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Thread: Babies Born September 2007 #13

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    Default Babies Born September 2007 #13

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in September 2007.

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    yep pretty much all done for chrissy but we still have to get a few photos developed for frames we bought.. dp has to go shopping tmw though so i figure he can put them in then lol... i bought the cutest babys first christmas hat its pink with a pom pom on the end kinda like a gnome or elf hat it stands up lol so cute!!! had to buy a present for my cousins boyfriend because he is coming to our family christmas thing and my mum refuses to buy him a present because we havnt even met him yet.. i feel bad for the guy lol we will all be sitting around opening presents and he gets nothing id feel really akward in that situation!! that side of the family has always bought presents for ppl i was with at the time too whether or not they knew them if they were coming.. my mums just being petty because of some other things ahh the joy of christmas i mean how hard is it to buy a box of chocolates??? anyway we got him these christmas lollies and a small bottle of southern comfort coz thats what my cousin said he drinks so he wont be too left out lol..
    i just counted out or silver change box and there is over 55 in there lol must send dp off with that tmw too to put in the bank so we can spend it hehe..

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    Noni - K faceplants in spew all the time during tummy time.

    So far today, K is on her third outfit, I haven't bothered changing yet, but I had spew down my cleavage and I think she weed on my leg. Ahh, the joys of being a mum!!

    Today is the first day in a week that DH can play with K. So exciting!!

    I saw those new Bonds suits in KMart today, but they looked kind of tricky to put on. I like the ones without legs and just poppers for night so it's a bit easier for nappy changes (which she screams through now - I used to get gorgeous smiles at 3am, now I just get screams)

    LP - glad that the DOCS visit went well.

    Pregpan - K has been out of the bassinet for a few weeks now, she loves sitting up and watching the world go by in her pram. And its so much easier to go out with only the pram to put together.

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    Hello! I am finally able to have some time to post in here LOL. I have been poking around elsewhere on here, but not had a chance to read and to post in here.

    Lindsay is only just feeling better today. I thought he could have gone to school yesterday, but when I went to wake him up to get ready for school, he'd jsut been sick in his bed. And then was sick on the lounge 10mins later. So I spent the morning washing and cleaning before I had to go to Erin's Preschool graduation and concert. So he is finished for the year now, no point sending him to school for only one day tomorrow.

    I have finished the Christmas shopping too. Not that I had much, but it was just the last minute things like food, sticky tape, gift labels etc.

    I have been sitting Alister up in his stroller too a bit now. He likes to look at the world going by too LOL. He looks so cute when he is sitting up as he is getting really good at it now. I was looking at some photos of Paige when she was a baby and she and Alister are so much alike its scary. Everyone says that he looks like Lindsay did, but looking at these photos he is Paige all over. I will post a pic of her and one of Alister once the gallery is working again.

    He has a funny growth pattern too. I weighed him last week and he'd gained just over 300gm, but stayed the same length, but this week he'd only gained 50gm but grew 1.5cm to 67.5cm. So it seems like one week he puts his effort into gaining weight and the next it is growing in length. So he is nowhere near ready to move up to crawler nappies. I have a box here I brought on special ages ago, and with some of your girls saying you've gradutated, I thought I would try one on him, and it's way too big LOL - the tabs cross over themselves. So we'll be using infants for a while yet.

    And we've discovered that he hates loud music. At both Lindsay's presentation day and Erin's graduation they had loud music during it and he screamed the whole time. At Lindsay's presentation we were right under the speakers where we were sitting and I couldn't leave, but I went outside during Erin's.
    Thanks for asking after my step Dad. He is OK, but the prognosis has been mixed really. They have given him 5years, but that's not really here nor there - a person could be dead by then anyway kwim? The urologist told him that he could have either chemo or radiotherapy, but both only have a 30% success because of the tumor growth and type of tumor that it is. So that's not really promising. He isn't the sort of guy to take that path anyway and would rather hand in his chips and leave it to the gods so to speak and he wants to have quality of life, not quantity as he has seen Mum nurse her Mum through cancer treatment.

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    Hi everyone,

    Just thought I would jump on now incase I dont get a chance later. We are off to Sydney tomorrow for Christmas. We are hoping to leave after Logans first feed so we can be at our stop over just after lunch. I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope you all have a safe and joyus day.

    Hopefully I get a chance to jump on through the week and catch up with you all, but if not I will see you all in a week or so.

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    Uh oh!!! Teething baby in the house!! Its too early, i'm not ready for this haha!

    Poor Maddie has been screaming the house down for the past couple of days, and i've been running my finger over her gums to see if there were any teeth coming up. No ridges yet, but just this arvo i've noticed her bottom gum is all white. Poor love. Not to mention she has been fist sucking like crazy (to the point where her top is saturated), drooling, has a rash around her mouth and hasnt been sleeping well at all. And she is usually a big time dummy sucker, but she has been refusing it which is really not like her. I've just given her panadol and sent her off to bed, but going to the chemist to get some bonjela shortly.

