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Thread: Morning Sickness Discussion

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    My suggestion - have small sips of coke! (and this coming from me who stayed away from caffeine, alcohol etc etc!! LOL) But it REALLY works. And I mean literally - sips. I found it settled my tummy enough for me to be able to eat.

    I use it for motion sickness too.

    Interestingly - I read an article on coke and the effect it has on your body, it has so much sugar in it that normally you would vomit, but it has phosporic acid in it which prevents you from reacting to the sudden sweetness. LOL. Perhaps it's this ingredient that helps with motion sickness and morning sickness?? hehe.. anyway.. you probably won't want to try it now that I've said that.. but it really did work, and usually it was about 3 or 4 tiny sips for me before a meal.

    I hope you feel better soon!

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    I second the coke suggestion, it always calmed my stomach with m/s, or another thing i tried was ginger beer, i hate the stuff usually, but i was desperate,
    i hope it eases for you soon

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    i tried everything and nothing worked except sleeping, even then that wouldnt work, in the end the Dr told ordered me to have 3 months off work, as i was not coping at all, although the coke eased things enough for me to eat (although threw up later), atleast i was able to eat!

    I hope you find something that works! Good luck

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    wow yeah i am 7 weeks and a few days and the sickness seems to have really set in!!! everyone was like oh maybe u wont get it because it didn't come early on and i kinda started to believe them but now it sux nothing seems to help just needa wait it out... one other thing the dr said to me though is a drug called stemitel (sp?) but it helps with dizzyness and nausia i have a script for it buut havn't tried it yet so maybe for ppl that are really bad u might wanna ask about it? the thing about maxalon is it will stop u being able to vomit but it dosn't actually stop the nausia

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    Hi Clare,

    I'm in the same boat as you. M/s started at 5 weeks and have been throwing up for the last 6 weeks for between 12 and 15 hrs a day for most days. No natural therapies worked for me. Tried the blackmores, ginger beer, crackers before getting out of bed etc etc. Dr prescribed Maxalon and while this eased the m/s the it certainly didn't stop it. What I can vouch for is eating. Eat as often as you can and make it carbs. I've found that constant food in my tummy has made this bearable, hence I've lived off toast for a lot of weeks!! Mashed spud with dinner, bread / sandwhiches at lunch, any pasta, spaghetti on toast as a snack, bickies etc are good. Stay away from acidic foods, you'll be in the toilet in a flash (ie, tomato, oranges, pineapple and foods like that). Apple juice is great, I always have a glass before getting out of bed in the morning (when you know you will chuck) and because its non acidic you don't get that foul aftertaste in you mouth. All I can say is this has worked for me, hope it helps you.

    Good luck!

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    Ginger beer helped me ALOT. Also fruit - I lived on fresh peaches for weeks.
    I found that when my blood sugar got low and I was hungry it was much worse. I had to force myself to graze throughout the day and that helped.
    As sick as it sounds grease also helped me - Maccas and Hungry Jacks. I ate HJ's for dinner every night for a week when it was at it's worst.
    Hang in there hopefully it will pass.

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    Thanks everyone. I will try the sips of coke, I hate the stuff normally and am a diet coke fanatic so will be hard to swap. I have been having a glass of milk during the night when I feel sick and that seems to help heaps.

    My biggest concern is with Shelby I had m/s like this for 32 weeks, had a 2 week break and then it started again until 40 weeks. I did nothing but eat carbs to settle my tummy and ended up putting on 20KGS!!! I am sure I have already put on 4 kg in the last 8 weeks, I eat and within half an hour I feel sick again.

    Caro do the preggie pops contain alot of sugar? I am wondering if normal lolly pops would help as well, but don really want to go overboard on sugar. ( I am also thinking girl again)

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    awesome thanks so much Caro, I will grab them off you as soon as I can

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    Really? Thanks so much Caro. I received your email so will probably give you a call tomorrow some time. (just need to organise my mother to watch Shelby while I pop down)
    thanks again

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    I'm due on exactly the same day as you and I'm experiencing the same morning sickness. I have a daughter who is 21 months and she does get upset when Mummy runs off to the toilet at all time during the day too. The more I eat though the better I feel. I figure that I will just have to go on a huge diet and exercise programme after I have the second baby (I'm a bridesmaid about 8 months after I have the next baby). I work fulltime too so my daughter doesn't see me throwing up all the time.

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    Clare hope the m/s passes soon for you

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    i didnt mean that the maxolon itself was a placebo drug (ie sugar pill). what i was trying to say was the main reason it works is because people think it should work - in other words it has a placebo effect.
    they figure this out by doing double blind studies - where they give people who are nauseous a pill and tell them it is something for the nausea, but in fact it is only a sugar pill. these people say they feel better at about the same rate as people who actually do get maxolon.
    does that make sense?
    anyway, as i said before - if it works, then who cares if it is your head talking you into it or whether it is actually making a difference!
    good luck clare, hopefully this time you will feel sick for less long - i certainly did..

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    clare076 Guest


    Oh I agree, if someone told me hitting my head against the wall would work I would give it a go! Maxolon seems to have taken the edge off it anyway, still feel like I have a hangover but not so bad.

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    it's so horrible, isn't it... i had nasty ms in the first few weeks of my first pg, couldn't keep anything down. i'd really recommend giving a supplement like elevit a go... it really works for me. the other thing is dry toast with vegemite first thing in the morning and when it's hot, ice cubes are a good way to get a little bit of liquid without upsetting your tummy. good luck!!!!

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    Hey clare - hope you are feeling better. Did you try ginger beer? I found that worked wonders for me,but, only when it was more at room temperature.

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    I found that water made me vomit, almost instantly. I also couldn't stand dairy (milk, cream, yogurt) meat or fatty/oily foods. I dont know how I survived, lol.
    Banana's helped, alot. Any fruit that wasnt too acidic, really. Oh and mashed potatoes!
    When my man got up in the mornings, he used to bring me vegemite on toast with a cup of black tea. Usually it helped, but sometimes all it did was give me something to vomit. Yuk.

    Good luck, hope it ends for you soon!

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    Hi fellow m/s victims!

    I only have one more suggestion to add (from my local GP) - frozen cubes of sustagen. It's helped keep my energy up (I have a full time job) and made me feel a little bit better about not being able to keep a lot of meals down. It feels bizarre to continue having to eat when it's the last thing you feel like doing and knowing you are probably not going to be able to keep it down - but I was told to persist.

    Carbs, Frosty Fruit iceblocks, Elevit and frozen cubes of sustagen have been my loyal companions for the past 3 weeks when i've been at my worst. Nothing really seems to ease nausea of completely though...

    I have just hit week 10 and it does seem to be easing in the middle of the day. A small ray of light??

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    Unhappy When did Morning Sickness go away!??

    Hey everyone,
    This is my 3rd pregnancy and I am having HORRIBLE morning sickness this time which I didnt get with my previous pregnancies. I was just wondering when did everyones morning sickness subside?? I am about 10 weeks now and it doesnt seem to be getting any better

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