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thread: Babies Born March 2007 #10

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    Babies Born March 2007 #10

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in March 2007

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    Mar 2006
    Getting to know Brisbane all over again

    Hello all, sneaking on while Dh is at work. My assignemtn is due in tomorrow - so isn't going to happen after this week from h%##. DS got sick on Friday and Ari has been sooooo grumpy. She isn't eating and I don't know if she has a touch of the tummy bug or if her poos are runny because she is not eating solids???? And then to top if off AF arrived again so my supply is all over the shop again. Bugger me, how do these months go past so fast? I really should start making note of when to expect AF as I'm sure it hasn't been a month!

    Anyway my little darling is not sleeping again although at least tonight and last night she has slept in her cot not in my arms. We went and got some nurofen to see if that would help as panadol was not even touching the side. God help me if these teeth don't come through soon, it is doing my head in.

    Cass - OMG with your photos I know how you feel! We lost our entire hard drive 2 yrs ago just after our first big family holiday and lost all our holiday pics except some my friend took on a disposable camera :-(

    Karina - RE work I am goin back 2-3 days a week which I am happy about but I am looking forward to when my mum comes up in November so I can get the business and the house in order before I go back. I am also toying with not going back on class but doing some other jobs around the school like special needs or the like to take some of the pressure off.

    I can't remember what esle was on the last thread but hi to everyone!

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    Jun 2006
    Perth, WA

    Wow, Sarah, you have a lot on your plate atm, hope you end up getting the assignment done.

    We are now in the process of looking for a new place to live; we want to buy although it's probably not a good time, we can't wait around for house prices to fall because they're not going to anytime soon! And I'm so sick of renting.

    Just been down to the farm for a few days to visit my parents. Great to see them and for them to spend some time with Sebastian. He "said" a word as well ;D "Anda" which I think means "Granddad". At least, we were saying, "Granddad" and he kept copying "Anda". I'm sure he has no idea what it means, but it was very cute (and made Granddad's day!)

    S did not like the long trip though. He's OK for about 2 hours, sleeps mostly, and then wakes up and chats a bit, but after that he's had enough. Can't blame him, I guess! I'm feeling it as well, think I might just have to finish off there and say "hi" to everyone, hope you've all had a good weekend!

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    Mar 2006
    Getting to know Brisbane all over again

    Sasha that is so cute! I bet Grandad was pleased!

    Just had to write as Ari learnt to clap today, she thinks it's hilarious. She aslo pulled herself onto her feet on the lounge (then let go and fell over hehe)

    Got to run

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    Oct 2004

    Caro, hope your move went well.

    Sarah, how cute that Ari hs learnt how to clap! Clever girl!

    Sasha, how cute how Sebastian said Anda! I've not heard any words from Claire yet. She just blows raspberries!

    Woohoo finally got Claire to swallow a bit of food today! It was very exciting to see it disappear into her mouth and not see it reappear on her chin, lol. I bought some flavoured baby cereal and added it to her apple and pear mush and she actually ate it.

    She also pulled herself up on a chair today. I left her on the carpet while I went to the bathroom and when I came back out, she was standing up holding onto a chair and vocalising rather loudly. It was so cute. She can now sit up pretty well on her own and rarely flops over, unless she leans too much to the side or something. We went grocery shopping the other day and she loved sitting in the child seat on the trolley. although she kept trying to eat the trolley!

    Ive put a few more photos onto my photo thing in my sig. Theres a pic of her teeth, lol!

    Well better go. have to finish a boring assignment for TAFE.

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    Jul 2006

    Sarah, how cute at Ari clapping. It's so adorable when they think they are sooo clever huh!! Oskar thinks it's funny if I clap, but he's not copying it yet.

    Bec, how cool!! I bet Grandad was so over the moon!! Oskar doesn't like long car rides either. He's ok while he's asleep and for about 1/2 an hour awake but after that he starts to protest about it!