    Renee - You are right about the sleeping thing. I'm not stressing anymore, i'm treasuring the extra cuddles time. Besides babies change and I cant expect her to be a perfect bub all the time!! Silly me.

    Katie - Have an excellent christmas in Sydney and have a safe trip. Watch out for all the loonies on the road and dont over take unless its 100% safe!! Sound like my mum now.

    Sherie - You are so organised. Can you believe I still havent started my shopping!? Starting to stress lol. I hope Lindsay gets well soon. Your poor uncle, I cant imagine what it must be like to know you only have a few yrs to live. It makes you realise, dont take your health for granted.

    Noni - Good idea buying him a small pressie. I have been in that situation before when I met DP. It was very awkward to say the least hehe. By the way, how is Asha going with her teeth?

    The new bonds suits look excellent, very practical. They are lightweight as well, so good for summer sleeping. I want to get some, but they are expensive.

    WOW 38 degrees in Perth on chrissy day! I'm gonna die, not to mention poor bub! Going to my aunty's house, she has a saltwater spa, are spas safe for babies? Has everyone got their babies chrissy outfits planned? Lol i love planning Maddies outfits.

    ETP Forgot to mention, I enrolled Maddie at day care today. She is going for two full days, a Mon & Tues. I'm nervous!!!! I wrote the caregivers a whole page of notes lol.

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    haley welcome to the early teether club lol unfortunately bonjela isnt recommended until 4mths
    also my mum and her husband have a spa its not saltwater but Ash has been in and it was fine

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    Oh you are joking! What can I do for her?? Besides panadol. Oh no!

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    ah and asha is very hot cold with her teeth one minute its hands in chewing away (she leave marks on her hands!!) and screaming the next shes fine and its not bothering her.. she has a few bumps so i really hope we dnthave a few coming at once!! brauers teething relief is pretty good i find if i give it to her with the panadol and then follow the dosing instructions i get a lot longer out of the panadol then we would without.. its a natural thing too homeopathic, u can get it from most pharmacies...

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    if she will let u a cold washer rubbed on her gums or a gummy dummy thats been in the fridge can be helpful too i found Asha cant hold a teething ring and gets a bit confused but u could always try that too

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    hi everyone
    katie - hope you have a wonderful christmas and a safe trip down to Sydney
    hayley - have you got many prezzies to buy?
    I've had a busy day today. The girls and I left the house at 8:30 this morning to go shopping. We got home at 4:00 !!!! They were sooooooo good for me though, which is why we stayed out for so long. Can you believe that i couldn't find all of the gifts that i needed! so more shopping for me on Saturday. (will give the girls a break though and go on my own)
    think i'm going to have a cuppa and some truffles and then off to beddie byes

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    i posted this in my bedtime thread but i thought i might post it here too
    well our new bedtime routine worked a treat i mean she was very tired already (falling asleep in the shower lol) but i am trying to get her into a routine this week before all the christmas hoo har starts so shes got someting comforting and familiar to come home to
    tnite we did shower with bedtime bath wash, into sleeping bag, story and then into bed with her light thing that plays lullabies, i only had to go in twice to put the dummy in yipeeeeee lol she usually dosnt settle as well in her cot till 11ish and then wakes again to feed at 12 anyway so she was in there by 9 tnite and is still sleeping soundly in there now and hopefully will till her next feed coz she usually goes down relatively easy after that feed

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    Noni, glad your bedtime routine is working so far.

    Haley, I have been using bonjela. It does say on the packet not to use before 4 months but the doctor told me to use it when W was only 6 weeks.

    JaZmum, enjoy your truffles. I still have to watch what I eat because sugar gives W an upset tummy.

    Katie, have a great christmas, I am sure your boy will be his usual charming self for all your family.

    Sherie, hope L is feeling better and none of the others catch whatever it is. I remember my mum having to clean up my vomit when I was sick once, that is a part of motherhood I am not looking forward to.

    I thought he was getting teeth - lots of drool, rash, chewing, fussy, but nothing has appeared. He is a chewy monster though - today he tried to chew on the dog. The last couple of days he has been pulling off the breast, grizzling and then having a few more sucks. Not sure what the go is there. He has also been waking up twice a night for the last week, not sure why but I hope it passes quickly.

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    Noni - Well done on your bed time routine. Yay for Asha, what a good girl!

    Arte - I just spoke to my mum and she said I started doing the same thing as Maddie early on, but no actual teeth appeared till later down the track. So I'll just wait and see what happens, I bought the natural teething gel stuff. Good to know I can use bonjela too.

