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Thread: Babies Born September 2006 #93

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    We get 5 choices I think - ranked in order of most wanted and least wanted choices. I think we'll be applying for -
    #1 (most wanted) - Sydney
    - Adelaide
    - Brisbane
    - Townsville
    #5 (least wanted) -Darwin

    I reckon we have a very good chance of getting Sydney regardless of choice but word is theyve got all of the guys on his course going to either Sydney, Townsville or Darwin. I refuse to go to Darwin ever so if he gets it he'll have to go on his own and do a fly in-fly out visiting arrangement to us in Sydney. Im happy with anywhere but Darwin.

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    ggod luck with your scan tomorrow jodi

    and kell sending pick vibes for your scan next week.....and belle when is yours???

    i had my scan yesterday, and we have changed my hospital now, as they couldnt see the heart chambers properly, so i have decided to birth at John hunter ( the biuggest in newcastle)as Liam has to be checked right out after birth by specialists

    maz....did you like those videos i send you

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    chrissy - I love the name Liam. That's good news that you could change hospitals to a bigger, better one. Do they think Liam will need to be in special care once born, or will he just be getting checked out?

    anna - I wouldn't want to go to Darwin either! Or Townsville for that matter. I hate Townsville. It's so hot and dry there. It's hot here, but it's a different heat here than Townsville.

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    JODI..he just needs to be checked out at this stage, and we take it from there, but we dicided to change hospitals as the heart specialst yeterday adviced us too, and i would much rather be at that hospital, and not have to change if something is not quite right, IYKWIM...and its the same distance as the other hosp i was booked into.

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    *Nessa* Guest


    Chrissy- glad you were able to change hospitals, its always better to be safe then sorry. hope nothing is wrong with Liam though.

    Jodi- thats not very nice, teasing me about your pool. good luck with your scan tomorrow.

    AnnaT- so even though adelaide is second choice its really not a option???

    Hmm i will be confirming my sex on friday.

    well bubs is playing soccer in there so i need to lay down.

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    Anna T - I had to laugh when I read what you posted about Elmo. It is all that I hear too. Tiana runs around saying el-mo, el-mo and chases me with a DVD until I put it on for her. I used to like elmo but lets just say that it isn't quite so amusing to watch anymore. Do you have the dress me elmo doll? Miss loves that one!

    Maz - Just wanted to say that I think your childrens names are beautiful!

    Nelle - I love hot cross buns too, as long as there is so much butter on them that you cant actually see the bun... At least why I continue to put on weight isnt really a mystery.

    Chrissy - I'm sure that your bubba will be just perfect but changing hosp. as a precaution can do nothing but make you less stressed about the birth and your baby.

    Jodi - LOL at checking she is still a girl! I remember asking the ultrasound tech if Tiana still had girly bits at our 29 and 30 and 33 week scan. I was only slightly paranoid that she had grew bits. Only cos when I was told she was a she I went a little crazy with pink bubba clothes!

    I had an interesting morning. My gorgeous daughter and Riley a little girl I look after Tues and Wed were in Tiana's room supposedly going to sleep. I went to check on them when they had been quiet for 5 mins and they had somehow gotten sudocream from the top of the bookshelf (still no idea how?) and painted themselves, the carpet, Tiana's bed, books all of the shoes, stuffed toys and anything else within a one metre radius. They were both white from head to toe! You could clearly see handprints on them where they had taken it in turns to paint eache others backs!! Anyone know how to remove sudocream from carpet??!! I had to laugh if only to stop myself from crying.

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    Good luck for Friday ness! Hopefully bubs behaves.

    Marni - that's so cute what the girls did! I have no idea how to get it out of the carpets though.

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    Ooops - what a day to pop in here

    Ah, I've got a shocking headache atm, and Ambah's been feeding constantly for about 4 days now, my supply seems to be disappearing - not sure why? Anyway, have barely slept for 4 nights now, so I'm buggered. Not helping my patience levels, thank god the girls have been pretty good (pupil-free day today).

    Ummm, not sure what to say to everyone, big to everyone. I'm thinking of you all - would do personals but my head is killing me. Belly rubs for all those gorgeous preggie bellies, hope those gorgeous newborns are doing well Maz, AnnaT and Ambz, and big hugs and kisses for everyone and all the toddlers as well.