    WTG on the teeth Michael! Did the move go ok Caro?

    Karina... yay on Claire eating the food! I can't see the pics at the moment... I have one of those internet blocking thingys I d/l from the govt website to keep an eye on Joshua and it sometimes blocks things I don't want it to!! I have reset it but still won't let me, I will try later though cos I want to see her!!

    Oskar is sitting up really well these days, I just love it. Still not rolling around very often but that's ok He is absolutely LOVING food! He's trying so many things and seems to like most foods. He tried vegemite the other day and thought it was Christmas! I bought a thing called a gummy today.. it's a weird looking thing - the shape of a mouthguard for them to use with teething... my goodness I would have to be the thing though with how he's chomping down on it!! It's made of silicone and you can freeze it. It's a bit like a dummy with the handle and all so I bought a dummy holder thing to attach to his clothes so we can take it anywhere Well, must be off as this little one is DEMANDING dinner NOW MUMMY, NOW!! hehe.

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    Oct 2004

    Caro, Claire also leans forwards when sitting, but I think she does it for more balance. Not sure? Sorry to hear about your results from the Doctor. Hope youre health issues can be easily treated. Have you taken photos of your new house? share? (lol.not sure why, but I like looking at peoples houses!)

    Cass, yay on Oskar loving food! The gummy thnig sounds interesting, I havent seen them before. Claire has taken to just chewing on anything that can fit in her mouth. She has lost interest in her teething ring.

    Claire is such a monkey. Last night, while I was doing something in the kitchen, Claire was in her cot being very vocal so hubby went in to see what she wanted and she was standing up holding onto the side of the cot with her chin resting on it. It was very cute.. but now I think I may need to take the cot apart and make the base lower so she cant launch herself out and get hurt.

    In a few weeks I might be going to the Gold Coast with my sister. She wants to go and my mum is insisting that I go as well and mum wants to pay for my airfare there. If we do go, Claire is coming with us too as she will need to be boobied. From memory the flight is only about an hour, so its rather short...
    I know some of you have taken your bubs on flights - how did they go with it?
    Were they cranky or sick or anything like tht? I'm just not sure what to expect.
    Is it really warm at the Gold Coast?
    Should I get Claire some swimmers, or should I just get the special nappy and let her swim nudie?
    Gosh, i think I will need new swimmers though.. my boobs are a bit too big for my older ones.

    Ok well, hope you're all having a nice week.

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    Jan 2007
    in a pig-sty

    Hey Karina - its fairly warm in Brisbane today - I've had the air con on this afternoon, more for the humidity than the heat tho. I've not bothered to get Emy any of the huggies swim nappies, just put her in togs. Have you seen those little swim pants that they sell at Bog W? they look like a pair of undies, but made out of swimmer material, with lining, and have tight elastic around the legs and belly. I considered buying some for Emy, but then they didn't have a shirt thing to go with it, and only sold shirts in sets with pants, so decided not to for now...

    We have had a day of firsts today - Emy was siting on the floor playing, and i thought that i would help her to move her bottom forward so that she could reach her toys better. So i held out my hands palm up, and she reached out, grabbed my fingers, pulled her bottom forward, and then stood up! I was sooooo surprised, and then she did it heaps more times after that. She is still nowhere close to crawling or bum shuffling, but has decided htat she likes to stand.

    Every time that she stood up, i said YAY, and then when she was sitting down again, I would say YAY again, and clap my hands. So then this afternoon, she decided that she can now clap her hands, and say YAY herself. AND she does them both at the same time tooo! It was sooo exciting for me! I thought that maybe i was dreaming her saying YAY, but mum and dad came over for dinner, and mum heard it and said that it is definately a YAY! I never ever thought that YAY would be her first word. Although it is the loudest word that her 17 month old cousin says, so she might want to be just like her! But i'll just tell myself that she learnt it from me anyway!

