BellyBelly Directory Listing – Want To Be Included?

Would you like to get noticed by people who are actually interested in your products and services and are ready to buy? BellyBelly can help!

A smart business owner knows that qualified leads at the point of purchase are the BEST possible leads you can get.

BellyBelly’s Business Directory offers you a cost-effective advertising method that will allow you to strike while the iron is hot, before a potential customer has had time to get distracted, busy or change their mind.

We Know You Have Likely Been Disappointed…

We know that some advertisers have felt let down in the past by listing in various directories, only to get little or no response. This is such a shame to hear, because directory advertising tends to appeal to small businesses who don’t usually have a big budget. However, BellyBelly is a small business too! We understand that getting that great exposure we dream of tends to be out of reach of small business budgets, so at BellyBelly, we’re always thinking of ways to help small businesses get the most out of their advertising dollar.

By listing in the BellyBelly directory, we put you in a position to get real return on your investment. You don’t need to just sign up and hope for the best – we support our directory advertisers as best we can. Some ways in which we do this are:

  • By placing a link to the directory at the end of related articles. For example, our articles about doulas has a link to the doula section of the directory. We’ve just started implementing this, so not all categories are set up as yet, but we’re well on the way.
  • We also write articles talking about the benefits of products or services as per above, which encourages our readers to seek more information – and if you’re not listed, your competitors are going to get the enquiries!
  • We’re open to writing articles based on your suggestions (information based, not advertorials), which can help give your product or service exposure.

Don’t just take my word for it – advertisers tell us this works. The very first article I wrote about and included our advertisers was about Placenta Encapsulation – and within weeks I had advertisers telling me it took them a while to click why they were getting triple the amount of enquiries – they realised I had published that article.

Thanks to Facebook where BellyBelly has over 570,000 fans, my articles quickly get shared around, and before you know it, you have more exposure than you expected, all year round.


To get listed in the BellyBelly Directory, all it costs for one state for 12 months is a super low $149 (or .40c per day!). If you service other states too, three states is $189 and all states for $209.

If you’d like to participate, please get your materials to Victoria at – and once you have made your payment below, I will have your advert ready as quickly as we can. Your advert will be working for you on this busy pregnancy and parenting website, every day for 365 days – for just 40c a day. How much is a client worth to you? Or how about MANY clients?

What We Need From You

Please be sure to check that you are sending the materials as we need. The biggest delay in getting your ad live will be if you send us the wrong image size, format or if you exceed the word count, in which case we’ll need to send it back to you to fix. If you need help, please let us know, but we cannot write your advert for you at this price. If you need help writing your ad, please ask us for pricing.

Details of ad specs are:

CATEGORY: Which section you wish to be listed in.
IMAGE: 180×180px GIF or JPG logo or photo, static (not animated)
TEXT: 95 words or less description. No more than three paragraphs.
URL: Your website URL or Facebook page (one only)
LOCATION: Your state or capital to be listed in (e.g. NSW areas and/or Sydney Metro)
BUSINESS NAME: Your business name if you have one
NUMBER: Your contact number for potential clients (one number only)
CONTACT NAME: If you would like enquiries to be directed to a particular person
EMAIL: For email enquiries

You will be notified when your listing has been made live.


We use Paypal’s subscription service to process payments. You can cancel future payments at any time, but please bear in mind it will remain active until you cancel it. If you need assistance, please email BellyBelly’s Customer Service person, Victoria.

We look forward to spreading the word about your products and services — and helping you find more customers!

Kelly Winder