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thread: Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss ~ April 2009

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    Mar 2008

    mrzbaby--Oops, somehow missed your post! Saying lots of that the Clomid brings you your perfect, forever baby!

    Have to get started on dinner.... will be back later! for everyone!

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    Jan 2009
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    Hi Jen! heheheh I'm at work, we have been like crazy! I will be home again in 2 hours so we will be at it again YAY . I was totally excited to see the 2 dark lines, jumping up and down etc, dh thought it was great too so we got right into it YAY!!! He said are you gonna be this excited when you get the 2 lines on the pg test hahahah (I was getting pretty carried away LOL) anyway it's all good... pretty sure I will o tomorrow OMG I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hope to have a health baby (or 2) for christmas!!!

    to all xoxoxo

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    Aug 2008

    Mel - Personally, I love yoga. Unfortunately, I don't get the time to do it as often as I'd like. It's a great way to relax and to energise. I have a couple of yoga DVDs from a company called Gaiam. I'm not sure if they do one for fertility specifically, but I've got their prenatal one. I like their programs because they often show variations on poses depending on your ability.

    Shortcake - I have an appointment with my GP next Thursday. I tried to get in this week, but she's booked out.

    cherished - Those signs sound promising. Yay for +OPK! Hope you catch that eggie.

    Em - I hope the clomid works for you.

    jen - cyber sis. Glad AF is finally gone. I'm thats her last visit for 9 months.

    meh, sally, charm, Eliza, fifi, jenushka, plc, MO3B, megsmum, mollycat, ajc, angel1&2, boble, Krystie and anyone I've not mentioned by name (is it too early to claim pg'cy brain? lol). I'm thinking of you all.

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    Jul 2006

    Hey all,

    Just caught up with all the posts. Sorry I haven't been on last night, feeling crappy as I did another test and still BFN and no sign of AF, so I am not sure what is going on.

    DD also didn't sleep well, so I am bit tired now, might have to have a sleep rather than perssies - sorry..

    Am going to yoga with a friend tonight, so hopefully that will help with the relaxing and have booked in for a facial on Saturday for some 'me' time. Well, since DH is playing golf on Good Friday, I am taking advantage of him being home on the weekend when usually he works.

    Anyway, will try to be back either later or on Thursday.

    Have a great day

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    Jan 2009

    hi everyone,
    im getting organised for tribunal tomorrow so can't chat.. I am so so over it and am looking forward to it being over.

    just wanted to pop by and let you know I am thinking of you. We are going out for a friends bday tomorrow night and then hopefully going away saturday and sunday for easter to see family in brissie, so that should be nice.. but I might not get to pop back on much.. so just wanted to wish you all a happy easter and I will catch up again soon

    Bel xxx

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    Feb 2009
    Griffith N.S.W

    Boble-Best of luck tomorrow at the tribunal I will be thinking of you.

    Jen-thanks for your thoughts we made It through the day without tears It was pretty awesome my DS was very good at his act I am so very proud.

    I woke up in a better frame of mind today my dad said to me when I lost my baby It's okay to try again just don't let it take over your life I thought Pfff how insensitive Tonight while I was in the shower I actually got what he meant I have decided to still think about it but not to obsess so much I am doing my head in and getting quite depressed DH has steered clear from me lol I think he feels used and abused ooops is there a way that they dont at the time of O ? Maybe I can approach things differently I felt like a nympho though I shall blame my hormones.Today my boss tole me that my body obviously isn't ready so I am praying for a BFP or and AF (A decent one)this month
    If I don't get online b4 easter I hope everyone has a great time I am looking forward to family time I don't feel like I have had any quality time with the kids so what better time is there than easter.Happy Easter

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    Apr 2009
    Near London

    TTC again!

    Hello ladies,

    I'm new to forums, this is the first one I've joined. Just feel the need to share and discuss with people who understand. In August 2006 I miscarried at 8 weeks after conceiving on our first try. It then took us two years to conceive again - last August - I held on and held on but when we went for our anomaly scan at 20 weeks they discovered my lovely little one had stopped growing and was not going to live. I delivered him on January 5th and we both got to hold him which was amazing.

    So, it's been a rubbish start to the year and now we're on clomid again trying to conceive. I'm on my second cycle of Clomid since I lost the baby and I'm on day 20 with no ovulation but my ovulation predictor has been giving me 'high fertility' since day 9. What's going on? Have any of you got similar experiences with clomid?

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    Mar 2008

    Good morning lovelies! Will be back later for persies. Have a field trip this morning with DS2's class--going to walk down the street to DF's work, and he's going to take them on a tour of the water/wastewater facility. Then it's minimum day, so have popcorn, smencils, and today is the last day for spring grams.... phew! One less thing on my plate! Anyhow, will be back later!

    MO3B--Thinking of you my kinky cyber twin!

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    Mar 2009
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    Good morning ladies.
    The day light savings switch has totally thrown me!! Ive been WIDE awake every morning at 4:45am.... Hoping the school holidays helps me iron that out..