    Did i already mention that she is finally getting a tooth? i can't remember if i already posted or not... Anyway, it is the bottom left tooth, and it is very sharp, but i still can't see it... Oh well, guess i'll feel it soon!

    thats about all from me.

    HAve fun!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2006
    Getting to know Brisbane all over again

    well at last my assignment is finished and my new laptop should arrive in a few days so I don't have to share computers with hubby.

    Karina - wow on claire pulling herself up! Hope you enjoy your trip to the Gold Coast!

    caro - hope all you get some answers soon. I have the precursor to lupus or SLE and I know how frustrating it is to be awaiting blood tests/specialist etc when you don't know what is going on and how to make it better. And woohoo to Michael on his teeth!

    Ali - woohoo on the tooth and the clapping and yaying - aren't they so cute!

    Cass- that gummy thing sounds brilliant!

    Well Ari is mainly having fingerfoods now. She has gone way off food after we had the stomach bug and then teething. I think she just likes the independance and finally i think *touch wood* we have a bottom tooth through at last!

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    Oct 2004

    Caro, Claire has similar foods to Michael. Cube of pear/apple/whatever other fruit i have in the freezer, mixed with some of her cereal. Usually just one cube as it all ends up on her chin, not really in her mouth. I have tried two cubes but she got so cranky half way through and refused it so I ended up binning the rest. If no cubes left, I mush up some banana, but not often as it gives her scary poo. In the afternoon she has potato/sweet potato/pumpkin/carrot cube. Sometimes a brocolli cube if I have any. She only has two meals a day. I mush the foods into a very fine mush - almost a puree. She isnt so keen on puree and I seem to have a little more success with a chunkier mush. I dont give her bread yet. HAdnt even thought of it to be honest. I'd think if i did, she'd just swish it around her mouth till it was sloppy then squash it in the roof of her mouth, and not actully eat it. Or break off too big a chunk. She doesnt really understand about chewing and swallowing yet - still does that thing where she pushes it out of her mouth with her tongue. I've tried giving her some custard but she wasnt impressed with it.
    I'm thinking of getting some corn and creaming it up. Not sure if its appropriate though.

    When can I give her meat?? Anyone know??
    I dont like my local ECHN so I dont want to go ask her.
    She tells me off for demand feeding so I dont like talking to her anymore.

    Intertesing about feeding her for the ear popping thing. I didnt know that, thanks for that tip! hopefully I'll remember, lol.

    Claire is acting strangley today. She has slept a whole lot more than usual and sounds husky, iykwim. Not sure what to do?? IS this normal? She is sleeping now and I've been going in to check on her every now and then.

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    Mar 2006
    Getting to know Brisbane all over again

    Hi all

    How much does Ari eat? well I'm terrible as I buy baby food so I'll go by jars. When I do make my own it's usually just extra from dinner or whateve I make up at the time
    Breaky - porridge Sometimes just normal sometime Golden circle - tastes soo much better than Heinz and is australian made) 1 jar and cherio's (the breeakfast cereal not the sausages) for her to pick up and eat herslef
    morning tea - fruit 1 piece in her mesh bag and half a jar sometimes a full one
    lunch sandwhiches 1 piece of bread
    afternoon tea - fruit or a rice biscuit (maybe half a banana or some watermelon cut up)
    dinner - 1 jar of vegies then a bit of custard after her bath - sometimes a full jar

    Mind you she hasn't been eating so much since this tooth started bothering her but is building her way back up now

    karina - second the feeding on take off and landing. If you can take a pillow with you in case she falls asleep in your arms or some airlines will give you one if you ask. Take your sling for getting on and off the plane and try to pack as little carry on as possible.

