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thread: Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss ~ April 2009

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    Finally HELLO!!!

    I was beginning to think it was just my computer and was getting a bit paranoid.

    Hannah ~ that is the most magical news!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! Your chart is the most beautiful thing.

    Jen ~ thank you for your generous and supportive words as always. Your thoughtful posts mean a great deal to many of us here.

    Mannie ~ I too fell first time with DS and expected it to just happen straight away with Newbie (5 months of trying and then m/c) and also now we are TTC again (a few cycles in). You will get your BFP, and it will be perfect when you hold your forever baby in your arms.

    Sally ~ here you are, you can have all my AF-vibes....I don't want them anymore, and you're anticipating her arrival much more than me! It's a huge relief when everything gets back to normal. Fingers crossed for your dream to come true on your holiday.

    Eliza ~ the hardest cycle I've ever had off the pill was the first one after my m/c when we'd decided to not try (and I didn't feel up to any action anyway). I clearly pinpointed ovulation and felt like I was kissing goodbye another baby again. Stupid, I know! Even if you miss this one this month, sounds like you've got some great 'tools' for next month to pinpoint that eggie. Hope your DH doesn't have a work trip then.

    Rhi ~ did you cave and test over the weekend? Whilst I'm not sure we're cycle buddies (I have a 24 day cycle), we were waiting for the same time to test I think.

    AFM ~ not exactly sure what is going on....AF due yesterday and no-show so far!??? Only CD25 today, so all POAS have so far been BFN. (Hysterically DS nearly had his head down the toilet watching me POAS the other day) We've checked back over my chart for my last pg, and I didn't get a (faint) BFP until CD26 with Newbie so we'll maybe try again tomorrow morning. I have waves of nausea, big BB's, very thirsty and am falling to sleep straight away when we go to bed. In kind of a cool way, IYKWIM, I have these lovely little twinges in my uterus; not full cramping just feelings that make me think something special might be happening. Also, for the first time in my entire life I had slight ovulation bleeding this cycle. Maybe we are????

    Last time I posted stuff about potential pg symptoms AF arrived within half an hour, but I'm just putting this out there because if it's going to happen either way it will, and at this point I have no control.

    Thinking of everyone else I haven't mentioned by name. I hope next time I post I have some exciting news.

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    Hannah a huge congrats to you I am very excited it put a huge smile on my face .

    I am feeling very emotional at the moment yucky my poor DH I hope my mood picks up some time soon I am just exhausted of pretending it's all okay but I will be when I am TTC. Happy monday everyone
    I can finally PM Yippee

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    Hi all - Oh Hannah, just soooooo soooo soooooo excited for you? have you been to the doc yet?

    Meh - sounds like positive signs hope a BFP comes up real soon for you!

    AFM - Saw genetic counsellor and geneticist today. This are looking much more positive than before!
    All chromosomes have come back normal so just have a 10% chance of something still being wrong - most likely a heart defect (though nothing except the fluid on the neck to suggest this at this stage). Now just have to wait till 18 week scan where they will check carefully for any heart problems, any major problem shold be picked up at this time. Then at 26 weeks will have a fetal echocradiagram by a paedistric cardiologist to check for heart probs. So feeling soooo much better and will now try to get on enjoying this pregnancy!!!! just hanging out till 18 weeks now - only 5 more weeks ahhhhhh!

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    YAY bb is back on line.... I must have tried to log on 50 times yesterday!!! Yep I had withdrawals too.


    Mannie, I'm so happy you find comfort in your church, you will get there soon and have your forever baby

    Sally I am a total cryer too! such an emotional person but I recover quickly and I don't show that side of myself to anyone except myself an DH . Thanks for your ttc support regarding the timing of when to start, We didn't tell anyone that we know only 2 care givers (eg acupuncturist) so we haven't been bombarded with advise from people who don't really care and have no idea anyway THANK GOD ... So happy you were also told that the worst thing would be a very early miscarriage probably undetected if you didn't test early... I can handle that. I didn't want to get pg and have the chance be higher of miscarring later on eg 8 weeks again. btw I hope your dream comes true and you get af before Sunday!