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    started this early yesterday so will be missing personals on the newer posts. was going to update it but thought that if i did, might not get sent this year at the rate i?m going.
    same with katie the other day, i?ve been reading but not responding. everytime i sit to type, the princess wakes up or demands attention.
    jazmum, i thought it might've been brookside. saw in the news, maybe a month ago, of some woman who was sexually assaulted there too.
    lp, i hear you on needing bubba/kid free time. I actually took some ?me? time last sunday and went shopping and met up with a friend for coffee and left max at home with dp. it may sound bad of me and it was only about 3 hours but it felt good to be out without her to worry about.
    hayley, it wasn?t really self settling that i was onto. just weaning her from being carried by me all the time. but i don?t think i?m really achieving all that much these days. i?ve learnt to read the signs that tell me that i should start working on getting her to sleep but when i do this, i find that i?m either feeding, playing or putting her to sleep the whole day!!! absolutely no time for anything else at all. and as i am able to make her sleep on the bouncer or pram, it still needs to be rocked constantly which means i still can?t do anything. oh well, one step at a time i guess. but have to admit that i had some success on tuesday but have reverted back to old habits by yesterday....minor changes but not the complete routine that i was ?taught?. haven?t tried topping her up when she sleeps early. not game to. also finding it still difficult to judge whether she?s getting anything off the bbs and should i just give formula. always a quandary.
    ditto on the ? hour day naps. it feels like she?s just fallen asleep and as i go to put her down, she?s waking up. fun. did you guys know that babies sleep in 40-45 minute cycles? that?s why they wake up/stir so often. adults sleep in longer cycles.
    i?m envious of you lp with scarlet self settling....have to admit that i actually missed the cuddles last monday when the chn was helping me to settle her on the rocker. i think that that was the day when i carried her the least.
    am so glad that there are so many childcare centre experienced people here that i can milk for info. :P
    is it really possible to settle without crying? i didn?t even know that the crying was part of the settling routine (or at least that?s what it seemed to me) and that there?s a pattern to it. it?s supposed to escalate and peak and then stop-start and then they fall asleep. i?ve been settling her the past couple of days on this premise and it?s killing my nerves. i can?t stand to see/hear her cry. i always breakdown before the 20 mins allotted time?s up and pick her up. that?s why i?m not having that much success in settling her on the bouncer or pram.
    md, glad that someone else has benefited from my day at the health centre. really glad i went and that i got something out of it.
    cally, hope that dh is all good now.
    lp, c/s scar?s looking ok but still have linea and slight overhang. does anybody?s scar have a ?bit? at one end like a knot? is this part of the stitching and will it go away on its own? (since the threads supposed to dissolve on its own?). don?t think i can call mine a lovely scar but it did bring about a lovely little girl. *inlove
    katie, that was amazing weight gain. i was happy with the 130g that max gained in a week and a half. 450 would take almost a month for me.
    pregpan, that would?ve been so scary. glad things are fine again.
    noni- lol about asha faceplanting into her own spew.
    christmas shopping and somehow glad that we don?t live close to my family since i?ve got 6 sisters and 1 brother and a total of 13 nieces and nephews. since we?re living far from them, i just send a xmas card every year. usually only have to worry about getting about 5 pressies. a couple more this year coz? we?re going to perth to spend xmas with dp?s family. at least he?s only got 1 brother and 1 sister. sent my xmas cards out last week. sister in l.a. actually got her card in 3 days! quite impressed with the speed of snail mail...not quite as snail-ish.
    ozstar, hope you have a good holiday in sydney.

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    Hey fianne ~ I don't think you should still have the knot - You might need to get your GP to give it a little snip & tug it out, it doesn't hurt at all... I done it myself after 6 weeks because it was making me itchy, but i do remember them saying in hospy if it doesn't desolve it just needs a snip other wise you will end up with a permanent lump under your skin & they're not v. comfortable, i have a lil one on the inside of my belly button from another op.
    I can't really help with settling I don't know why Scarlet just does it, she always has... I just make sure she's tired - then i put her in her cot, rug her up & 30 seconds later she's asleep, If she doesn't fall asleep after a few minutes i pick her back up & let her play for another 10 minutes & then try again.

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    good morning everyone
    fianne - apparently that sexual assualt was a domestic incident - between a husband and wife - there was a retraction (right word???) in the local newspaper.
    re- self settling. I never let Hannah cry herself to sleep. I can tell when she is tired because she kind of 'meows' like a cat, or if i'm holding her, she claws me. I put her in her cot with the music on and her dummy and she usually squirms around for a bit (she's a tummy sleeper) I keep popping in and she's usually asleep within a couple of minutes.
    have you got one of the battery operated swings? My mum bought Hannah one a few weeks ago and it's been wonderful. It' s only been since she has been falling asleep in it that she has self settled in her cot.
    I have to tell you though - that she is my only bub that has done this. With Jess and Zoe i never even tried it - i don't think i was able to work out the tired signs at that stage.
    when are you leaving for Perth?
    Arte - i shouldn't be eating the sugary stuff either - but i can't help myself.

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    lp, thanks for the knot tip. think wil go to gp. too much of a wuss to snip myself.
    jaz, didn't see the retraction. i know about clawing. my chest is raw from it. and her nails grow so fast.really wish she'd take a dummy to save my back. am thinking of getting one of those swings. still undecided tho. tried the vibration on the bouncer but it didn't work. leaving for perth on sunday. taking a flight at night in the hopes that she'll sleep through the flight.

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