Hi, just another suggestion - When I start to show I lose almost all interest in sex. The massive change to a woman`s body in pregnancy can have a huge effect on her self image. Some woman don`t feel as attractive and some feel even more beautiful. I feel that I cease to be a sexual being. I am a mother and a baby incubator and my body doesn`t feel mine anymore. I guess I feel like I would if DH came up and tried to get things happening with our 2 kids watching us . Of course he has always been incredibly patient and affectionate with me and never pressured me and so we are able to maintain intimacy without the sex. Because of this, every now and then it is like a switch is thrown and I am ready NOW and basically drag him off ! It always takes him by surprise (hehe). Perhaps with good communication and lots of emotional connection you could negotiate a close physical alternative to actual sex. I know that there are times when I have given DH some special 'attention' to care for him and express my love without having to be in a sensual place myself. I think you should never feel selfish for missing connection to your DF but it is a fine line between sorrow and bitterness. Best wishes for the next 22 weeks and the rest of your lives