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thread: Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss ~ April 2009

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    Jan 2009

    hi everyone.
    can't stay too long as I have to get ready for the acupuncture - yay plus i have a bit of a headache due to too many drinks last night eek! I had a really restless sleep last night too (too many vodka redbulls I am assuming lol) but just wanted to drop by and say hi.

    thank you to everyone for replying back about the testing. At this stage I am going to do the acupuncture to begin with, but thats just while I get more information. the thing I am worried about is if I have to stop ttc while they do the testing, i really really don't want to do that. But I will get all the info i can from them and then make my decision once I have got that. I will let you know how I go with my very slow decision making :P

    Jen - i am enjoying seeing those lines show up on my chart hehe.. although this mornings temp is a bit pointless.. drinkies and broken sleep has thrown it out and it is far too high for this time of the month. lol And I have daylight savings ending tonight so my wake up time will be an hour later from here on in... lucky it isn't a super important time of the month lol.

    bugger... i am running out of time and i only got to Jen lol.

    AJC - if nobody else has snapped them up I am happy to take the OPK's off your hands... lol. Your little one looks gorgeous! and its always good to hear a success story after m/c

    I hope everyone has a good weekend. and I will be back on later to tell you how my acupuncture went.

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    Jan 2009
    A Pirate Ship

    Hi girls, don't you hate it when you are typing a post and then find yourself at the end previewing it and then you get the blue screen of death!! anyway I'm back a few hours later to give it another go...

    Sally reactions can be a strange thing (like my blood boiling the other day when a pg woman was giving me advise for "when it's my turn") it's super fantastic how you recognised it for what it was and turned your day around quickly

    Mel I hope you enjoyed your cheese & wine snuggling on the couch with your dh.. It's so nice to just spend time together

    Jen, Yep, I've been checking out 'you're' chart hehehhe and can see you have af back dam it! Hope we all get BFP really soon!!!

    Boble I really love seeing the progress on the chart too... The one cycle I charted (Jan) I got pg and the chart was great, looked just as it should do and than a BFP at testing time... I am SOOOOOO excited to be ttc again and hope my chart is kind to me. Having said that I don't expect too much this cycle after the D&C, I wasn't even expecting any kind of cm and was surprised to even see sticky stuff, now I'm hoping for EW over the next few of days and a temp dip YAY (sorry for TMI everyone) That line can be a little up and down though... Too many drinks (like you) or even kicking the covers off you a few hours before testing can change it! If your cm is pretty consistent you will be able to spot O when they both match up... YAY for all of us, again, I hope we all get a BFP really soon.

    I have got accupuncture booked in for Monday and am looking forward to finding out how my hormones are going. I know that even if they are a little out of wack it will only take 1-2 sessions to correct so I also have an appointment 2 weeks later. What I am not looking forward to is her telling me I should wait 6 months to ttc... I know I will be annoyed with her because even though she is great at accupuncture and knows her stuff I totally disagree with her on a few other things (like nutrition) so I will need to stop my blood boiling if she says it...

    Anyway I had a wonderful night with DH and woke up feeling pretty good considering how much wine I had and I just got up from another couple of hours sleep hahahha so now I'm just relaxing thinking about what to have for lunch Hope you all have a great weekend

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    Aug 2008
    Cairns QLD

    Hi ladies sorry I've been MIA for a while still haven't had a chance to use a proper computer so am one finger typing on my iPod again

    Bad news for me two bfn's during my second week and today is dh's birthday and the witch decided to visit stupid cow !! Have been trying so hard all day to prep myself up for dh but he's been so good and supportive telling me how much he loves me, I felt so positive that we would be pregnant as every other time we tried we fell WTF!! Except I lost all three because of my hypothyroidism now that my levels are good we get a big fat BFN!!

    Sorry fir the me post and for venting it was also my EDD for my first bub thursday and we went to mass early in the morning and i shed some tears especially when one of thecprayers of the faithful was so relevant ' we pray for all those who cannot have children may tgey fi d comfort in christ our saviour abd their wishes be fulfilled just like abraham' i jusr had to bow y head cahse i thought i'd burst into tears!!!

    Am hoping next month I have better news.

    Lots if baby dust and stuckyvibes to u all. Goodlyck smi not long now!

    Erbery - great news about your little girl am orating for you and everyone else here who wants to be able to hold their forever baby soon.

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    Aug 2008
    Cairns QLD

    Sorry for the spelling it's this iPod!

