Articles that are especially for new mums! Your body goes through such enormous changes during pregnancy and needs a little TLC following the birth of your baby. BellyBelly’s Post-Natal articles will help you understand how you can help your body during this time and will give you an idea of what you might expect from your body post-baby.

10 Thoughts Every Mother Has On Their Child’s First Birthday

First birthday

The momentous first birthday, where your baby celebrates a year of life, and you celebrate a year of motherhood. Here's 10 things you'll likely be thinking. Read More

5 Reasons Your Body Is Better Now That You’re A Mother

body better mother

For some women, pregnancy may leave little more than the memory as a reminder that they’ve become a mother. The truth and reality is, contrary to… Read More

8 Lame Things That Excite New Mothers


As a new mother, your ‘get excited’ threshold is probably pretty low. After all, every half smile, hiccup or burp from your baby has you beside… Read More

8 Ways To Spot A Competitive Mother [HUMOUR]


Every group of mum friends has at least one competitive mother in it. You know the type, everything about her life is more important and, apparently,… Read More

A Mother’s First Birth-day. WARNING! Tissues Essential

A Mother’s First Birth-day. WARNING! Tissues Essential

A mother’s first birth-day. WARNING: This video will leave you sobbing like a baby! But you can’t NOT watch it. Read More

Broken Sleep Vs Restricted Sleep: What’s Worse?

Is Broken Sleep Worse?

Broken sleep goes hand in hand with parenting, but is broken sleep as bad as having just a few hours sleep? Here are 6 tips to help with broken sleep. Read More

14 Reasons Why We Need To Help New Mothers Get More Sleep

14 Reasons Why We Need To Help New Mothers Get More Sleep

Having a baby is pretty exhausting work – but there are some compelling reasons why we need to help mothers get more sleep. Here are 14. Read More

30 Signs That You May Be Addicted To Cloth Nappies

Are you a cloth nappy addict? Here are 30 signs that you may be addicted to cloth nappies. What did you score out of 30? Read More