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    1 cup aborio rice
    approx 1 litre (maybe a bit less) of veg or chicken stock - i buy the salt reduced kind
    1 onion finely chopped
    1/2 celery stick (otional) - finely chopped
    Parsley and/or other basic herbs -chopped(optional)

    U CAN ADD: any vegetables u desire - i usually make a mushroom risotto where i add a lge handful of chopped mushrooms
    - or frozen peas and corn
    - or boiled til soft: diced sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot

    - tinned (in brine) tuna, salmon or finely diced chicken tenderloins (steamed) is another variation if u don't want plain veg risotto

    Put stock in saucepan and bring to boil then reduce heat until simmering.
    Lightly spray a lge saucepan with cooking oil and heat on med. Add onion, garlic and celery - cook for 2-3mins. Add 2 tblsp of water and cover for few mins or until veg have softened.
    Add aborio rice and stir in 2 more tblesp water until rice is well covered.
    Gradually add - 1/2 cup at a time the stock to the rice mixture, stiring constantly over low heat until all stock had been absorbed and rice is tender....but just before u add the last 1/2 cup of stock add the vegetables/fish/chicken u desire and herbs.

    Can sprinkle parmesan or grated cheese through it (my bub can't have dairy so we don't add that)

    *** i absolutely love this mightn't sound like it but it's really easy and makes a heap (so i freeze in separate containers for other meals). It's great cause u can vary it to whatever u like.
    Double the recipe and there's enough to feed the whole family and have left overs for bubs meals (i always add some seasalt and cracked pepper to it if its for me and hubby)


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    Just been looking through for some meal ideas for coco (9 1/2 months). I am going to try the baked beans and pumpkin and also a tuna risotto. What she usually eats is:

    spag in the Slow Cooker!
    tin organic tomatoes (nothing added, available woollies)
    leek chopped
    jerusalem artichoke chopped
    carrot chopped
    pumpkin chopped
    (any veg of choice)
    I let it cook all day. You can also just do it on stove top.
    Add pasta to it, or potato, or just plain. It's a hit!!

    I also tried the following...NOT a hit!!:
    tinned salmon
    cottage cheese.
    Wish she liked it as it's soooo easy and healthy!!

    I also do lamb shanks and vegies (just chop some of the meat off).

    Salmon rissoles
    I made these the other day. I made them for DH and I but didn't add egg for coco's so hers went like this
    Tinned salmon (one or two cans)
    mashed potato (about 3 potatos)
    a little grated ginger
    crushed garlic
    chopped coriander (all of these I just estimated).
    I then dipped in breadcrumbs and fried. She loved them!! Great for her to pick up too!

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    mumof2 Guest

    thanks for all these great recipes.. I finally know what else to do!

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    You girls are legends! I couldn't get Darcy to eat anything until i tried a few of she eats like s trooper.
    Thanks so much.....any more??? Please?

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    Nov 2004

    anyone got recipes for rusks with flavour?? my daughter is 7 months and not intersted in the plain ones... what could i add to make them more flavoursome??

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    NewmumLou Guest

    At 8 months i boil up some shell shaped pasta, once it is boiled i drain it add tuna and cheese spread. So easy and my little one loves it for lunch or dinner!

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    paradise lost Guest

    My god, i'm in shock. Just made the following salmon thing for DD, made enough for 2 meals and she scranned the LOT! Swear she weighed a kilo more when i lifted her out of the highchair.... LMAO

    Pasta with salmon.

    1 salmon steak (mine was about 2 inches wide, i guess a tin of salmon would do fine too, in fact this would work with tuna too)
    1 onion, chopped
    1 tin peeled plum tomatoes
    basil to season
    spinach (i used 3 frozen "blocks" but a good handful of fresh would do it i reckon)

    Cook some pasta, i used little shells but i also sometimes just crush "grown-up" pasta before i cook it.

    Fry the onion in a little oil, add the basil and spinach and tomatoes. I microwaved my salmon from frozen but you could add fresh salmon after the onion and let it cook a little before adding the other ingredients.

    Simmer until everything is cooked, mash the salmon down a bit to get smaller flakes (though DD liked big chunks to knaw on too!).

    Stir cooked pasta in, grate a little cheese on and serve.

    I can't believe how much she ate!


