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thread: Babies Born September 2007 #12

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    Mar 2004

    Babies Born September 2007 #12

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in September 2007.

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    Feb 2007

    Wow another new thread already. We are a bunch of chatterbox's ladies lol.

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    Aug 2006
    On the other side of this screen!!!

    Jazmum, that's all you can do, hold your own a bit tighter and remember how precious each child is. xxx

    Nox, my workplace is exemplary when it comes to encouraging BFing, we have two carers rooms with expressing facilities and lactation breaks are paid. I'm absolutely fearless about BFing in public normally, it's just a bit weird thinking my (male) colleagues might catch a glimpse and then everytime they see you they'd KNOW what your bbs look like (!) Which is strange because normally I soooooo totally don't give a fig. E tends to hop off and gaze around a bit when she's feeding too and I have large bbs which means I have to hold my nipple with the same side hand to attach her so there's a bit of nipple flashing that goes on. Heheheh More flashing than a christmas tree hehehe.

    Katie, one day I will get around to downloading the thingy you have to down load first for it. But like Jazmum said, I already spend too much time on the putie.

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    Jan 2007

    Hey there well home from dinner early because he (Dylan) was SOOOO over tired! But he's asleep now but I am sure that won't last too long. I think that I will do a roll over tonight to be safe. I haven't done one before ...

    I wouldn't worry if bubs doesn't nap ... after all if they are happy and healthy who are we to complain?! With me it is just that he gets really obviously overtired so I wrap him and nap him at least once a day. Other naps are wherever he is -- pram etc

    Are you all using GroBags and not wrapping anymore? I am wrapping both hands up but tonight I left one out.

    JazMum so sorry to hear about your sister. Thoughts with your family xx

    Marydean -- sorry about that -- understand. Some people just don't need to see your boobs! haha! DS does the same thing ... peers around leaving boob out then gets back to it! The other day he pounded on it while he was pulled away and opened his mouth to catch the spray of milk! He loved it!! hahaha

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    Apr 2006
    Winter is coming

    JaZmum, so sorry for your sister, I am sure it would be even harder with christmas so close.

    Nox, I haven't wrapped since W was about 3 days old - he likes his arms to be out to the side. Now I just drape a blanket over him.

    MD - has your mastitis cleared up? How is E's tor...itis (can't remember the name) going? Does she need any physio or is it getting better as she gets more head control?

    Pregpan -how is your trip going? Hope N is nice and settled for you, I am sure he is charming the socks off all your relations.

    W has never been much of a day sleeper, even in the first few weeks he would be up for 5-6 hours at a time. Whoever said that newborns sleep for 18 hours a day tells lies.

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    Aug 2007
    Sunshine Coast, Qld

    JazMum ~ I'm sorry to hear about your sister xxx

    Nox ~ I don't wrap Scarlet anymore, or use growbags - I haven't for a while now... She wriggles out of a wrap no matter how i do it and it's just way to hot here (QLD) for growbags, She has been sleeping in a singlet and a nappy with a sheet on her for a while now, I could put the air-con on but i hate it & It gives DF the sniffles.

    MD ~ Glad you had a nice lunch, was laughing my bum off about your library geek co-workers.

    DUUUUH - Took me a good 15 minutes to realise i was searching for our thread in belly buddies! I even got DF to come help me find! I was just having a whinge that something must have been wrong with the site cause there were only 3 pages of threads then i noticed. lol.

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    Aug 2006
    Our house, in the middle of our street

    nox - sorry, my brains is a little mushy as i've been writing christmas cards, but can you tell me what you mean by a roll over?
    Hannah starts to get antzy about 2 hours after a feed, and has a little nap. Today she slept for an hour at each sleep (and she self settled again - yay for Hanny!!)
    i haven't wrapped Hannah either - i bought some special wraps off the internet that cost $30 each and i've never used them. How much of a waste of money is that!!!

    thankyou all for the kind thoughts for my little sis. I'll pass them onto her. Trying to get her to join bellybelly herself. Such a great online family

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    Mar 2007

    Jazmum - Put the wraps on ebay, i'm sure someone will buy them off you.

    Hayley - Searching on belly buddies, thats so funny!!

    Nox - I use grobags at night now, because Maddie tends to kick off her blankies and I dont want to be getting up all night to replace her blankie. I used to swaddle her when she was younger, but now she doesnt seem to like it so much. MIL drives me mad because she is certain that Maddie prefers to be swaddled and always swaddles her, and poor Maddie fights her way out lol. Sucked in MIL (oh i'm horrible but cant you tell i've had enough of her, i've spent one full wk with her this wk and we still have next wk to go as well!!!!)

    Marydean - Oh sorry I didnt realise that you are usually ok with BFing in public. Hehe can just imagine little Elisabeth having a good look around, who cares if mummy is exposing her boobie to the world!

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    Mar 2007

    Katie - Thanks so much for the PM, will check it out

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    Feb 2006

    Hey guys I just wanted to let you know ive posted my birth story. It took me a while but I cant sleep at the moment so I thought why not. its something that I have been meaning to do.


    Hope I don’t sound like too much of a drama queen LOL
    Last edited by reneenay; December 15th, 2007 at 01:18 AM.

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    Oct 2006

    one grumpy mummy here!!!
    ive had all of 2 hours sleep because we had a birthday thing for dp and we went to bed really late and after feeding asha at 4 she decided to get up at 6 and 8 as well then when she fonally stopped screaming theres ppl up on our roof above our bedroom banging around fixing storm damage i was literally crying in frustration i feel like $hit

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    Mar 2007

    Oh no Noni!!! Just have a day at home and sleep as much as you can. Can you get DP to care for Asha today while you catch up?

