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Best Doula In Melbourne

So, you’re looking for the best doula in Melbourne…

It’s only natural when you’re a protective mama bear (to-be!); you want the very best birth experience, because you want the very best for your baby.

It’s so easy to get trapped into looking for the best of everything, including the best doula in Melbourne!

However, there are a few things you need to know before choosing a doula, so you can have that amazing experience you’re dreaming of.

Who Is The Best Doula In Melbourne?

First, I’m going to have to break it to you: there’s no best doula in Melbourne.

In fact, there’s no one best doula anywhere.

Most doulas recommend you meet with 2-3 doulas, more if you need, before making a decision on who you want to support you during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

You see, there are lots of amazing, awesome, wonderful and nurturing doulas out there. It’s not hard to find a doula who is really passionate about supporting you to have a great birth experience.

However, just like every other human being, doulas have vastly different personalities, energies, experiences (their own as well as with others), and preferences too. Just like we feel a strong connection to certain friends or our partner, there’s a certain something about them that we love… even if they might not be everyone’s cup of tea!

A doula that your friend (or a stranger on the internet!) found to be amazing, might not be right for you… and vice versa.

You wouldn’t just choose any old nanny, doctor or hairdresser… you’d choose someone who feels trustworthy, comfortable and safe.

For some of us, that means a person who is very serious, dresses well and is professional. For others, it may be someone who has a wonderful, positive energy about them. Or perhaps, someone you know will tell you like it is, or will have lots of laughs with you along the way. Or someone who is really casual and low key.

You can only discover how you feel around someone by meeting them in person. A chat over the phone first is a great first step, then if you think they might be a match, a meeting is the only way to tell if they’re right for you and your partner.

How To Find YOUR Best Doula

While training will be something important to consider, something just as important is how you and your partner feel around a potential doula.

It doesn’t matter if a doula has 5 years experience or 10. If you don’t feel like you can let go and be vulnerable with her, that just makes for a complicated birth experience. But if you both feel warm and fuzzy, then it might be a great match!

Instead of looking for the best doula in Melbourne, organise some meetings and tune into your gut. Does it feel at ease? Or does it feel uncertain?

How did your partner feel too… is it a match?

Sure, get some recommendations and read some testimonials and reviews. But also, pay attention to how you and your partner feel in her presence. This is the very best tool you have at choosing the person who is right for you.

On a final note, bear this in mind: just as you will choose a doula, a good doula will also choose the clients she works with. This is because a doula knows it must be a good emotional fit, in order for YOU to have the very best experience at birth. If a doula has to say no, rest assured, she’s doing you a favour.

All the best for an awesome doula experience!

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