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thread: Babies Born September 2007 #10

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    Oct 2006

    bipolar 1 or 11 not sure only very few manic highs, my main problem is lows is that what fits them into a catagory?

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    Aug 2007
    Sunshine Coast, Qld

    Noni ~

    Were you clincally diagnosed with an assessment? - If so, I can't believe they never told you what kind of bipolar you have... That's pretty wrong.

    Bipolar I is what you described - with just some manic episodes (once a year for example), Bipolar II is where you have frequent manic episodes and depression in between... You're lucky in a way because medication is more likely to help you as you don't have to find the 'balance',They put me on anti-depressants when i was diagnosed but they made me worse because i have hypermania, have you ever been on any meds? - Maybe it's time to try some.
    I have been managing it myself for ages now but find that when i don't eat or sleep properly my bipolar comes on... You haven't been starving yourself with your WW diet have you?

    You should totally go to your GP about it, There's loads of things you can do to manage it and absolutely no need to be feeling like crap all the time.

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    Feb 2007

    I'm baaaack.

    It has taken me half the morning to catch up though and now I forget everything I read lol.

    Sydney was great Logan was fantatsic the whole time and my sisters loved looking after him. I am so tired though, you know how you end up sitting up late chatting and forget that in a matter of hours you will be up feeding and playing. I really wanted a sleep in this morning but they are building a house next door and turned up at 6.30am, they are pouring the slab too so I had several cement trucks outside my bedroom window. We have no side fence on that side yet so DH reminded me this morning to put a shirt on when I am walking around the house, I tend to just wear shorts and a bra after I have fed Logan. We have tinted windows so they wouldnt see to much and the shape I am in would send them runing anyway lol. I just went and hung the washing out and am bitterly dissapointed, it is warm up here today so the tradies have their shirts off, do you think any of them are even half decent looking? NOPE! So now everytime I walk in to my kitchen I get an eyeful of fat, old hairy men.

    Anyway better go and unpack, sorry there is no personals but way to much went on in here while I was away lol.

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    Apr 2006

    ROFL about your tradies Ozstar - reminds me I've got FIL arriving next week adn he always gets semi-nude in hot weather *retch*
    re bipolar: spot on hayley, you'd think they'd let someone know what type they had so that they could learn to recognise signs! And spot on too about the sleep - that's the main trigger for my rello. It must be very hard for you Noni with your DP working nights as that means you bear the brunt of the night wakings. I agree with LP, get some help now. Meds can make all the difference: it can take some different combinations but honestly for some people it makes life bearable. I try to look at it this way: it's easy to feel as if your life is cursed becuase of this illness, but by having a diagnosis you are really blessed becuase you are able to move forward; imaging living for years in twilight not knowing what was wrong. It's also important to remember that everyone has crap and great days: with my history of depression I've had to learn to accept that. It's about the balance.
    LP I missed your earlier post - I'll have to go read it now. Wow at you managing it yourself - and especially wow at you being able to recognise and deal with hypomania so soon as it takes some people decades... Do you know of any support groups Noni could contact?

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    Jan 2007

    Hi All,

    Well Seaworld was great the boys had a ball and so did I but missed Olivia. They are all sleeping at the moment. We put our christmas tree up on Friday night and the boys and olivia helped it was fun however the boys just keep touching the tree. Oh well may be next year they wont touch it as much but then it will be Olivias turn. lol.
    Noni- I hope you a feeling better.
    Katie- I am glad you had a wonderful time in sydney.
    RE- Housing we only bought our house when the boys were 6 weeks old. DH and I started out with nothing and gradually over 10 years we have collected a lot of stuff. But we still love each other very much and love our kids just as much and all the rest is just material stuff.

    Hello to everyone and have a great day

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    Dec 2005
    In Bankworld with Barbara

    Hey all! I am at the start of a very busy week, so forgive me if I'm not about much or forget personals.

    Leanne, LOL at the boys touching the tree. Last year was the first time I didnt' have to constantly tell the kids "NO, don't touch the tree!" and next year it will start again. Glad you all enjoyed seaworld.

    Noni, please go and talk to someone hun, even if you just start with your MCHN, she should be able to point you in the right direction. She may also know of some freebie courses/groups you could attend. It wouldn't have to be a mothers group as such, even just a scrapbooking class or something to get you out and about - friendships will come later kwim? And don't ever think you are alone. We may all be separated by distance but we are all here for one another.

    LP, I have had a few shoplifting episodes too LOL - either me putting stuff in the pram or the kids when they are a bit older. I even did it the other day with 3 lollypops. I put the beside Alister in the shopping trolley baby seat and clean forgot to pay for them. I always take stuff back and pay for it - my conscience would kill me otherwise.

    Queenie, I am really glad that the meds are starting to work. It can take a bit of time to get the *right* treatment so if you feel that she isn't improving any further, ask for a review of her meds.