    Boble/Charm - enjoy your easter and breaks! Well deserved!!

    Jen - enjoy your school trip, When I do trips with my class I am so parinoid Im going to lose one of them so I spend my day re-counting them all day long....
    Maybe wear a mask today!!??

    Liz - sorry no idea about clomid. Im sure some one will though!!

    Rhichichi- enjoy your pamper parts of your weekend and I hope today is a fantastic day!!

    Cherished - Yeah!! Good luck with catching that egg.. Cant wait till im there!!!

    AFM - Ive really been thinking about how when I do get pg how different I will be during the pregnancy. Of all of this, the termination, fatal nature of the condition for me and lilly, its made me feel like I have been robbed of the joy of having a naive pregnancy.
    I was talking to DH last night and every scan I go to now Im going to be expecting them to tell me that something is 'fataly' wrong.
    I tried to speak to my sister and she said 'were all like that now, think about cass (Best friend days behind where I was) how do you think her pg is going?"
    Im not cross just so sad I lost that experience.
    I understand what my sister is saying but I knew things 'could' happen just still 'never' thought they would happen to me if that makes sense, and now I do...

    Sorry that sounds like Im sad, actually not just thinking about it now and thought I would get you guys to reflect for me, people with the experience too..

    1 DAY TO GO!!! YEAH!

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    Apr 2009
    In a place where Love is what we breathe!

    Sally, Im so totally there! I understand what you mean about losing the innocence of pregnancy, I said the same thing to my girlfriend who has experienced a loss also. Next time I fall im going to be anxious and scared, and will dread that awful ultrasound! I think when I do fall im going to push my GP to test my HCG every 2-3 days so that we can see the numbers climb, might put me at ease?
    Dont overwork yourself either with , i know its hard to resist though considering!!

    AFM Last day of school today and im playing the Easter Bunny! Looking forward to 2 weeks off (shame about $ tho!) I start next term preggers!

    Happy Easter to everyone else, lets make get the most out of it!

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    Jan 2009


    Sally- I know how you feel hun. We all do... it sucks that alot of people take their pregnancy for granted while all we want is a healthy bub. We are robbed of having a pregnancy were we just are happy being pregnant without worrying if something is wrong. I pray you get your forever baby soon!

    Liz- Welcome. Sorry for both of your losses. You have found the most supportive women around. I would love to be able to answer your question but I have not tried OPK's. Hopefully someone else here can help you with that.

    Boble-I hope the tribunal goes well for you! Have a good weekend seeing your family!

    mrzbaby-Send you lots of baby dust! Hopefully you concieve this month and you don't have to use IVF!

    cherished, jen, hannah, charm, erybery, mollycat, meh, plc, MO3B, coco, mel, mannie, megsmum, WTH, smi, kazaraz, karen van, samandpoppy, easha, julie, theresa, ruthie, pandagirl, and anyone else who I missed!

    HAPPY EASTER TO ALL! I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday and I hope it brings many BFP our way!

    Lots of

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    Mar 2008
    mid north coast, nsw

    hello everyone, I havent posted in here for a while, and there is so much to catch up on.
    wishing you all a happy easter and may BFPs be just around the corner for all of us!

    sally- I relate totally to your feelings ..i feel a bit cheated, and still get angry and resentful sometimes too.

    afm- expecting AF any day now...then probably back to IVF

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    Jun 2008
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    Hey everyone!

    Possums: Is it definately over for you this month? If so, good luck with IVf and we're all thinking of you!!

    Sunny: I totally know how you're feeling, im just getting through that stage myself. I saw a pic of a girl i went to school with that has 3 kids already with a smoke in her hand while showing her huuuuuge pregnant belly and i screamed!!! stupid woman....

    Sally: I understand what you mean about the naievety being lost!! Its awful!!!

    Everyone else going through rough patches TTC or in life big hugs and hope you pull through xxx

    Everyone waiting to test good luck!! Lets bring on some 's!!!

    I got cross hairs today! After worrying I would ovulate on tueday/wednesday in the middle of his work trip to lithgow, but it says i ovulated when i thought i might have on monday and the intercourse timing thing looks good too!

    Im skeptical because i had a few +tive OPK though like one yesterday aswell but not sure if that was because my urine was concentrated alot from not drinking much water at all.. or doing it second morning urine? I havent seen ferning on MB but i kinda gave up on that thing.

    Talk to you all later!

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    Aug 2008

    Hi all. I'm at work so this is a quick one to get something off of my chest.

    sally, you've touched on how I feel at the moment. For the first 2 days after getting my positive test, I was ecstatic. And I was determined to be that way at least until after Easter. But Tuesday I started coming down. I'm no longer feeling the thrill I had Sunday and Monday. I'm not stressing either though. I'm not expecting things to go wrong, but I'm not expecting a happy ending either. I feel....nothing. What's wrong with me that I can't just enjoy this? Like all of us, I've been robbed of the innocence of my first pregnancy.