    Whoops! Should have mentioned, this made enough for one meal for me and 2 meals for her (i made my own seperate pasta), so if you're only cooking it for bubs it'd probably do around 4-5 portions, unless your bub is like Esme and decides she wants it ALL. LOL
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    HOPRAH Guest

    Chicken and Root Vegetable Risoni

    1 Chicken Breast (Fried or Baked)
    3 Cups of Chicken Stock or Water
    3 Carrots
    1 Small Sweet Potato
    1 Parsnip
    1 Cup Almost Cooked Risoni
    1/2 Cup Whole Milk

    Cook Chicken and chop.
    Boil chopped vegetables in stock or steam if prefer.
    Put chicken and vegetables into bowl and blend with stick blender or into a blender jug.
    Blend until consistency that bubbe will eat.
    Mix in the Risoni and milk.
    Freeze in portions you require.

    I only part cook the risoni as it soaks up more liquid before freezing and when i heat up to feed, the risoni cooks.

    My LO adores this!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Feb 2006

    thanks for the reciped horprah, made it the other day for sophie and was very impressed, as was sophie!! i just added more vegies, thanks again

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    HOPRAH Guest

    Awesome AJP - Glad it was a hit!!!

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    belwarren Guest

    Talking Potato Turnip puree with Pear

    1 Pear
    1 0z or 30g unsalted butter
    1 Large potato
    1 small turnip
    little mayple syrup ( optional)

    peel and core the pear and cut into quarters.
    peel and dice potato and turnip
    preheat oven to 350*F.
    Melt butter (add syrup if want) toss pear in til all the pieces are covered.
    Place pear pieces on baking tray and roast for 45 minutes, should be very tender
    puree pear along with any butter mix
    Simmer potato and turnip for around 20 - 30 mins, til tender and drain.
    Puree turnip and mash potato with a fork. then combine all together,

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    These recipies are fantastic. Does anyone else have any other ideas? My DD is 8 months old so stuff to do for her now would be great. ta

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    Mar 2007


    I have just send these off to a friend who's little girl is 9 months so you you might find these handy. She is allergic to dairy, wheat and eggs so all recipes are free from these and are made with breastmilk.

    Baby Vegetable Stock.

    (Use in recipes. Free of additives and salt, makes 900ml and you can freeze it)

    ½ onion
    1 carrot
    1 celery stalk
    3 cups root veg (eg. Choose Swede, parsnip, turnip, or potato) peeled
    1 bouquet garni
    1 sprig fresh parsley
    1 bay leaf
    A few peppercorns (optional)

    Chop all. Cover with water. Boil simmer 1 hour. Strain and use flavoured water as baby stock.

    Lentil Puree
    ½ cup red lentils
    600ml stock
    1 potato
    ½ small onion or leek
    Marg or oil

    Rinse and soak lentils in stock overnight or boil 2 minutes, take off heat and cover 1-2 hours until soft.

    Dice carrot, potato, and shred onion. Sauté onion in oil until soft, add carrot & potato, stir 5 minutes. Add lentils and stock, bring to boil and simmer 40 mins or until lentils are soft. Puree. You can also puree only half, for a slightly thicker texture, or leave it as is.

    Oat and Vegetable Puree
    1 celery stalk
    1 leek
    2 med carrots
    1 cup vegetable (eg. mushroom, cauliflower, or broccoli)
    3 tablespoons porridge oats (oats add bulk to the meal)
    1 tbsp chopped parsley

    Prepare veg and finely chop. Just cover with water, add oats. Boil cover simmer 20mins or until tender. Puree to desired consistency. Add parsley.

    Spinach Potato Puree
    1 small onion or leek
    1 cup chopped spinach white bits removed
    2 small potatoes diced
    120ml stock

    Sauté onion or leek until soft. Add spinach potato, the stock, and simmer slowly for 35 minutes. Puree.

    Zucchini, Watercress, Potato Puree

    Handful watercress (High in iron calcium safe from 4 months)
    1 large potato peeled chopped
    1 zucchini, wash trimmed sliced
    1 tbsp parsley
    350 ml stock
    Baby milk (optional)

    Remove leaves from watercress and chop. Discard stalks or keep for making vege stock. Add leaves and potato to stock, boil simmer 10 mins. Add parsley zucchini simmer 10 mins. Puree and add optional milk to adjust the consistency.