    We haven't had a sing-a-long for ages....hmmm.... I've got one that's been stuck in my head for days () Toot toot chugga chugga big red car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehehehehehehehe, don't worry 'bout me - I think I've been taking crazy pills instead of panadol!!!!!!

    ETA - Marni - I'll get back to you about the sudocream - Ambah just did the same thing on the side of our couch and the rug while I was in the shower a little while ago LOL

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    Marni- please tell me you took a pic!!!!!

    um and good luck getting it out, its oil based so it will e hard

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    hhmmm .... thanks for getting that stuck in my head shars!!
    I hope Ambah isn't coming down with something, and that your supply boosts up soon.

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    mum3girls Guest


    Hehehehehe, you're welcome :P

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    Jodi.. Good luck with your scan tomorrow! Will be nice to see bubs again!! Oh i know i cant believe how fast all of our pregnancies are going and well babies are growing up! Its just bizarre! My pregnancy with Jesse seemed to take forever! Havent had one migraine in weeks. Well since i was 7 weeks which is great. Have had the odd headache here and there though but thats nothing compaired to the migraines at least.

    Jesse cant count well... he likes to pretend to count his dinner (like sausages or nuggets) and his counting is " derrr.. der.. derrr.. derrr... derrrr" hehe so cute.

    AnnaT.. hope you finally get what you want, to come home to sydney!

    Chrissy.. oh thats a great name! Will go very well with your other kiddies. I hope John Hunter can offer you and Liam better care.

    Nessa.. would love for you to find out youre actually having a boy and what you thought was a bun was just his 2 veg

    Marni.. oh dear!! I do hope you took photos too!!

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    Hi annat! ruby has a little elmo too for bed and her colour is red of course being her namesake! Everything with her is heelloo and bye ee. Sometimes my phone will be found off the hook and i look at the timer and its gone an hr!! I feel sorry for anyone who tries to ring. Hope you get the posting you want!
    Chrissy,Hoping that the change of hospy is just a precautional measure and i love the name liam.Are the kids getting excited with the new addition?
    Goodluck on friday ness with the scan and to JODI too!
    Sudocream! Oh dear.My girls have the lip gloss out but sudocream.Yuk.That would be hard to get out... I think i would have
    Yes mazzy id like to see more pics of your little man.Makes my clucky but thankgoodness i got my period because for a few days thought i was.I had sore boobs and nausesa.I was getting beside myself with worry...Anyway when is his next checkup?
    Belle hope the ms has eased.I think i read you have toncillitus? If it was hope you feel better soon.
    Well ive got me time.Millana is at pre kindy for 2hrs and ruby has finally gone to bed after ripping a picture of the wall above her cot.Grrr

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    Does Jesse make the der der der sounds too! Nina does that a lot. With some words they are really clear with her, but with other words it's just der der der.
    Glad that your migraines have gone away now.

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    Oh no Caddie, when I hung a canvas on Riv's wall the other day, I put him in his cot and pointed to it, to make sure he couldn't reach it - he sure tried! But it's out of reach...for now.

    Marni, if you google 'Sudocrem in carpet', it seems to be not that uncommon. Try lemon juice diluted in warm water? Or baby wipes?
    I don't know if eucalyptus oil would do anything, but good ol eucalyptus tends to be my one stop shop for fixing stuff. Saved my butt as a teenager when I spilled wax on my bedroom carpet from candles I wasn't sposed to be burning and I haven't looked back - Nelle & Eucalyptus, BFF.

    Lol Kell at the 'derr...derr' counting! Too cute.

    Hope you're feeling better soon Sharle. Could you be dehydrated if Ambah's been feeding so often? That's the first thing I think of when it comes to headache causes, seems simple, but SO often that's what it is! Make sure you're drinking enough.

    I'm lying on the couch biding my time til Rans gets home (any minute now) and then I am OFF to bed! I grabbed a 30min nap before, til River's yelling woke me up (kinda MUM I'M AWAKE sort of yelling, not upset, just getting my attention). So I yelled 'COMING' and went and gave him lunch, which he threw on the floor, so i had to sit right next to him while he batted his eyelashes at me - blinking is his new trick...butter wouldn't melt in that kid's mouth, I tell you...