    Coco acupuncture seem to have a rule of thumb of 6 months??? I am not listening though and thankfully she didn't say anything to me about it today! I HOPE you get your egg

    meh I so hope all of your symptoms are because you are pg

    erybery I'm so proud of you, you have been so brave!!! You can relax a little now and enjoy XoxoXoXO

    Hello to everyone else.... Now for the rest of my weekend... just to make you darker green Jen hehehehhe

    AFM I didn't think my weekend could get any better but it did! Sat night and Sunday night I cooked something new for dinner and enjoyed it with DH by candle light and wine Yum and than this morning I woke up to "I love you,would you like to hop on the massage table for a rub" I was in heaven! So after an hour and a half massage I headed off for acupuncture and another 30 mins massage!... Than it gets even better.... I get hope and DH has run the spa followed by more foot rubbing some really nice dtd (hehehehhe) and than he made home made pizzas for lunch! OMG I am the luckiest woman in the world

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    jen - Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere. The dizzy spells had stopped and then started again last Friday so they must be due to pg'cy. You forgot to post about you again. Hope you had a quieter day today to recover from your busy few days .

    meh - Those symptoms sound promising. we get to be belly buddies.

    charm - Sorry you are feeling 'yucky' today . Its not easy being in limbo waiting to TTC. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

    erybery - I have an appointment with my GP next week anyway to review my anti-depressant dose. I tried to get one this week, but she's fully booked. I'm so happy you got good news from the geneticist today. that your miracle bub is healthy as can be.

    cherished - Lucky you getting spoilt by DH! Sounds like you had a very special weekend.

    Mel - I hope you enjoyed your quiet night with DH the other night.

    jen, Mel, erybery, plc, WTH, Eliza, megsmum, meh, charm & cherished - Thankyou all so much for your well wishes and celebrating with me. I don't want to get ahead of myself, I want to enjoy these few days before the anxiety sets in. I'm determined to take it one day at a time. DH is being very cautious this time around. He doesn't even want me to tell my mum before 12 weeks. Maybe he just needs more time to get used to the idea. Sorry, I don't want to go on about me when so many of you are going through rough times. My head is just so full.

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    Hannah - That is wonderful news! Im so happy for you!!!!

    Cherished - how did you go with the acupunture? Glad no unwanted advice as forced on you. My lady is good hasn't said anything really but I figure if my body isnt ready it just wont let it happen anyway....

    Erybery - That is BRILLIANT news and I do hope you just enjoy the next few weeks.

    CHarm - I feel for you. Tomorrow will be so much better. Sometimes the only thing thatt helps when it is 'one of those days' is to go to sleep....

    Meh - thanks for the af vibes!!!!

    coco - limbo is seriously the worst... I just want something happening!!!

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    Hi gorgeous Sally, acupuncture was great, I actually relaxed and meditated a bit, usually I am so bored!... Anyway she said my hormones were in shock (no surprise there), my liver/gallblader were not in great shape (prob from the antibiotics) digestive system wasn't that great (again from the antibiotics and that dam colic) & than once she put the needles in and checked my pulses again my stomach/spleen was showing up as needing help... Good news is that my body responds really well and I feel like I am all balanced after one session... I am still going back in 2 weeks anyway. I hope I will have ovulated by then and be getting a BFP like sweetie Hanna xoxo

    addition: Hanna beautiful girl please enjoy and don't feel like you need to watch what you say in here... I'm not sure about anyone else but I feel like 'I' have won the lotto with you getting pregnant! It's like a win for 'everyone' IYKWIM I had goose bumps reading that you got your BFP! XOoxoxOXoxo
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    im having a bad night tonight so wont post too much - sorry, would love to do persies but feeling so blah - we have to go to tenancy tribunal this thursday and our ex landlord (and ex best friend) has gotten statements from his family lying saying they cleaned the property when he moved out - which they didn't - not even a little bit! Im so angry atm and even had a bit of a cry that I have to deal with this when I have so much else that is way more important (like making a baby). argh... so cranky! I was having a pretty good day until I came home and got these "statements" from him in the mail - 3 days out from the tribunal - its just not right.

    anyways... sorry.. just ranting!

    The acupunture went well.. she did a balancing one to start with and i go back not this saturday (because it is easter) but the one after. DH is going to get some done too next time so that should be good. Does anyone know if you can claim acupuncture as medical expense with tax or anything like that (we don't have private health). It wasn't too bad, although one point my leg jumped up off the table lol... i couldn't help it. Im hoping I get used to it after a couple of times.