    Sweet Potato & Cinnamon

    1 sweet potato, peeled chopped
    ¼ tsp cinnamon
    1 tbsp milk

    Cover potato with water boil simmer 30 mins or until soft. Mash with milk and cinnamon.

    Carrots with Brown Rice

    2 tbsp brown rice
    6 small carrots chopped
    350ml stock or water
    1 tsp marg or milk (optional)

    Cover carrots with the water, cover, and simmer 30 to 40 minutes or until water absorbed. Puree with marg or milk until smooth.

    Pumpkin and Chickpea Combo
    2 cup pumpkin chopped
    1/4-cup chickpeas
    water or stock

    Drain & rinse chickpeas. Put all ingredients into a saucepan & boil for 15-20 minutes. Drain half the fluid out & mash or puree.

    Baked Banana

    1 banana sliced lengthwise
    Brown sugar or maple syrup
    Powdered cinnamon
    Marg or oil

    Place in oven dish add sugar or syrup, dab with marg and sprinkle with cinnamon. Cover with foil bake 180deg 10 mins.

    Apple and Banana with Fresh Orange Juice
    Steam apple 10 mins or until tender. Puree and mash with banana and juice. Can also make using grated apple instead of steamed when older.

    Chicken with Beans and Brown Rice
    75g beans
    50g brown rice
    3 tbsp apple juice
    50g cooked chicken chopped

    Cook the rice and steam the beans over water for 20 mins. Mix juice rice beans and puree, adding more juice if too thick.

    Chicken with potato and tomato
    25g cooked chicken chopped
    2 tbsp milk
    1 potato peeled
    1 med tomato skinned and seeded

    Boil the potato, mash with milk and tomato, and then add chicken. Puree adding extra milk if too thick.

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    in a house!

    im not really very adventurous yet but mason loves a big piece of fish that has been steamed, then mixed with veges and formula.

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    Homemade Rusks

    2 cups plain wholemeal flour
    2 tablespoons of cold butter
    1/2 cup (approximately) water or milk
    1 teaspoon blackstrap molasses (optional - it's very high in iron)

    Rub the butter into the flour until it's the texture of fine breadcrumbs. Mix in enough water or milk to make a soft dough (also add in molasses at this stage if you want). Give it a bit of a knead. Roll into finger sized lengths and bake at 180 degrees until crisp, maybe around 40 minutes? Turn them halfway. Cool on a rack.

    These are really yummy. I eat more of them than Kynan LOL! I prefer them without molasses and sometimes I sprinkle the ones I make for me with some chunky salt before baking.
    Thanks Angel! i see these can be made dairy free so they are exactly what i ewas looking for

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    rani Guest

    Hello I'm new to this thread, I found it 2 days ago and I have finally the time to give you some recipe.
    These Recipes are from the Women's Weekly Fresh Food For Babies and Toddlers.

    Suitable for 8-12 months
    Vegetable and Cheese
    1 Tablespoon of mashed asparagus
    1 tablespoon mashed parsnip
    1 tablespoon of finely grated cheese

    Combine all the vegies and sprinkle cheese on top.

    Leek and Mushroom

    combine 3 tablespoon of mashed leek with 1 tablespoon of mushroom.

    Fruit yogurt

    Combine 1 tablespoon of mashed strawberry 1 tablespoon mashed blueberry and 2 tablespoon of natural or vanilla yogurt.

    Peach and Apricot

    combine 2 tablespoons of mashed apricot with 2 tablespoon mashed peach.

    Creamy Cheese Polenta

    1 cup (250ml) water
    1 1/2 cups (375ml) of milk
    1/3 cup (55g) polenta
    1/4 cup (30g) coarsely grated cheddar

    Combine the water and milk in small saucepan, bring to a boil. Gradually add polenta to liquid, stirring constantly.
    Reduce heat, simmer, stirring about 10 minutes or until polenta thickens. Stir in cheese, cover and cool 10 minutes stirring occasionally.

    Hope this helps and I hope to post more soon. Thanks guys

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    melsimon Guest

    Hi, does anyone have a receip for meatballs for 6 month old baby?

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    Smile baby food recipes

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a recipe for meatballs for a six month old baby?