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thread: Babies Born September 2006 #85

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    Feb 2006
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    Haha Maz, just assume everyone is pregnant - more fun to freak out the girls who aren't trying by insisting they are.
    And ha at the photo, Vy looks like a diva hitting a high note.

    Aww Chrissy - I DON'T miss that! And crikey mikey, you can't possibly be 17 weeks already? The last quarter of the year surely goes the quickest!

    Hope you're feeling better too Belle.

    And lol at your kids faith in Santa! Of course Santa will bring them presents - AND he'd let them do what they wanted, AND he'd let them have chocolate and watch tv whenever they wanted - he's on THEIR side girls, you have to understand this. And everything your kids ask to do is reasonable anyway, and while you don't get that and tell them off, Santa understands.
    Every kid knows that the only people on the naughty list are parents.

    I think my mate forgot about taking me out for lunch but that's okay - I think she's been away all weekend, and I'm having a bad pelvis day anyway, it's pretty darned sore - I might try to get referred to the hospy pregnancy physio or something at my next appt.

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    I cant find her classified's either..hmmm but I know the chick who runs wahmnaps is seling of alot of her NEW stock cheap...trying to get in contact with her and I'll let you know the prices matie. whens your next u/s??????
    Ah my Kanckles and feet are that swollen today they are itchy!!!!! I think Im ight have to take my anklet of as its starting to dig in a bit to much!

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    Oct 2005
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    just a quick check in had a greeat week at Agnes got canopy on car looks great, off to rocky for scan with RE tomorrow then back here we leave on friday be back the 1st so much to do between now and friday :yawn:

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    Maz it arrived!! thankyou so much.It was very generous of you and the postage was a fortune! Your such a nice friend. Hope your kankles feel better soon.
    Meg i agree with the girls.Its probably last thing she needs to hear at the moment.She would just resent her father more and maybe you.
    I am so exhausted. I have been glutenised i think.Ive had a bad tummy now the tiredness has set in. Bugger as my monthly scrap kit arrived and i wanted to do some but it will have to wait. Poor ruby needs formula and i need to go up the shop but alas tired...
    Cant wait to you girls start having your babies.I will have to stalk your belly buddy threads for signs of babies arrivals!
    Nelle you need to rest up! Can you wear a belt? What do they do for pelvis pain?
    Chrissy you naughty thing! I use to have vanilla malt milkshakes and curried egg sambo's and feel so bloated afterwards.All that is a distant dream now! lol Your scan will be soon hey?
    Belle hope you feel better soon.
    Jodi thankyou very much!
    Shell will sned your parcel tommorow.Dont worry bout the money. Maz just sent me some lovely stuff so i will pass a good deed on too.
    Ok i got to muster energy up now for formula and girls tea. Catcha.

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    Dec 2005

    I hope your right Maz, she gets here tonight so we're all good from then lol Id prefer to go at night to, just means less stress for Jett because he wont really know. I even shagged Ry last night and after a full night of contractions and pressure, NOTHING happened. Im super crampy though, lots of pressure so hopefully something is happening. Im going to vacuum later and see if that makes a difference. Do you think you'll make it to your c/s date??

    Meg, I agree with the others but that is wrong on so many levels. I cant blame you for being upset about it.

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    Aug 2005
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    my U/S is next thursday, and i think jodi might have hers this week.

    maz, hunt for some bargins and email me if you find any

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    chrissy - ive already done some emailing hon heheheh we think to much alike ...maz marking u/s on calender.

    I think Jodi's u/s was today?????? or am i just pg drunk again????

    Annat - OB say's I'll be lucky to make it to my next appointment - 27th..yeah yeah blah blah. Good luck with the vacumming...its does nothing but give me a wet pair of knickers pmsl

    Caddie - i am SO GLAD you finally got the package!!! Im glad you liked what was inside..I thought you could use a boost me up and I know how much you love scrapping and could use the stuff.

    Rach - well there certainly arent any flies on you woman! Wow your a jet setter...I wish! have a wonderful chrissy if we dont hear from you until then you busy lizzy you and hurry up and get that BFP woman!

    Jodstar - what the hell!!! are you crazy woman!!!!!! youwatch your buttock when you find out what your having....ITS MINE!!!!!!! and oh you know what im talking about

    I just has a lovely salad with lamb chops and roast potoatoe...ah full as a goog!

    for you girls that BF....what does it mean when your nipples are really itchy and hot??? I woke up this morning and my bb's felt really heavy..oh they are now *says maz after feeling them* hmmmmm

    off to change grannie knickers again..bet you girls dont miss all this!!!!

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    Dec 2005

    yeah maz, you're just drunk again!! My u/s is on Thursday. What's the full name of Sunshine????

    I'll bbs, I've already burnt Nina's dinner once tonight, so trying it a second time.

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    ahhh full name is a secret squirell...heheheheh and glad im not the only one burning tea!!!!