    OK, rundown of my day. Took Erin to the dentist (public School dental clinic) for one filling. Found out she also needs another one. That makes 4 fillings already. Poor kid is going to have shocking teeth I think. Spoke to the dental technician about Lindsay's teeth - he has lost 3 bottom ones (the two middle ones and the one just to the left) but his two middle teeth are taking the space of the 3 baby teeth, so it looks like the 3rd tooth will come up behind them. She said he could have problems with overcrowding (like his Dad and SIL has terrible teeth too) and when he is 9 we should have a better idea of things and to take him to an orthodontist (oh the hip pocket hurts already at the thought of that) All I can say is I am so glad DH has premium health cover through his work.

    Alister had a really unsettled morning. From about 4.30am he was really fidgety, not fully awake, but couldn't go back into a deep sleep because of wind. So I put he and his bum trumpet in bed with me thinking that would work, but he was still really fidgety. He is OK now of course

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    Oct 2006

    sherie - the mchn here is useless!! she asked me if i felt confident when i saw her and i said no annd she was like no? well u seem confident to me and just moved on... sorry to hear about all the teeth issues lucky dh has insurance!!!
    leanne - glad sea world was fun!
    queenie - thats whats happened with the night shift because dp would stay up late to feed her and i could sleep a bit but now i must wake for every feed.. Asha is getting better at sleeping longer but with dp being casual his shifts change and she gets thrown out..
    katie - glad your trip was good.. shame about the fat ugly tradies lol
    lp - yes i was diagnosed by a phsychiatrist but i suppose he didn't explain it properly ive been on heaps of different meds none of them really helpful, when just through the gp i tried zoloft, lexapro,avanza and aropax all of which made me sick, the aropax actually gave me a rash so i was allergic to it.. through the phsyc i tried epilum and another epileptic one starting with t tegratol i think? apparantly thats what they give for bipolar and then finally i was moved onto lithium which just made me feel like a zombie and i had to have blood tests all the time incase it became toxic in my body he also perscibed ativan for anxiety its a tranquilizer that knocks you out because i was at a very low point and was being treated after being actively suicidal and doing some really strange things id rather not go into lol.. after all those i kinda gave up on meds.. i did come good and have managed for a long time on my own but i think atm its just a bit stressful... deffinately not starving myself, just eating healthily, have had a really bad week of binging on crap this week because i am feeling down so idk if i will go to ww this week lol...

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    Feb 2007

    hello everyone!!! it sure has been busy in here so i have no hope whatsoeve of doing enough personals...
    just wanted to say a special hello to Noni - dont feel you dont have friends my dear - you have plenty in here. i would second what the others have said about joining a mothers group near home, you will meet ppl there, something in common and people only go if they are open to making new friends i would think... a good option to help with the loneliness perhaps? i am sure it isnt easy but i have loved mine so far, it is a highlight of the week. perhaps it is time to spk to someone about how you are feeling? if the mat nurse did not help(which is terrible by the way) maybe your GP again - it seems you get along well with him.
    Better go - it is time for a feed!
    hope everyone else is well. i will pop back later to write some more but all good at my end.

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    Oct 2006

    how do i find out about mothers groups?

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    Apr 2006

    I asked my MCHN (the centre is small and they don't have them so I go to a different centre's one) and she put me on the list. They should tell you about them though! You could try calling your local council. be persistent though! Does anyone at ww have any contacts - any other new mums?

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    Mar 2007

    Noni - Well my mothers group was organised through the health nurse, but your nurse sounds shocking! Try through the hospital where you had Asha. Also maybe even googling playgroups/mothers groups in your area. I once googled young mums in perth and it found a perth forum, i've already started 'talking' with other perth mums and we are organising a meet up. Where do you live? It wont be much longer and Asha will sleep through for you.

    Sherie - lmao bum trumpet!!!! Reminds me of the other night, I got Maddie up for her last feed at 10, trying to be quiet and change her nappy, but she did a massive fart, i couldnt help but laugh and she woke up, whoops!

    Leemar - Glad you had a great time at seaworld. Would love to go there one day.

    Katie - Haha thats so funny about the tradesmen! I had an incident at the start of the yr, it was Friday night, I'd just got home from work and we were going out that night so I was rearing to go - I put on some nice knickers (and that was all at that point) and was in the bathroom straighting my hair. I had kylie playing in the lounge room and a good song came on, so I literally pranced my way down the hallway to go turn it up and there is the neighbour on his roof looking straight at me (we have big glass doors at the back of the house and his house backs onto ours) and I was dancing topless like an idiot! How embarrassing. Glad you had a nice time in Sydney.

    Hayley - Havent stolen anything in the pram yet, but I have definately come close. Good on you for being honest. Bummer about the swing and jumperoo. Maybe call toys r us and see if they can order them in before chrissy?

    Marydean - I've had a look at that photomax before. The calendars are such a good idea, and so cute! The cups look great too, even the little key rings, I think they were like $5, bargain.