    Rhi - thanks so much for the maybe baby.. i got that in todays mail too - i was much happier to see the package from you then the one from my douche? ex landlord

    Jen - lol, I have never gotten a proper cover line before.. just the red dotted one - but I will be happy to get at the very least that. Maybe with the maybe baby and opk's coming my way from another generous bb member i might get a solid line

    and last but not least HANNAH - congratulations lovely!

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    Hi Boble... Sorry are not feeling that great some people are better off out of your life no matter what the road was to get rid of them!

    Re claiming on the tax... you can claim medical expenses for anything over $1500, you will get 20% of everything over that back in your tax. It does not include acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, naturopath etc unfortunantly. It only covers Dr's, dentist, physio and prescriptions at the pharmacy and stuff like that... I think it covers optical too HTH

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    Hannah - I can't express how happy I am for you!!! It was such great news to wake up to this morning, it must have been so hard not to be able to post yesterday! I even wrote a post in the morning which I never do. I am so excited for you, enjoy sweetie, you deserve it. I know there will always be some amount of anxiety but just take one day at a time and try to enjoy it I know this sounds selfish, but please don't leave, it wouldn't be the same if you didn't stay and lurk.

    erybery - What great news! So sorry you had to go through these last few weeks of stress but so happy with the outcome! Try to enjoy the next few weeks before your scan

    Jen - Thanks sweetie Feeling heaps better lately and seeing Hannah's good news this morning put me in a good mood all day How are you going? I think I always get very depresed just between AF arriving and o time. I kind of feel helpless and just feel like I am waiting around in limbo. Silly I know, especially when I have such a wonderful DH to be grateful for.

    Sally - I don't say this very often but I hope AF arrives for you soon so you can start TTC again. I also have a question about maybe baby. I started using it this cycle and on Sat I was in transitional and then Sun morning I had large very distinctive ferns but we couldn't BD until later afternoon as we had my nephews overnight and they were up at 6 am Sunday morning! Now today I am back to transitional. Do the ferns only stay for the one day you are fertile? Unfortunately we didn't BD as much as we probably should have leading up to it but will just have to hope we caught that egg I guess.

    coco - Any chance is a chance. Hope you managed to catch that egg!

    Charm - We all know what it's like to be under that dark cloud, we are here if you need to vent. Hope you feel better soon. *big hugs*

    meh - I reckon it would be too soon to test. Hope to see a BFP from you soon!

    cherished - What a wonderful DH you have. So glad you were spoiled. During this tough and heartbreaking journey it is nice to be reminded of how lucky we are to have such sweet, supportive husbands.

    MO3B - Hi, my fellow Tasmanian!

    Ruthie - Thinking of you

    Big hi to megsmum, tam, plc, WTH, babymiracles, AJC, mannie, smi, fifi, rhi, mollycat, Angel 1&2 and anyone else I have missed.

    AFM - So busy at work at the moment and I am exhausted by the time I arrive home. I guess it keeps my mind busy but at the same time I don't want to have so much pressure on me. Anyway I think we are officially back in the dreaded TWW so it's good to keep busy. Hoping Maybe Baby helped us this month. We had our 3 and 5 year old nephews stay overnight on Sat night and they were so good, slept all night and ate all their vegies for dinner. It made my heart melt seeing DH kicking the footy with them in the backyard and then they were cuddling him on the couch. He will be the most wonderful father and I so hope I can give him that gift soon. It's his birthday at the end of April so it would be the best present I could ever give him!

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    Boble - Sorry, we must have posted at the same time. Sorry to hear you have had a bad day and are going through the stress of a tribunal. Even worse it is from someone who used to be your friend!I had to go through a similar thing with my ex many years ago to divide our assets etc, it was so stressful and I hope it is over for you soon (and it goes in your favour). You don't need this on top of everything else

    Hannah - I second what Cherished said. Dont feel you have to watch what you say on here, we have seen what you have been through to get to this point and couldn't be happier for you and your DH I can understand how your DH feels about not wanting to tell anyone. I think my DH will be just as cautious. Just enjoy the time together with just the 2 of you knowing, it's such a special and exciting secret to keep.

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    Big huge congratulations hannah god bless and try to be postive!!!!

    Thanks for all your lovely thoughts and yes Jen looks like we're cycle buddies this month

    Yawn got to go sleep now played netball tonight and it's worn me out!!!

