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thread: Weight Loss Support ~ September-October 07

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    Nov 2006
    Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

    Scales, If you buy digital you can get some good ones from big w Kmart etc, not too expensive.

    BMI: not sure if we should or shouldn't have this as the BMI can sometimes give an unrealistic idea of how much eight a person should actually loose iykwim. but if you wan't to put it up i'm fine with it.

    My goal is 60, but i'm only 5 off getting into the top of my healthy weight range so that will be my first goal, or rather should I say my first goal is kicking the sugar / ice cream and chocolate habit.

    Weight Watchers is pretty good for someone that understands the basics of healthy eating and has just kinda fallen off the wagon if you will. Veronica i think it would probably suit you well 'cause your very healthy already.
    The basics of it are that you can eat heaps of salads and vegies or you can eat one really bad meal.
    One thing that got me through the first couple of months last time was billabongs. chocolate ones are worth 3 pts and banana and rainbow ones are only worth 2 pts.

    Soul what a lovley offer you have made. we will all have to put our thinking caps on for when you reach that 5kg loss mark to see what we can drum up for you.

    Good luck to all!!

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    Dec 2006
    Macedon Ranges, Victoria

    Soul - what a sweet and thoughtful thing to do! Everyone from the old thread is here.

    Veronica - Im 5 foot ONE!! Yep, very little (my 13 year old is tall than me!)
    With WW i eat celery and carrots for snacks (these are no points) For brekkie i have either 1 egg on toast, 2 crumpets with banana and honey or cereal (most cereals are the same amount of points) lunch i have baked beans (130grams = 1.5 points) and dinner i eat their frozen meals at the moment. If you want to know point value for most things let me know - i have a few of their books.

    This is going to be so much fun!! I never wuld have thought that of a diet - or as i like to think, not a diet just eating better.

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    Mar 2007

    Hi, Hope u don't mind if i join, I dont live in an overly populated area n most of my friends have older babies, only 1 is about 2 have another bub so would appreciate sum accountability. i promise 2 own up wen i eat a block of chocolate!

    Its sunday nite but I weighed myself this morning anyway so mite as well do my weigh ins on Sundays.

    Starting Weight: 70.9kg
    Current Weight: 70.9kg
    Height: 163cm (5'4")
    Goal Weight: 56-60kg
    Notes: I am already only 2 kg off my pre Emma weight, but i'm 7 kgs off my pre Sarah weight. I didn't have time 2 loose all the weight from my 1st pg b4 fallin pg again. b4 we try 4 #3 i have 2 b @ my pre wedding weight, i was 58kg wen i got married 2 1/2 years ago. my driveway is 500m long so checking the mail every day gives me a km walk and i do a physio exercise class on monday's. will attempt to lengthen my walk every day, the local park is about 5 k away so will aim 2 walk the girls there by my 22nd bday, i have just under 6 months.

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    Feb 2005
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    Rebecca - I only 'roughly' count my points - but you've just made me realise how 'rough' I do it!! I count a chocolate billabong as 1 1/2 pts!! ROFL!!! I'm so naughty!!! I basically make it that it's 1pt for every 300kj. I don't worry about fat etc, cause the fat is still accounted for in the kj IYKWIM.

    Veronica - I should update my starting wt as it was actually 72.9kg

    So - todays' weight: 72.1kg
    Total loss 0.8kg
    BMI: 25.5

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    Taia's Mum Guest

    Ok ready for todays first weighin! eeekkk!

    Starting Weight: 75kg
    Current Weight: 70kg
    Height: 160cm
    Goal Weight: 59kg or less

    No idea how to work out my BMI!

    Good luck ladies!!!

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    Dec 2006
    Macedon Ranges, Victoria

    Alright here i go - had a weekend out and couldnt help myself when it came to take away food!
    Im not putting in BMI.

    Current weight as of 17/09/2007: 75.5kg (as of 6.30am!)

    Lets get started!

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    Jan 2005


    My weight this morning was 79.6
    I weigh in for TF every saturday fortnight, so will get a proper indication then (my scales are dodgy) and use that weight for next monday.

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    Sep 2007

    Wow everyone! Congratulations on your resolve and a big congrats to everyone who has lost weight already! I really admire your determination and power!

    Start Weight: 122kg (but that was like 2 years ago)
    Current Weight: hovering around 100kg
    Goal Weight: 75kg.
    Height:175cm with big bones and lots of muscle.
    Quick History: Hoping to start TTC next year and trying to shape up to assist with what I suspect will be problematic fertility issues. Thyroid problems and family history of obesity don't help either!