    Well I had grand plans for today. Food shopping, christmas tree decoration shopping and develop my photos and put them in an album. We drove out to Harvey norman to do the photos, unloaded the pram, got little miss sorted out and then discovered that Harvey norman was closed due to a power failure!!! Had to reload everything in the car. Grr. Then started to drive to the shops to do food shopping, Maddie was screaming in the back, due to be very overtired. Then I realised that the car was almost on empty and I cant fill it up because DP's work pays for my fuel (its in his deal) and he had the fuel card. He tells me off if I just get fuel and pay for it out of our money hehe. So I thought crap we wont make it to coles, I'll go to Action which is close to home. Action didnt have any spare trolleys with capsules! Maddie was crying heaps by this stage and I was getting dirty looks. What a mission, so I just decided to go home. So there go my plans down the drain. Forgot how easy life was before a baby hehe.

    Is anyone else trying to capture some nice baby shots for the grandparents for chrissy? I'm trying my best, but not today as she is not happy!

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    Oct 2006

    tried googling, no luck there any idea on which part of the hospy i would ring to find that out?

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    Feb 2006

    Yep your CHN should be able to put you in contact with a mothers group Noni. Or if there isnt one in your area you could start one yourself. I know someone who did that here. Also I remember reading about mothers groups in my local area on bubhub dot com dot au.

    Hayley - I stole a birthday card in one of the trolleys with capsules on Saturday. Oops!

    Rory got his needles and he was sooooooooooo brave. Didnt cry when they gave him the drops, didnt cry for the first needle but grizzled for the 2nd. Oh he is such a brave boy hehe. He was even smiling as we were walking out the drs. He is really tired now though, better put him to bed.

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    Jun 2007
    Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne.

    hello everyone- just a quick pop in from me...and a special hello to noni..don't forget you have lots of people to talk to on here!
    went to ob for check up and she made me do pelvic floor exercises and said i was pathetic and basically doing nothing!!! how embarassing. now she's referred me to a physio on friday to teach me how to do them properly....i can't believe how much i have to get my pants off these days!!!!
    hope everyone is doing well...it is absolutely pouring with rain here...
    i'm having an insecure fat crisis..am thinking of joining ww but might wait till after xmas...
    bye for now

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    Oct 2006

    renee - glad rory was so good with his needles!! Asha screamed the place down lol... my chn is useless but maybe i will try and call up tmw and see what she says...
    gracie - i'm having a similar crisis been eating so much i am scared of going to ww!!!

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    Jan 2007

    Hi Girls,

    Renee- I am happy too that rorys needle when ok.
    Gracie/Noni- I agree I am dreading going to ww on sat.
    Well what a day. I am trying to toilet train the boys and latley Jordy is taking his nappy off and walking around naked.lol. Today he gave me his nappy twice with a poop in side and then I had to go running around the house looking for any poop that my have fell out. God give me strength. lol

    Well its good night from me. Talk to you all tomorrow.

    Noni- I am sending you special hugs and hope you are feeling a bit happy. I am your friend.

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    Apr 2006
    Winter is coming

    My baby has gone feral! Any finger, hand, arm, toy or clothing that gets anywhere near his mouth gets attacked. He has been growling all day and I am covered in drool.

    Noni, hope you had a better day.

    Leanne, glad you enjoyed seaworld. Can't wait until Will is big enough to enjoy things like that. Did you go to the 3D movie? When I went a couple of years ago it was an animal movie - all the little kiddies crapped themselves when a snake came out of the screen lol

    Hope all the night shift wives are holding up o.k

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    Mar 2007

    Leemar - Oh my goodness this is what us new mums have to look forward to hey!? Hehe cheeky little Jordy. Toilet training one must be hard enough, but twins!? You are braver than me.

    Renee - Wow Rory did very well. I left the doctors with a very upset Maddie!

    Noni - Maybe try the department that organises the ante natal classes. I know at my classes they invited us to a mothers group once our bubs had arrived.

    Gracie - I'm sick of getting my pants off for everybody as well. I was a bit naughty, when I went for my 6 wk check I told the doc that everything was fine downstairs, although it was still a bit tender. I just didnt want anyone else going down there!!! Luckily its all healed now though.

    Arte - Hehe a feral baby!? Aww. Maddie has started drooling lots lately too, I think its so cute, but DP doesnt hehe.

    Just put DP & Maddie in the bath together and she's just drifted off to sleep. Our little night time pattern is working very well. However has anyone else found that bubby is now starting to get clingy? I used to put Maddie down with her dummy and she'd drift off fairly quickly, but now days as I'm leaving the room I can see her watching me and as soon as i'm out of sight she has a grizzle. I spend a bit of time stroking her forehead and saying mummys still here!! At the moment I think its really nice, it makes me realise that she knows i'm her 'protector' & we've formed a bond iykwim, but i'm hoping it wont get worse down the track.

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