    Then I wonder if its the Zoloft thats making me so numb. And if thats the case, then how do I know if what I feel is real?

    I feel so ungrateful. Here I am with the one thing that all of us wants so desperately and I've wanted for so long and I feel nothing. And there's no one I can talk to. I didn't really want to post this here. But I'm not ready to post in any of the pregnancy forums. I don't feel ready for the PAML thread and the Belly Buddies forum is filled with women who still have that naivety. *sigh*

    I'll be back for persies tonight. I hope I haven't offended anyone with my vent.

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    Mar 2008
    mid north coast, nsw

    coco- thanks and good luck to you

    hannah- I just wanted to send you hugs. It is scary and stressful being pregnant, as well as trying to be pregnant! and when you've been through a lot sometimes you get a bit numb i think
    and as for me personally, when pregnant, i found it hard in my belly buddy group...I found it hard to deal with the naive excitment of women fortunate enough to still have that feeling! I think when i am finally pregnant again, I may not even join a belly buddy group for that reason. so thats quite normal for you to feel too. and that extends to real life...being jealous of women who are naive and happy and dont really understand what its like for us.
    i hope all goes well for you xx

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    Apr 2007

    Hannah - Don't feel like you're being ungrateful hun, I still have the same feelings about being pregnant as you and Sally mentioned. At least I'm fortunate enough to have had the naive pregnancy with DD, but this time around is very different even at the stage I am at now. Compared to my pregnancy with DD I really haven't enjoyed this one and I feel absolutely awful for saying that but I have just been so filled with worry all the time that I can't enjoy it KWIM? Yes I wanted it so much and we had so many troubles achieving it which have changed me forever as a person, but now I have it it feels a bit unreal if that makes any sense?! I still can't quite grasp the fact that I will have a baby at the end of this, it just feels a bit like it won't happen.

    Anyway, just wanted to reassure you that there is nothing wrong with you and I'm sure the PAML girls would also say the same thing as me. Whenever you feel like you're up to joining us please do And this is coming from someone who didn't feel comfortable enough to join until after 16 weeks

    To everyone else here, especially all my old buddies, I hope you have a lovely Easter and take care of yourselves xx

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    Jul 2006

    Hey all,

    Just popping into say hi! and wish everyone a lovely Easter. I have people around tomorrow, so won't probably be back until maybe Saturday or Monday.

    Hannah - just wanted to say that I felt exactly the way you did during my whole pregnancy with DD, so I don't believe it is the meds you are on. It is a 'normal' feeling when we have gone through such terrible pain. I had suffered 2 m/c's prior to falling pg with DD and when I went to the first appointment to the OBS, I was preparing myself for the worst & told DH not to get his hopes up in case bubs was no longer with us. My OBS was great & sensed I was struggling to believe everything would be ok, so he initially put me on fortnightly visits until I was about 14 weeks(?), after that there was Xmas break, so I didn't see him until my 20 week scan, but he did ask me if I would be ok not seeing him for so long, which I just dealt with. Every appointment & scan I was expecting 'bad' news, but alas it didn't come about & I have a healthy DD. I cannot give you any advice on how to enjoy your pg, I would just take each day, appointment, scan whatever at a time. I'm sorry that I don't have any positive words for you at the moment. xx

    AFM, well I just went to the Dr's to get a referral for DD & he asked how I was doing (he always does) and I told him how I was trying to fall pg & that I didn't know when I should do a pg test since my cycles are all over the shop & I have been testing since CD 29 and constant BFN. Anyway, Dr says he doesn't understand why I am testing so much as that will not make me fall pg! I said we are doing what we are suppose to be doing but I am not falling pg & reminded him about my m/c in December. He told me that he doesn't consider me to have difficulty in falling pg and I said ok, but I have trouble staying pg, to which he replied that there is not much he can do about that at this stage. Felt a bit dejected and he said that I should stop concentrating so much on having a baby and just think about having a relaxing life. Point taken, but hey! I can't change my personality and this is one thing I do, stress and overanalyse this type of thing. So here I am on CD 33 and still BFN!
    So, now I ask - who is AF visiting ATM cos she is not visiting me and I am convinced she is lurking! Can you send her my way since I doubt that this is my month!

    Sorry for the rantish post....

    Love to all


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    Welocme Liz I am happy you have found this thread with all of these lovely ladies for support. I don?t have any experience with clomid but some of the other girls have.

    Sally I don?t think you are alone with your pregnancy fears, I will be doing my best to stay positive, I think that?s the only option


    Coco hopefully all your other signs will give you clues without relying too much on the OPK

    Hello to everyone else!

    AFM I was kinda expecting to O today but there was not a temp drop this morning and no sign of EWCM.... BUT I just went to do an OPK (which was totally -) and I had full on EWCM much more than yesterday so here's hoping for a temp drop tomorrow and one last chance at dtd

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