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    Jan 2007

    JaZMum -- roll over feed is where you feed when you go to bed regardless of when his last was. This is meant to help them sleep longer. I didn't end up doing it last night anyway though. When Hannah has a nap, do you put her in her cot to sleep or does she sleep just wherever she is?

    Dylan used to link the wrapping with sleeping (or so I think) so that is why I keep doing it. I wrap him for one sleep in the day thinking that he realises the link. Now however I am thinking that he may just be thinking that I am an idiot and he is not so into the wrapping! Maybe it doesn't make a difference! I am trying to just drop him in his bassinet to see if he will sleep since he is exhausted but fighting me in my arms when I am trying to get him to sleep.

    I have a growbag so I should just try it again. I used it when he was about 6 wks for a while.

    Noni -- you poor thing! I hope that you are getting some well deserved rest!

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    Jan 2006
    by the beach,NSW

    Noni - you poor thing, hope you manage to get some catch up sleep today.

    Jazmum - so sorry about your sister.

    I haven't wrapped K's arms during the day for ages and last week stopped wrapping her arms at night. She wouldn't settle by herself until they were out so it was easier to leave them out.

    Renee - will read your story now

    Nan got to spend lots of time with K this morning. I had a massage then went and did the shopping. DH is still sick, hopefully he turns the corner this afternoon. Had a bit of a cry to MIL about missing my weekend sleep in and the exhaustion I have from a week of getting up twice a night and no relief during the day. 7yo nephew was there and I think he was totally thrown!!

    DH's work Christmas party tonight. It is only a couple of streets away so K and I might go and pop our heads in so they can meet her.

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    Feb 2007

    Renee I read your birth story, you are not even close to being a drama queen.

    Cally lucky you having a massage this morning.

    Nox its all trial and error isnt it, and very frustrasting at times. Logan fights going to sleep durring the day. I wish he realised that if he just closed his eyes and relaxed it would all be fine lol.

    Noni you poor thing. Do you live in Blacktown? Funny story, I was talking to my sister last night and she lives in Blacktown and was telling me about all the damage so I told her that one of my baby buddies also had some storm damage. Then I clicked that it was you and had to laugh as my sisters name is Noni, bit freaky.

    Hayley did you check out the grobags? Anything take your fancy? I hope mine arrives early next week.

    Jazmum BB really is a great little family isnt it. Your sister should definitly join, the support from women with the same experience would be invaluable (sp).

    Well I went to the beauty salon today and got waxed, besides being painful it was nice to get out and do something for myself. I am felling excited today as this time next week I will be with all my family for Christmas.

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    Oct 2006

    still havnt had anymore sleep we had to do groceries coz there was no food.. dp is sleeping as i type this grr i am so mad he has had more sleep than me but insists that because hes worked this week he needs more sleep than me.. not to mention the 8-9hrs solid he always gets when he gets home from work because he dosn't wake up to Asha crying... when he said he would come home from shopping and have a sleep i pulled a face and he said what? i said i dnt get to have a sleep and ive slept less than you.. he said i dnt know why you keep comparing us because its not the same implying what i do is easier than what he does.. he may have a physical job but id like to see him try and clean and cook while entertaining a baby having no one else trying to fit in a shower just so u feel half normal and only sleeping a max of 4hrs at a time then we will see who has it easy grrrrr sorry for the vent i just feel like he has no idea how hard it is to be the sole carer all the time iykwim??
    wow katie another noni that lives in blacktown!! ive never met another noni.. yep we live in blacktown practically every house has tarps on their rooves atm...
    cally enjoy the party if u pop in..

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    Jan 2007

    Noni -- how full on! It terrible that you aren't sleeping!!! I hear ya about how they don't realise how much work is really involved in raising a child. It is much much more than physical -- it is emotionally and intellectually draining as well. I would love to see him do it! haha
    You totally deserve the vent and really should explain to him that while he is around on the weekend, you realise that he is also tired but you really need the break and assistance. I hope that he understands. It is really hard work and you are doing a great job. If it were me, my vent would have been much much harsher longer and ruder than yours! So you are a super hero as far as I am concerned!
    Please take care. xx

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    Apr 2006
    Winter is coming

    Hey noni, how are you at the moment? I know you are tired but in general are you feeling better than you were the other week? It is a shame that the mums group broke up just when you joined. I have been going to swimming with W just to get out of the house. It also has the happy bonus of him sleeping for a few hours afterwards which he normally doesn't do. How is Asha enjoying her Jumperoo? I think it is the funest (new word) toy that we could have got. It is hard to get him out of it though, he seems to sink to the bottom and I have to fish him out.

    Ozstar, glad you found some you time. It is hard to do much for yourself, especially if BF. Did you end up giving L a bottle? Did he drink it o.k? Someone told me I should be giving W water during the hot days but he didn't like the bottle at all.

    Cally, hope your DH gets better really quickly. Good luck getting a decent sleep tonight. I don't have much to offer in the way of advice because we still have our fair share of two hour waking nights. Do you have a night time routine? Some sort of bath time maybe? We use a lavender oil after bathtime but we have a rather mixed bag of sleeping through/up all the time so I don't know if it works. I have noticed that 'sleep promotes sleep' and the more he naps during the day the better night we seem to have.

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