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Thread: Babies Born March 2007 #3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cass_Blob View Post
    - and best of all lots of smiles!!!
    Cass, that is lovely! Best thing is they're free!

    Jo, I love the HAB too!! Oskar just loves it, sometimes he doesn't want to be quite so close though (maybe he is a bit hot) and likes it in the other carrier, but my shoulders don't like it!!

    Caro, I do know what you mean, the HAB does take a while to tie on....but...I have found that when Oskar is really fussing that I can put it on really fast and it's neater than when I try to take my time when he's not fussing!!

    Rachel, sometimes I'm not sure if I should wake Oskar either. I figure though that when they're hungry or thirsty they'll wake up. I think that your top would be fine to wear to the funeral. Some people wore some brighter clothes at my nan's funeral. It's not disrespectful at all and I think things are a little different these days too. Like you said, a celebration of their life whereas it was never like that in earlier days. You wear what you feel comfortable wearing and I hope that it's not too hard a day for you.

    Oskar slept for 9 hours on Sat night... I couldn't believe it!! I woke a couple of times before cos my boobs were sore and I must be used to waking and I just couldn't believe he was still sleeping! I will say though that he'd barely slept all Sat afternoon, so he was probably so tired that he couldn't wake up. Then yesterday he actually slept by himself (not in my arms) on our bed for 3 hours!! I think that it's been partially my fault that he only slept in my arms... I was letting him go to sleep on my boob then when I put him down he'd wake a bit and I think that it kinda startled him to be not where he was when he went to sleep IYKWIM? I've put him on our bed again this morning and he's been asleep for about an hour now. I have to settle him off to sleep but it's giving my arms a break and he's probably sleeping better. I'm touching lotsa wood now that I've opened my Ok, better go and put his sheets in the wash so I can put them on his cot which Andy picked up for me yesterday

    Glad everyone had a lovely day yesterday!!

    Forgot to say before... Coles and Bi Lo have Huggies box nappies on special for $31.95 - almost $10 saving. I'm not sure if this is Aust wide or just Qld or Brissy. Just thought I'd share anyway.
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