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    Jul 2006
    Berwick, Melbourne

    Hello everyone..long time no speak! I seriously have no idea where time goes. We are great here. Grace is doing wonderfully.She started to cut her first tooth the other day, I can feel it and see that the gum is broken but can't really see the tooth yet, not that she lets me look in her mouth much! We had a few restless nights before it broke through the gum but it has settled down now, she is really hard to get to sleep though. Just keeping up the bonjella. Gave her brauers teething stuff today and it did nothing at all! She rolls absolutely everywhere and manages to get into anything and everything. she's a quick roller too. She has found all the cd's and dvd's which she loves to pull of the shelf, I say no to her in a stern voice and move her away and she laughs at me and rolls back again! She obviously doesn't know what no means yet, but hoping she will learn soon. She does look cute pulling everything off the shelf though! Very hard to say no to her but i know that I have to or we will be in trouble later on.

    In regards to the solids thing. Grace has 3 meals a day plus 4 breast feeds. For breakfast she has either 3 tbsp rice cereal (farex) or organic oats mixed with half a tin of pureed fruit...often she will finish the tin of fruit afterward. For lunch she has a whole jar of something if we are out. If we are at home she sometimes has 100g tub of baby yoghurt, whole tin fruit (she will eat a whole mango) with custard. Like to mix it up a bit. for dinner she usually has vegies that are fork mashed with little chunky bits...the only things that we puree are green beans and corn as they are too hard to fork mash. We encourage her to chew, she occasionally gags but does overcome this. My MCHN told us that we should stop pureeing food quite quickly so that they get used to chewing. We have also given her pasta this week (heinz make a baby pasta the perfect size for over 7 month olds) and i made a sauce of tinned tomotoes, carrot, zucchini and green beans and then pureed the sauce and served over the pasta. she loved it. We don't go by cubes as i make her vegie's fresh every night but she usually has around 3/4 cup of food, give or take depending on her mood and how tired she is. I believe you can start meat (protein) once they are established on fruit and vegies. A book a friend has (the contented little baby) and my MCHN said that they can start on this anytime from 7 months. Corn does have nutritional value in the form of vitamins but that is about it, it isn't digested well though so i would probably avoid it if your baby is still getting used to solids, iykwim.

    Seems that everyone is doing really well. It is amazing the variations in developement isn't it. I do try to get online to keep up with everyone. Is everyone planning an exciting first christmas with their gorgeous babies? Can't believe it is only 2 months away. Take care.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2006
    Getting to know Brisbane all over again

    Hi caro, seriously I think she only eats because we are eating, she just wants to have whatever her big brother has. I started giving her fingerfoods after she attacked Xanders plate of toast and quite happily munched on it. She has a very strong gag reflex so i am pretty confident that she won't choke unless their was an accident or something. She got quite a big mouth ful of watermelon today and you could see her gag and then keep chewing.

    Rachel - how are you! so good to hear from you. good to hear Grace is going well! I was only just saying to hubby the otherday how nice it will be when the kids are older and we can bring out all the nic nacs again. We have put her playpen around the tv cabinet at the moment to stop her investigating that area, she still finds lots of interesting places though. Wow I am so impressed by your culinery skill - grace is so lucky, i wnat to come to your place for dinner! Where do you find the baby pasta? The only ones i have seen are the ones in jars with the sauce included and they taste like poop. And thank you for freaking me out by mentioning it is only 2 mths until Christmas! :-)

    Better go to bed hubby is complaining - one more day until my computer arrives

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    Aug 2006
    Perth WA

    Hi all

    Well, only 2 weeks until we go on holiday!!! I am so looking forward to it. I have already started packing stuff I am so excited!! I have bought Nic some bathers (Thomas the Tank Engine - so cute!!).

    Nic eats rice cereal with fruit in the morning, for lunch, usually veges (4 cubes), and for dinner 4 cubes veges and lamb at the moment. I did him some lamb shanks, and then pureed the meat and he loves it. I will try some chicken next I think. I haven't given him bread yet, but might try tomorrow with a little sandwich. I never thought of cherios, but I might try some of those too. Do they have much sugar in them? I think I will try weet bix too for a change for breakfast.