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    Mar 2008

    I was FINALLY able to log on! 24 hours with no bb is a little too much for me to handle--talk about withdrawals! It is SO freaking annoying and frustrating when you can log on to anything in the whole world, except for the ONE place that you need/want the most! So I'm going to go back through the posts so I can catch up.... I was just stoked to finally get to log on! Be back soon!

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    Mar 2008

    OK, wait a minute...... Hannah, did I just see what I think I just saw in your ticker? Sending some MEGA super sticky Oh please, oh please, oh please..... I'm for you my little cyber sis!

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    Oct 2008

    I can log on to - finally! I was getting so frustrated not being able to talk to you girls! DH works in IT and even he couldn't fix it for me

    OMG, Jen you are right. Hannah, is that a positive we see on your ticker??? - Please let it be so So, so happy and excited for you if it is

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    Oct 2008

    Mannie - Sorry about AF showing up . I know it is hard as I fell pg the 2nd cycle after we started trying and you do think it will be that easy again. Try to take comfort in the fact that they have fixed your thyroid problem so next time you get a BFP it will be with your forever baby. Good luck sweetie

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    Mar 2009
    Inglewood, WA

    Mannie - Im sorry you have had a hard time of late.
    Its wonderful and thoughtful that your mass includes an acknowledgement like that. Its a huge part of life and often something that is not as readily acknowledged as other hurdles. When I used to sing alot my teacher told me to squeeze my butt cheeks to stop myself from crying when a song is really emotional, plus Im a TOTAL crier, happy or sad.
    Hasn't worked so far but I do remeber it helping ages ago.
    Right now I guess I don't care!!

    I hope you DH's birthday was good in the end. Just think how amazing the next one might be!!

    cherished - since you made you decisiong to TTC after your d & c is everyone speaking on your behalf to other professionals and relaying their opnion?
    SO far Ive had mum (mutliple times), sister and bestie all pushing for 3 months but I do think the thing we both ended up being convinced played a part (the lining) is right! I was told by a midwife friend that the outcome would be an early undetected miscarriage if I tried straight away so you ob sound very honest and realistic!
    It helps to be informed I feel, after everything else providing no answers!!!

    boble - how did the acupunture go????

    Planning a none mental snap this morning at th gym then a wonderful day.
    Hope the same is in store for everyone else!

    5 weeks and 2 days since d & c and still no AF!!!
    I must get it before sunday for my dream to possibly come true.......


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    Sep 2008

    HannahD - Am I seeing things on your ticker????? Oh sweetie, I am crying for you atm (happy tears)
    How you feeling???? Terrified but excited at the same time???? Lots of sticky vibes love xox

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    Jan 2008
    Melbourne, Australia

    hannah - quietly excited for you - I have everything for you!!!

    mannie - I too have hypothyroidism and eventually fell pregnant. I wasn't diagnosed til I was 3 mths pregnant and started meds then. Please don't give up - if you want to chat about it at all, feel free to PM me

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    Jul 2006

    OMG - what was the go on the weekend? I had soooo much trouble logging on and am now at work trying to fit in a Hello! I will have to pop back either over lunch or later tonight.

    Just sending some hugs to all

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    May 2008

    Hooray Hannah

    WTH x

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    Jun 2008
    Cardiff Heights

    Hi ladies!

    Hannah, congratulations on getting to the BFP stage! Hope to hear whats going on soon for you. I hate being in limbo! You want to be excited not be like "ermmm...Im pregnant I think??" Such good news xx

    SallyI got mine about the same time after my m/c although mine was natural m/c but all the same, i think you must count the cycle from a week later? So annoying once again, being in limbo. It bought sooooooo much closure to me when af showed up, i was actually happy she came!!

    Mannie sorry to hear about AF, it is always at the most inconvienient times isnt it??

    Cherished Why would you have to wait that long to TTC?? Im not down with the knowledge of acupuncture stuff but seems a bit unnecessary to me?


    I am cd10, husband has gone away for work until friday and got some bd'ing in even though no signs of ovulating yet, but im terrified its going to happen while he is away, on CD12 because it happened on that day last real cycle when we got our BFP. Im certain you cant 'delay' your eggie but Im filled a bit with anxiety about it! So I soent last night dying my hair and looking through an erotic fiction website because Ive started writing some stuff and needed some inspiration

    I think I have just gotten a positive OPK Im also having ovulation pains today and I dont think Im going to catch my EGGIE!!! bUGGER!!!
    I bought my fertility monitor on wed last week so hoping that i get the postal slip saying i have a package today

    Sucks when servers are down, especially when its on a weekend when alot of us have the days free to post! lol

    Hope everyone else is well xx Im do persies later because I am getting email after email saying there are new posts everywhere hehee
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    Aug 2008

    sally - Good on you for being able to recognise your reaction to seeing your friends' wife and not let it decide how the whole day went. I hope AF arrives for you soon.

    smi - Big hugs back at ya! Happy Birthday! I hope you have a lovely day. Glad to hear Miss Elle is doing well.

    boble - Sounds like your on the right track. Gathering as much information as you can will help you make an informed decision, even if it is slow. Goodluck

    cherished - Hope the acupuncture goes well today.

