Baby Girl Names – Names For Girls

Baby Girl Names - Names For Girls

Baby girl names for those expecting a girl! Choosing the perfect name for your baby can be a long and exhausting process full of compromise and negotiation. Trying to agree on your shortlist of names with someone who doesn’t have similar taste can be very tricky! So BellyBelly is here to help with some name suggestions for you to work with. If you would like to have any names added to the below list, email us and we just might add it in!

We’re going to get this laid out a bit better soon but we’ve made it live in this format in the meantime due to popular request to get it up!

Girls Names Starting With A

Aaliyah, Adrienne, Abrianna, Angel,
Amberley, Arielle, Aisha, Asia,
Abby, Africa, Aneko, Abril,
America, Arissa, Ashley, Alannis,
Abigail, Ainsley, Abrienda, Angie,
Americus, Ashanti, Akia, Anika,
Aspen, Adalia, Albany, Autumn,
Adara, Alena, Anissa, Alessa,
Aya, Anya, Adela, Alissa,
Azura, Alia, Ardelle, Aysha,
Addison, Adele, Adelie, Alexis,
Alisha, Ariana, Alexa, Anita,
Ariel, Alexandra, Alexi, Angelina,
Adhlee, Anthea, Andie, Analise,

Girls Names Starting With B

Bailey, Belita, Bikita, Bree, Ballari, Beverley, Brandi, Brendy, Bandelle, Bayla, Brandice, Brittany, Brittania, Bayle, Beyonce, Breanna, Brooke, Belicia, Biana, Bella, Brietta, Brianna, Basia, Brienna, Bridget, Bridie, Bridgette, Brianna, Bethany, Bianka, Bianca

Girls Names Starting With C

Caelan, Cailin, Cambria, Charis, Cora, Caitlin, Caprice, Chava, Coral, Caitlyn, Caressa, Chelsea, Crystal, Calais, Carissa, Chiara, Cytheria, Callista, Cerise, Cleo, Celeste, Callie, Chailyn, Chloe, Charlotte, Casey, Charlie, Cassie, Camilla, Cairenn, Caddie

Girls Names Starting With D

Da-xia, Danica, Danielle, Daniella, Dante, Dawn, Destiny, Dahlia, Danita, Danta, December, Devika, Damara, Darice, Delilah, Duyen, Damita, Decota, Denia, Despina

Girls Names Starting With E

Ebony, Elisha, Ember, Eshana, Egan, Elita, Emerald, Eternity, Electra, Ellie, Enya, Everley
Eilish, Eden, Elise

Girls Names Starting With F

Fawn, Felice, Fedelle, Florida, Faylinn, Fedella, Floriane, Francesca, Francis, Frances, France

Girls Names Starting With G

Gaby, Ganya, Gella, Gianna, Gabriela, Garan, Gelsey, Gillian, Gilly, Gayla, Gasha, Gemma, Godanna, Ganesa, Gelilah, Gencia, Gyula, Georgia
Grace, Gyan

Girls Names Starting With H

Haile, Hana, Hannah, Havily, Honey, Halia, Harmony, Heaven, Hope, Halima, Harsha, Holli, Hunter, Hailey, Harriet

Girls Names Starting With I

Ianna, Imogene, Imogen, Indra, Isha, Idalia, India, Infinity, Ishana, Ilanna, Indigo, Ingrid, Ivory, Ilyssa, Indiana, Isabel, Isabella, Izzie

Girls Names Starting With J

Jacinta, Jalena, January, July, Jaclyn, Jalila, Jera, Jamie, Jacqui, Janna, Jenna, Jia Li, Jayda, Jaylyn, Jeanette, Jarrell, Jenni, Jacqueline, Jilly

Girls Names Starting With K

Kacy, Kaleigh, Kaylana, Keeya, Kahlilia, Kalinda, Kaylee, Keilah, Kailas, Kalista, Keagan, Keisha, Kailey, Karasi, Keala, Keita, Kaitlyn, Katima, Keegan, Kelly, Kelli, Kalani, Kirsty, Kristen, Kaytlyn, Kristy, Kyan, Kelsey