    I think he is getting more teeth at the moment as his gums look swollen and he is pulling on his ear a bit. Poor little man, I can't work out which one it is though, more bottom ones or the top ones. He is still sleeping through the night though, but waking up at 5.30am. I am hoping that daylight saving will make that a little later as 5.30am is just cruel! His day sleeps have been a bit rough the last few days. I am putting it down to teeth and that he has learnt to pull himself onto his hands and knees now, so he keeps doing that and wiggling all over the cot. I can hear him laughing his head off through the monitor, it is hillarious!

    We have started planting in the girls' fairie garden this week. As well as our beautiful tree, we have planted some ground covers through the stepping stones and some strawberries in pots along the fence. The girls did most of the planting themselves, and we had such a great time. They were so proud of themselves when they were finished, and they watered them all in. They even remembered to go out and water them this afternoon too! On Saturday I am going plant shopping with my sister to get some more plants.

    That's about it really. I have just finished my last assignment, so only the exam to go now. Then we will have a nice relaxing break over Christmas and hopefully our renovations will all be done by Chrissy so we can have lunch here.

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    Aug 2006
    Perth WA

    Caro - you should bring the kids over when we get back from QLD. The girls would love to show Courtney their fairy garden!! My sister said the pasta is in the soup section (it is soup pasta). With the chicken, I am going to boil it (poach it??) in water, then shred it and puree it. With the lamb shanks, I boiled them for about 2 hours and them pulled all the meat off and pureed it. He loves it. The dog was also very happy as he got the boones!! With the bread, do you give the babies white bread or wholemeal?

    How's the new house??

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    Jul 2006
    Cloud nine :D

    Hi all... i've been reading over the past few days thinking about posting but then something always happens~ And i've just read it again. and cant really remember what people said (sorry) baby tired brain!

    Izzy for food is getting -
    Morning - Cereal sometimes mixed on its own, sometimes with fruit.
    Morning tea - piece of toast or piece of fruit or yogurt.
    Lunch - I'm naughty here and just grap a bbay tin food. she eats the Whole lot
    Dinner - this week in the freezer is mince and vegies she loves it. And if she still hungry some fruit or yogurt.
    Every meal time she will eat the WHOLE thing (it is ona very rare occasion that she doesnt) And before we more away she needs mummy or daddy cuddles to let her knoe its all gone or she will SCREAM!

    Iz is comming very vocal these days - can say Mum, Dad, Bub and can mimic Hello~ I dont mind so much getting at 3 in the morning now because its mum mum as soon as she sees me~

    umm, Cant remembered who mentioned the plane trip, But izzys first 2 she was fine with, i gave her booby on the way up in to the sky and her dummy on the way down, sucking helps their ears. and she slept the whole 3 hour flight. We're going on a plane again this wednesday to visit mum in townsville for a week. So i'll let you know how she goes this time, being a little bit older and the time we're going isnt her nap time!

    Any other babies doing the loud puitch squeal! Izzy is doing it all the time. when she gets excited, when she not getting her own way~! OMG hurts ears!

    I cant wait for izzy's first christmas~! Little girl is getting spoilt rotten! Actually all the kids are! And i sooo want to get the fisher price kitchen, Any one seen it on ads on tv! its great and went and priced it yesterday only $130!!!! We we thinking $250. So thats her Big prezzie. And loc big pressie is the leappad computer that plugs into the tv. Noah's is bike. . . And thats not to mention all the little stuff they get in there stockings! We're going to spend a lovely family day at home this xmas! But we only get half the day with the boys! and then on Boxing day we're going to townsville for 2 weeks.!.