    Mannie - I'm so sorry that AF showed . Don't give up hope though darling. Your thyroid problem has been corrected so you will be able to hold onto your forever baby when you next get a BFP.

    Eliza - I'm hoping you caught that egg. Even if the chances are slim its not impossible. Although, I have read that stress can delay O, so maybe your anxiety will buy you some time until DH gets back

    AFM - No, you're not just seeing things girls. I did in fact get a yesterday morning . Ugh!, it was agony not to be able to post and tell you all about it! But it was so wonderful to see all your happy messages this morning.

    I woke up yesterday to find my temp had dropped quite a bit so was pretty depressed (I think it was due to the change from daylight savings time). DH insisted I test to put myself out of my misery. I'd been complaining all weekend about my sore BB's. I wasn't going to test, but when I went to have a shower, I saw that my nipples had gone quite dark in colour (sorry if TMI). The only time I've ever seen them that colour was when I was pg last time. So I tested and it was a very definite line.

    I hope you girls don't mind if I stick around for a while - I can't bear to leave any of you. Thankyou so much for all your support over the last few months

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    Mar 2008

    Mel--Was sad to read that you were feeling so down the other day, and I wasn't even around to post! If there's anything I've discovered, YOU and selfish/absorbed are 3 words that don't even go together! You are always so positive and supportive towards everyone else, even when you're feeling less than positive about yourself. There's nothing wrong with having down days--even those that aren't TTC have down days.... and after all the added pressure that you've put on yourself since the op, you're bound to have days where you just don't feel like pretending like everything's fine, or you aren't up to faking a smile. You're entitled to whatever you're feel, without the need to apologize for it! I hope things have been better lately, and that you enjoyed your weekend!

    coco--Glad to hear you enjoyed your time away! Well spent if it brings you some peace of mind! Is that +OPK a new addition to the post? If you're getting a +OPK now, and got some BD'ing in yesterday or even the day before, then you've still got a good chance that you caught that egg! Oh, and feel free to stalk my chart--that's what it's there for! *hugs*

    Rhi--Isn't it terrible when you can't log on to bb?

    cherished--Welcome back to the TTC bandwagon! I love your preparation for TTC mode: massage, dinner, movie, wine, and spa.... I'm green with jealousy! Good luck with your acupuncture appt!

    meh--The great thing about this thread is that you don't have to keep your head down and your thoughts to yourself! *hugs*

    Shortcake--How can AF be there when she's here? lol... Looks like we're just a couple days apart--cycle bud! How much longer until you make the big move? The great thing about moving into a new house is christening each room! Maybe you can work it into your fertile period! lol...

    Hello to megsmum, AJC, plc, WTH--Super big

    charm--Hope your weekend was productive--IYKWIM!

    sally--Sending you lots of AF vibes!

    smi--Happy birthday!! Hope you're enjoying your special day! Congrats on a great u/s, and great big bellyrubs for little Miss Elle!

    boble--If you think the lines and dots on your chart are great, wait until you get your red coverline!

    Mannie--So sorry to hear AF showed on DH's b-day! It never fails, eh? How frustrating for you both! Also sorry to hear about your angel's EDD on Thursday. Looks like we're cycle buds, so best of luck for this month!

    erybery--Thinking of you and sending some

    Hannah--You better stick around for a while! Hey--maybe THAT's why you've been feeling so tired and lethargic lately! Even the dizzy spells--those are all major pg'cy signs!! I'm really so happy for you, hon!

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    Mar 2008

    MO3B--Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you! Saying lots of for you and hope that you're feeling better! Luv ya!

    Fi--Could be any day now!

    Angels 1&2--You've been kinda quiet, thinking of you!

    plc--Hello, my friend!

    mollycat--Hope you enjoyed your weekend even though you had to work!

    Toccara--Best of at your appt. tomorrow!

    Krystie--Missed you again last week! Hugs and for little Chyan!

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    Apr 2007

    Just dropping by to say a quiet for you Hannah! Here take these

    Hugs and hi everyone else xx

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