say hello and HNY

    Back to work tomorrow and preparing for flare end Feb. wanted to wait so we would be fully covered privately that was a concern last IVF, not that I can afford to wait too long :/

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    Jan 2007
    Central Coast NSW

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Great to see a few of you have taken up the phrase 'let's procreate in 2008'!! Bring on BFP's all round My next FS appointment is 14th Jan, so will be talking serious about our next step.... IUI, here we come! Warm wishes to everyone, and a wonderful year for all xx

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    Dec 2007

    Just wanted to stop and say Happy New year to everyone. I love the phrase "let's procreate in 2008". Looking forward to getting to know you all this year

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    waiting1 Guest

    Pollyanna the trigger is the final thing - and it doesn't really hurt that much. After 7 days of the pen its really almost a relief to have the final one.....
    Slyder is right - it does sting a little as the contents go in - but its over so quickly - then that is it.....

    as for me..... after my extremely low hcg reading...... still no AF... a tiny amount of spotting but nothing - 2 days late. I Did another HPT and nothing so the levels arent increasing. Not sure what is going on.
    I did this FET straight off a stim cylce and my ovulation date was pushed out to 20 days so not sure if that is what affecting the delayed AF? I thought luteal phases were the same timeframe regardless of what happened and i have never been late before ever. Just want this cycle to end so i can start another....... the longer AF takes the longer until I ovulate.
    Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

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    Dec 2007
    Grantville, Victoria, Australia

    Happy new year to everyone.
    Good luck to everyone who's going through that current phase.

    I ended up with a BFN, blood test confirmed. Seemed all my symptoms were post trigger related. That stuff really F*'s with your head.

    I cant going into the next FET as the labs are closed so have to wait a month. Which in hind sight has turned out to be a good thing as DH and myself are having some serious issues. All I can say is new years was very bad for this girl.
    As such, I'm taking off from IVF until we can sort ourselves out. Thanks for all the support you guys have given and hopefully one day I can come back and pick up from where I left.

    Best of luck everyone and I truly hope from the bottom of my heart that this WILL be there year everyone is waiting for.
    Love to you all.

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