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    Feb 2006
    South Eastern Suburbs, Vic

    I didn't burn tea, but I almost ate it and gave Riv something else! I found some pumpkin and carrot with nutmeg soup in the freezer...yum! Thickened it with breadcrumbs so Rans and Riv didn't make a mess.

    I'm going to go wrap some Christmas presents, and bully Rans into doing it too. Well, try to bully him.

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    Nov 2005

    ahhh full name is a secret squirell.
    Secret Squirrel is a lovely full name Maz

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    Mar 2004

    Gee i hate secrets. Lol.
    Ohh u/s coming up.Jodstar you going to tell us the flavour?
    What happened to vixstar?
    Rikki you on school holidays? So not coming this way for a few weeks?
    Annat goodluck you have systems go now! Still another 2 weeks will be good for babys breathing.Thats why i wasnt induced till 37 1/2 weeks.
    Poor ruby has 4 molars coming at once. One side is so bad its all meaty and yuk looking.Almost ulcerated.Millana never had it bad like this.
    Ruby chucking tantys as she had a plastic bag taken off her so i will go make her happy.

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    Dec 2005

    Heath said the funniest thing before. When I was getting Nina's dinner ready (again) he was reading the posts in this thread, and he calls out to me and says 'so what's up with maz, didn't her plug drop or something?' He obviously doesn't know all the pg terms!!

    I'll have to go back and read everything over again as I've forgotten what you've all said.

    caddie - I forgot to thank you for the card last week. And yeah, I'll be finding out the flavour and letting you all know.

    I've put a pic in Nina's website of one of the professional photos we had done last month. We bought that one, and a huge one that has a large one in the middle of all of us, and 6 smaller pics around the edge. It's absolutely gorgeous, and expensive! It's too big to scan though, so I might take a photo of it, and upload it so you can all see it.

    anna - how are you and Xander going? Have you got xmas all organised?
    annat - good to see Ripley still behaving himself. How are you feeling?
    ambz - hugs honey, I hope everything is going ok. Come and talk to us when you feel up to it.
    rikki - Still coming over my way for Easter? How is Ains's walking going, she running yet?
    meg - what an awful situation you're in with that guy you saw. Have you made a decision on what to do? I honestly don't know what I would do if I was in the same position.
    chrissy - how are you going, has the m/s been staying away for you?
    maz - I always had itchy nipples when b/f, but don't know what it means.
    rach - best of luck tomorrow and have a great xmas!
    kel - how are you feeling, m/s hasn't kicked in yet I hope.

    I know I've missed people, but Heath is getting cranky at me cause he can't cook, and apparently it's my fault
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    Dec 2005
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    Jodi- lol at Heath! I can't wait to find out what flavour you are having!

    Maz- I remember having hot itchy nipples when preg and for awhile afterwards, I presume just your boobies getting all milky ready. i am a fantastic aunty aren't I! Lol, I've watched my nephew grow into the person he is today, was even at his birth! Its just so amazing how well he is developing.

    Caddie- thank you so much, will be looking out for it! I'll have to continue this chain of good deeds now and pass something onto soemone else!

    Rach- good luck with the RE, hope you get some answers.

    Well my nephews kinder graduation was great, they even had little graduation caps and capes for them to wear! They sang songs then got to walk up to get there certificate, it brought tears to my eyes. And then all the parents get these folders with some of there artwork, pics taken of them thruout the years, activities they've done, things they've said, enjoyed.... its fantastic, great keepsake.

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    Feb 2006
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    Aww that's so sweet Shell! How cute.

    Jodi - yay that your scan is so soon! Looking forward to seeing what's baking away in there.

    Haha Anna, you smartypants. Secret Squirrel doesn't really 'go' with the other names does it...

    One more present to wrap! Glad Rans and I have decided to shove our presents to each other into a stocking - I can not be bothered wrapping any more!

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    Bloody hell Shell - im sitting here crying about your post. yes you are one aunty in a million hon. Want to adopt some more nieces and nephews????
    Anna - i spat my water out all over my keyborad..ah fcurry woman i love you!
    Jodi - tell Heath that yes I dropped my plug ROFL and that little bits come out again today, if it makes him happy heheeheh
    Ah I need a wire brush for these nipples!!!!!

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    Jan 2006

    lol @ secret squirrel comment anna. great to see you and xander today. glad that he is just as good at tantys as my girl! she sat perfectly still when she ate later in the day!

    yes, jodi, still coming over for easter to townsville. arrive on the wednesday before easter, then leave the tuesday after easter. can't wait to see the family and show off the girl.

    yes caddie, on hols for six weeks. woo hoo. not sure if i am getting the same area next year, but if i do, i'll be coming over for a yummy lunch again!

    ok, back to wrapping pressies. wish i could shove sam's pressie in a stocking nelle, but would have to get a giant's stocking as i bought him a new multifunciton printer!

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    May 2007

    Hmm... I am thinking that someone (not naming names) in my house is logging in and reading my posts!
    Maybe he likes to hear about what you girls are up to!!!

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