Girls Names Starting With L

Lahela, Latifah, Layla, Libra, Laine, Lainey, Latisha, Leah, Lilac, Lana, Lauren, Loren, Lena, Lilah, Larissa, Lavender, Lia, Lilia, Larya, Lavina, Lilian, Lily, Leigh, Liberty, Liv,

Girls Names Starting With M

Macayle, Malaya, Mckayla, Misha, Mackenzie, March, Megan, Missy, Macy, Mari, Melita, Misty, Maddy, Mariah, Memphis, Miya, Madison, Marie, Mercedes, Molly, Maegan, Marisa, Mia, Mya, Maggie, Marlee, Milly, Myra, Makaila, Matana, Miracle, Max, Morgan, Maja, Marnie, Melina, Maia, Maya, Mahalia

Girls Names Starting With N

Nadine, Nadia, Nara, Narelle, Nelly, Nikita, Nailah, Nasha, Nessa, Nicole, Nicolette, Nisha, Nala, Nature, Neviah, Nuri, Nerice, Nysa

Girls Names Starting With O

Oakley, Odessa, Opal, Orleans, Ocean, Olivia, Olympia, Oprah, Osanna, Oceania, Ondrea, Orianna

Girls Names Starting With P

Paige, Paris, Perdita, Presta, Pallas, Pearl, Phoebe, Prudence, Panya, Penha, Piper, Purity, Paprika, Pepper, Poppy, Pyralis, Patience, Peta, Penelope,

Girls Names Starting With Q

Qiana, Quillian, Quinlan, Quiana, Quin, Quinta, Queenie

Girls Names Starting With R

Rachael, Renee, Rianna, Roxy, Rain, Reya, River, Reegan, Reyna, Ronny, Ruby, Renata, Remi, Renae, Rochelle, Rhiana, Riley

Girls Names Starting With S

Sabina, September, Shandi, Sierra, Safara, Sera, Shauna, Silvana, Sage, Serena, Shayla, Skye, Sagittarius, Serenity, Sherry, Stasia, Sahara, Shae, Shiri, Sumayah, Savannah, Shalin, Sianna, Summer, Shamara, Sienna, Sydney, Shasta, Seona, Sheri, Sam, Sharna, Shannon, Sophia

Girls Names Starting With T

Tabitha, Talisha, Tannar, Terra, Tahirah, Tamara, Tarika, Terri, Tahlia, Tambree, Tasha, Tiana, Tailynn, Tia, Tamika, Taya, Tiffany, Talia, Tandice, Taylor, Tiger, Talisa, Tanisha, Tazara, Timberley, TigerLily, Teagan, Toni, Tisha, Tiahla, Talisha

Girls Names Starting With U

Ujana, Ulani, Ursula, Uzuri, Ulan, Unity, Uttara, Uma

Girls Names Starting With V

Valencia, Vanya, Venus, Violet, Valeria, Varsha, Vianca, Virgo, Vallair, Vasanti, Vicki, Viveka, Valtina, Velvet, Vienna, Vlora, Vilma, Veronika, Vespa, Vesna, Vanessa

Girls Names Starting With W

Waverley, Winter, Willow, Winona

Girls Names Starting With X

Xadrian, Xaviera, Xenia, Xiu Juan, Xaria, Xena, Xiang

Girls Names Starting With Y

Yachi, Yatima, Yestin, Yvette, Yamin, Yessica, Yi Min, Yasmin, Yesenia, Yuki, Yuna

Girls Names Starting With Z

Zabrina, Zavannah, Zarina, Zafara, Zelia, Zada, Zaria, Zasha, Zlata, Zafirah, Zariel, Zaviera, Zoe, Zahavah, Zarifa, Zelda, Zuna, Zuriel

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