    Ok - Help, advice, input needed here... Our darling 4yo son is refusing to eat all his dinner at night! he will find every excuse possible to get out of it (and its usually only his vegies left) his excuses are gotta go to the toilet, gotta hug dad, gotta tell you a secret (nothing is told), he's tired, he wants his mum, he doesnt like us, to the very new one of he has heartburn (him telling us this was quite funny) Last night we cooked his fav chicken with chips and vegies - now we'd been shopping that day and brought home a special treat for him (leappad 3-4letter word thingy) and told him if he ate all his vegies he can have it, he sat there for an hour eating very slowly came to only about 2 mouthful of vegies left and said he was to tired, so he was sent to bed... without his treat... I don't know how else to get his to eat. HELP~

    Okay gotta go phone ringing!

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    Jul 2006

    Woah... lots of talking!!

    Caro, yep I've tried the Orajel the other day when he seemed really unsettled and within 10 mins he was heaps better, so must've been some action in the gums I'd say!

    Food wise... I do a combo of homemade and jars....
    Brekky, half to full jar depending on his mood. He gets something like oats, figs, sultanas... the organic range. Sometimes fruit in the mesh bag.
    Lunch.. this depends.. sometimes he wants it sometimes he doesn't... about a jar size of fruit.
    Dinner... ok he's a PIGGY at this time cos he seems to cram all his food into one end of the day... approx... 3 cubes of vegies and a WHOLE 100ml yoghurt!

    The other day I gave him a small amount of mince with bolagnaise sauce on it and he LOVED it... I also give him tiny bits of wrap bread... like lebanese type bread... just in tiny bite size pieces and he just gives them a bit of a chew... he's had cheese, the cheesy pops (like cheesesticks but flat) and tiny bits of banana. I think that he tends to swallow these things rather than chew though..lol. He's still got a fairly good gag reflex on him so I haven't gone too big yet... oh and he had some of my toast and vegemite the other day with no probs.

    There are probably around 6 BF over the day as well... hmmm no wonder he's my chubba bubba...lol.

    Caro, I give baby yoghurt, but can't get it at the moment cos it was recalled over here due to some issue with something happening on the production line.

    7 months already!!! I can't believe it. I looked at the clock this morning and it said 6:58.... I was like... OMG HE WAS ONLY 3 HOURS OLD... and here he now was sitting on the bed between my legs playing. My little man *sighs*... oh he said "dadda" a few days ago as well... no mum yet though!

    Must run, hi to everyone!!! Rachel, sounds like it's all good at your place

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    Aug 2006
    Perth WA

    Firstly, Happy 7 months Michael and Oskar!!!!

    Caro - I would poach the chicken, shred then put in the food processor. If need be, I would add some of the water it was cooked in. This is what I did with the lamb. I use baby yoghurt for Nic and he loves it. I think you could cook a bit of steak and let them suck on it. I would probably still mince it though so that I could freeze it for later on.

    Cassie - Chloe does this too (with her food). Sometimes she will make herself sick so that she doesn't have to eat what she doesn't want (usually veges). She can be quite funny about food. One day she likes vegemite sandwiches, the next she won't eat it. So far, she has gone off vegemite, ham in sandwiches, tomatoes, pancakes and yoghurt. I don't really know what to do with her. Some days she hardly eats anything at school, and I our rule is that whatever you don't eat out of your lunch box at school, you have to have at home before you can have anything else. The food thing is hard as you don't want to create any eating issues for them, but I really don't know how to deal with it either. Sorry, not much help here!

    Cass - Nic says Dad too, but no mama! I have been trying to get him to say it, but he just grins and says Dada or blows rasberries at me! So cute. I am so excited about coming to Brissie! DH has just booked a meeting on the day after we get into Brissie (the 8th November, in Canberra!!) so we will have the whole day to wander around. Would this day suit you to catch up in the city?

    Um, what else is happening....kids are great, they are loving their garden so far, and I can't wait to get more plants tomorrow. Nic is great too. I am more in love with him every day. He was quite cuddly today, wrapping his chubby arms around my neck, and putting his head on my shoulder. He thinks the dog is hillarious and laughs his head off at him. All is great actually! Life is good xx
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