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    Hi girls

    I havent posted much either as I havent been well, still sick, also got a migrane wont go away.. but Julia doing heaps better. And like Kell, tired, and sometimes not much to say but I like to read how everyone is going.

    I love hearing about the babies (lol opps toddlers) now and their favourite words! Julia's current favourites are: Door, cheers, bugger (not sure where she got that one from!), bubba, byee daddy and mwwaa for kissing.

    Well I think ELMO is it!!! for us too we have one, but in our house Julia prefers the Cookie Monster! we have the little soft toys from sesame street that you buy from coles If she doesnt have the Cookie Monster or Elmo (they have to be together) when in her carseat she crys! At home however she has her favourite Lambies still.

    Jodi - goodluck tomorrow mate! what times your scan? Big hugs to Heath too re his change of meds and the pain hon....thinking of you all.

    Caddie - mate thank god I dont have the tonsilitis now! I had it 3 times in 2002, it was bad. I was commenting to Laurin about Rylee having it, poor little one...hope the AB's are kicking in for her. I took Augmentin as thats the AB that works best for tonsilitis in Adults. How is Ruby? sleeping? I hope you get some "me" time honey. I would like some today but no chance had a guest here when Julia was sleeping...

    AnnaT - thats great Ripley is settling and going well, was wondering how you were all going. Come to Sydney!!! Where would you be based in Sydney?

    Kell - good to see ya was wondering how you are going, havent ducked my head into our belly buddies, ive been real good to hear you are well.

    Chrissy - hello!!!! good to hear that you are going to JH at Newcastle hon. Hope it goes really well. How are the kiddos?

    Marni - OMG at Tiana doing that with the sudocream! Julia always reaches for the paw paw ointment from her cot too! hope it comes out.

    Nelle - hon thanks for thinking of me - I LOOOOOOVE the choc chip hot cross buns from Bakers Delight YUMMOO... and also been helping my depression by cooking things like biscuits and new recipes (cant sew for my life!!!) I made these choc chip bickies to die for!.

    Meg - honey will try and catchup with you soon. hope you are well sorry we keep missing each other.

    Annie - how you doing mate?

    Shell - How was mums group? do people bring food over? or do you put on a spread? we usually have ours out now like at a park mind you most our MG has gone back to work now so doesnt happen often.

    MAZ - my thoughts are with you.

    Nessa - goodluck with your midwife appt later this week, hope you are feeling better soon with the swollen hands/ankles.

    For those who I havent mentioned Im sorry Im not feeling the best now so will come back online bit later... inthe mean time, thinking of you all

    Gotta lie down now.


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    *Nessa* Guest


    Hey have uploaded some pics of the girls, form when my sis took them to the zoo.

    Belle- hope you feel better soon,

    Marni- how did you go with the sudo removel

    Shar- lots of fluids!!!! and please no wiggles!!!!

    Well Annika doesnt count everything is eh eh eh. Teleah does all her talking for her.

    Had my BP done again today a bit higher, slowly creeping up. will have to see what teh scan says.

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    Ness - well Adelaide is a bit harder to get but not impossible. It all depends on what positions are available in his field and how generous the Army is feeling at the time. Theyll send you where they want to. Ryan really wants Adelaide though because its closer to home for him (Perth). He wants to get there eventually.

    Marni - nope we just have the TMZ Elmo that rolls itself around. Oh and the Elmo giggle chair courtesy of my sister. Its mysteriously 'broken' unfortunately so it doesnt giggle anymore

    Belle - we'll be based out toward Campbelltown where we used to live. I cannot wait to move from here, I hate it and never want to come back.

    So I took all of us to an Iridologist this arvo (alternative medicine involving reading the iris) and it turns out Ripley has bowel and gastric issues. She gave us some powder for the boys to take once a day that should clear it up. She also said that they have slight lactose intolerance so to watch their dairy intake but not cut it out because it will make them more intolerant - and apparently they get it from ME. Ive never had an issue with lactose but apparently I have a slight issue with it too. So there you go. Will be curious to see if it makes a change in the boys.

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