    As I am childless, I have the luxury of going to a gym which I love! Seriously. Walking outside (especially alone) is just not my cup of tea, but I like the gym. So if you can give it a try, I would suggest seeing what your local gyms are like.

    I have "food issues" - you don't get to 122 without food issues - but I've been seeing a hypotherapist which I *think* has been working. But still have a major lack of control of what I eat. I so admire people who can stick to a diet like Tony Ferguson.

    Also, I've been replacing some of my meals with Slim Right shakes - you can just get the powder from Coles, it's not that expensive and tastes okay. It took me about 6 weeks to get used to the taste but now I genuinely enjoy them. Try them.

    I'd love to hear everyone else's tips and suggestions as well!

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    Sep 2006

    Morning everyone and welcome to Ruth and Ali!!

    My weight this morning is 80.5kg

    Just wondering if anyone knows if full breasts could effect your weight?

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    Mar 2006

    Good morning ladies,

    Well I actually remembered to weigh myself this morning. Off to a good start! (Even weighed myself after a b/f so I didn't get any additional weight LOL)

    Actual weight: 71kg

    I will be using a website where you get in your details and they tell tell you how much you can eat. Then each day you go on and put in what you ate, drank and exercised and they work out whether you ate too much or not enough. They have every food item available on here and how many kj it is.
    I'm not sure of BB rules about other websites so if anyone is interested in the address just PM me and i"ll send it too you.
    Livvy and I were going to go for our first walk today but it's raining . Might, no will, have to get on the dreaded exercise bike.

    Let's go team!!!

    Luv Dan.

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    Sep 2006

    I've update post #25 with the current weight from those people that have stated them already.

    Dan - I would love that website, will PM you soon!

    Bugger.. better go tend to Avaleigh and try get rid of her hiccups!

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    *las* Guest

    Rebecca - thanks I'll try Kmart while I'm out today.

    Congrats to everyone who has had a loss!

    I'll have to weigh in tomorrow morning once I've got some new scales.

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    Jun 2007

    Morning lovely ladies- WOW what a fantastic response. Cant believe we didnt do this earlier.
    OK Ok. Weigh Day. I actually have a sad ammendment to make to my stats, as I only guessed my weight before. Here Goes. We did pledge to be honest.
    Start weight: 116.1Kg
    Current: same
    Ideal fantasy weight:76kg
    realistic goal: under 100kg
    Height - 176 cm

    Ok its done,cant take it back.Feeling crappy at this realisation, cause Ive gained about 3kg in the past couple of months. Oh well. I was down to about 91kg about 4 years ago which felt amazing. I thought I was skinny (lol), but 4 years of TTc, being Pg, miscarrying etc put me on the depressed/comfort eating/dieting/bingeing cycle. I just dont want to be that person any more, and Im looking forward to feeling comfy in my own skin again.
    Ngala-Thanks for putting together a great list, not sure how you'll manage to keep up with us all. Maybe you should only update once a month? Absolutlely up to you though.
    Soul- Sorry about the confusion with the threads. The mods made this one for us, so here we are!!! Glad we'll be taking this journey together.

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    Nov 2006
    Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

    Morning ladies,

    Current Weight is 69.9
    BMI = 27.3

    Dan I would be interested in that website too, I'll PM you soon. I have a weight watchers computer program somewhere but it's a bit old, and well our study is messier than my body at the moment

    Congrats given to all those who have made a comitment to becoming healthy 'cause it's the commitment that is most important, not how long the weight loss takes.

    BMI - Google BMI Calculator and you will find one really quick, but only if you want to use it.

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    Sep 2006

    Beaksie - I'll see how I go with updating the list daily. I will aim to updating it every Monday with the weigh ins. I have a pretty good DD that lets me sit on the computer for a lil while!!

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    Apr 2007
    SE QLD

    I'd just like to update - I'm 163cm (5'3''??) and when I go off grocery shopping today, I'll find some scales and weigh myself (and Jensen!) and get back to you! I'm not putting BMI coz thats just depressing

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    Nov 2004
    Western Australia

    Weigh in at 81kg today


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    Feb 2005
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    someone asked about working out their BMI? You can google BMI calculator & there are heaps of online ones.

    V - I reckon having full breasts would have to make a difference!!!

    Ruth - I love the gym too! I am lucky that I have one with a great creche (just waiting until next week when I can go back again )

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