    Night ladies. And hannah here catch this babydust stickyvibes !!!

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    Just a quick one for Mel-
    Try again tomorrow, maybe you ate or something just before you licked it? Im not trying to be rude but my girlfriend over looked that part and only had pebbles. I do it every morning when i wake up, before I even brush my teeth.

    After I used it we feel pregnant straight away and I had ferns from then on. That is a possibilty but I dont think its a given.

    My ferns were insanely clearer too from when i thought i had 'o' till i got a test show positive.
    I think its like a 50/50 chance. I reckon i have wild and wicked hormones so maybe thats why I had huge ferns!!!

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    Thanks Sally. I also do it every morning when I wake up so I don't forget. I have been licking it as well. I did get huge ferns yesterday without any pebbles at all so thought that must have been it but then today I only got a few small ferns in between the pebbles which I think it the transition stage. I just wasn't sure if you only got one day of ferns (the day of o) and then ferns and pebbles either side of o? Last time I used it (many months ago) it didn't seem to work but I have found licking it is much easier and I am getting a clearer picture. Thanks for the tip

    Thanks heaps for replying though. I guess we'll just to hope we've done enough this month!

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    I have been putting a dab on my finger and smearing it over the lense and it works the same way, Im going to try the licking thing though, sounds good? I also notice and i know it says it on the box thingthat you can have ferning thtoughout the whole cycle but the ferns that you get when you are ovuating are big fat bushy ones and the ones when you arent fertile are skinny wimpy ones

    I got a positive OPK 2 times today and no ferning so Im not too sure what the hell is going on right now...had a buttload of creamy runny CM not really EWCM and also been feeling frisky for couple of days and today & DH left yesterday afternoon for a work trip till thurs. Once again...hoping i caught the googy egg!

    Good luck to all you ladies!!

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    Mar 2008

    Good morning my fellow bb-lonians! Have some catching up to do on the posts, then I'll be back for persies!

    MO3B--Thinking of you ALWAYS my cyber twin! Going to be putting together a package for you this week--wish I could deliver it in person, but airmail will have to do! I just want to reiterate how important you've become to me--and that I'm always here for you! I've got more faith in our friendship than any that I have IRL--no doubt in my mind that we were brought together for a reason! So don't you dare give up on yourself--you're WAY stronger than you even realize! Miss you lots on fb--you said you wouldn't get rid of that one... I'm sorry again that I was so busy last week and didn't get to post to you when you were feeling down! Please don't ever think that you aren't important to me, or that I'm not thinking of you or worrying about you--if anything, you've been consuming my thoughts lately! Love you lots, hon--no matter what you're thinking or feeling, or what that damn nagging voice is telling you--I LOVE YOU exactly as you are!

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    Mel, awww, it really does melt your heart when there are little ones around and dh is so beautiful with them 

    With all this maybe baby talk it makes me want one too! They are a pretty cool little gadget.

    I am getting really excited, I have had sticky, creamy and now watery cm so I am really wishing for ew ,a temp drop and a pos opk ? My temp is all over the place though? Yesterday I thought it would be too high because I forgot to take my temp and got out of bed for the loo and hour before I got up but it was low, maybe it should have been lower? ? hmmmm I wonder it that was the dip?

    Gotta go get ready for work,have a great day everyone, YAY again for Hanna

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    Hannah - What wonderful news. It's been a while since we've had a BFP. Hopefully you're the start of many.

    Mo3B - Missing you and thinking of you always. Hope to "see" you through the week and more importantly in the gutter on Friday night.

    Boble - Sorry that you're feeling rotten at the moment. Good about the acupuncture here's hoping that it works for you.

    I'd love to do persies to each and everyone of you, but OMG it's just so hard to keep up and I'm lost as to where to start. So I'll wish you all babydust, stickyvibes and AF (if that's appropriate) - I'd use smilies but I'd probably run out - and for some reason they're really slow at the moment, and I need to finish getting ready to start work.

    AFM - Well I'm back. Didn't last very long away from TTC - We've giving this one more try (not sure how long that try will last though lol). So I'll be back on fertility drugs from next cycle and back to the vampires regularly for blood tests. Still hoping I'll be able to ruin a wedding in November (in the nicest possible way - I'm one of the bridesmaids and I won't fit in the dress if I manage to fall pg) but I'm sure that the bride won't mind too much.

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