Hey, baby! Any parent will tell you that what works for one baby may not necessarily work for the other! Read our great tips and advice to help with your new baby.

Dangerous Chemicals In Disposable Nappies

A French health agency has found dangerous levels of chemicals in disposable nappies. It is calling for fast action to protect babies. Read More

Baby Hiccups – Are Baby Hiccups Normal?

If your baby has frequent hiccups you might be concerned it's a sign of reflux, tongue tie or gas. Are baby hiccups normal and what can you do about them? Read More

Mixed Feeding: The Pros And Cons Of Mixed Feeding

Have you heard about mixed feeding and wondering what it is? If you're considering mixed feeding, check out these pros and cons. Read More

When Do Babies Sit Up? How To Know When Babies Sit Up

If your baby is still rolling around on the floor you might be wondering, ‘When do babies sit up?' Find out more about what happens when babies sit up. Read More

Stroking Babies Provides Pain Relief, Study Finds

Most parents know instinctively how stroking babies gently can calm and soothe them. New research shows there's science behind the power of touch. Read More

Baby Night Waking – Is It Normal For Babies To Wake At Night?

Is baby night waking something that happens frequently in your home? One of the most common concerns new parents have is about their baby waking at night. Read More

Bottle Propping Warning After Baby Chokes To Death

Bottle propping seems a harmless way to make life easier when you're a tired parent. But one mother's experience shows it's not worth the convenience. Read More

New Study: What’s Really Behind Your Child’s Behaviour?

Retained neonatal reflexes could be responsible for your child's behaviour or attention problems. Find out what an expert says about retained reflexes. Read More

When Do Babies Stop Drinking Formula?

Whether you've decided to formula feed from the beginning, or plan to introduce it later, you might be wondering when do babies stop drinking formula? Read More

Why Your Baby’s Second Night Is So Hard

Why is your baby's second night after birth so hard? What happened to the sweet and settled newborn who was laid upon your chest just yesterday? Read More

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