Unisex Baby Names – 20 Inspiring Unisex Names

Unisex Baby Names - 20 Inspiring Unisex Names

Unisex baby names are the height of fashion at the moment.

Modern parents have been pretty busy breaking down barriers when it comes to gender neutral parenting. There have been campaigns against gender neutral toys, a demand for more gender neutral clothing, and now it seems unisex baby names are next on the list of campaign targets.

Names that were once confined to being nicknames are knowing growing in popularity as parents choose shorter and more modern names for their kids.

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration with unisex baby names, or simply can’t be bothered picking out two names when you could just settle on one, check out these 20 unisex baby names for inspiration:

Unisex Baby Names

#1: Alex

This is one of the better known unisex baby names and means ‘defending men’. It comes from Alexander or Alexis, but is now often chosen as a name in its own right. The shortening of ‘Alexandra’, ‘Alexia’ and ‘Alexis’ to Alex has also made it popular as a modern baby girl’s name.

#2: Avery

Originally a last name, Avery has become increasingly common as a first name for both boys and girls. This English name means ‘ruler of the elves’ and has grown in popularity over recent years. This is often considered to be an elegant name.

#3: Blake

If you’re looking for uber stylish unisex baby names, you can’t go wrong with Blake. Traditionally seen as a male name, Blake rose up the name charts for girls in 2013, and remains a popular choice for boys. English in origin, it surprisingly means both ‘fair haired’ and ‘dark’.

#4: Charlie

Charlie is a great option for a unisex name. Traditionally seen as a nickname for ‘Charles’, this name has now taken the world by storm. After years of being used as a friendly nickname for ‘Charlotte’, Charlie is now considered a girl’s name in its own right.

#5: Ellis

Ellis is a Welsh name and means ‘benevolent’. This name is a beautiful choice for both genders. Emily Bronte wrote under the name ‘Ellis Bell’ at a time when female authors were not taken as seriously as their male counterparts. Since then, the name has become a more popular name for baby girls.

#6: Emery

This sophisticated name is German, and means ‘industrious’ or ‘hard-working’. It works well for both boys and girls, and has a very elegant feel. It can be shortened to ‘Em’ which is a cute nickname for both genders.

#7: Finley

This name comes from Irish and Scottish origin, and is believed to mean ‘fair haired hero’. It is traditionally a Royal name. Most commonly used as a male name, Finley is now becoming a popular choice for baby girls with many parents choosing unisex baby names for their daughters.

#8: Frankie

Frankie is arguably one of the cooler unisex baby names out there. Traditionally a nickname for Frances/Francis, Latin names that means ‘free man’. Frankie works for both boy and girls, and is pretty evenly distributed between the sexes at the moment.

#9: Hayden

This traditionally English girls’ name means ‘heather-grown hill’ and is a cute name to choose if you want a subtle nod towards nature. The same name for boys means ‘fire’. This unisex name has enjoyed a boost in popularity in recent years, and works well for both sexes.

#10: Jesse

Jesse is a Hebrew name and means ‘gift’. Traditionally seen as a male name, Jesse is now a popular choice for baby girls too. Jessie has traditionally been used as a nickname for Jessica, but now that nicknames are popular as first names, Jesse is considered a viable option for a little girl’s name.

#11: Karter

Karter is a variation of the name ‘Carter’ which was a traditional English surname for a kart maker or kart driver. Carter has been a popular name for boys for a number of decades, and is now growing increasingly popular as a name for girls. To give your child the edge, go for the modern take on this name by spelling it with a K.

#12: Laurie

Laurie is a name popular with parents who are looking for a unisex name. It’s a little bit different without being too unusual. Lori is a popular spelling for girls, though Laurie is also considered to be fine. The name means ‘bay laurel’, and is a diminutive of the name Laurence. This name is a stylish choice for either gender.

#13: Mason

Mason was originally a surname for people who worked with stone, though is now making the rounds as a first name. Traditionally seen as a boy’s name, this name enjoyed a surge in popularity when Kourtney Kardashian called her son Mason. Mason is a cute name that works well for both boys and girls, as Kelsey Grammer proved when he chose this name for his daughter.

#14: Phoenix

This gorgeous name is perfect if you’re looking for something a little bit different for your baby. Originating from Green, the name means ‘deep red’. The phoenix is a mythical bird that is reborn from its own ashes. It symbolises rebirth, and is connected with the sun and fire. This name will never lose its cool, and is a great choice for both boys and girls.

#15: Quinn

This name is set to jump up the popularity charts at the end of the year, and has been making waves in the unisex name loving community. Irish in origin, Quinn means ‘descendant of Conn’. This name was one of the first Irish unisex names, though was typically thought of as a male name across the world. Since then, however, Quinn has soared in popularity for baby girls thanks to the hit television show Glee.

#16: Reese

This traditionally Welsh name is believed to mean ‘ardor’ which means enthusiasm, passion or warm of feeling. Reese was traditionally seen as a male name, until award winning actress Reese Witherspoon made a name for herself. The name is now considered to be unisex, and is a great option for parents wanting to find a gender neutral name for their baby.

#17: Robin

Robin was traditionally short for ‘Robert’ (not much shorter though really, is it?), and is also the name of a bird. The name is believed to mean ‘bright fame’, and is ideal for your shortlist of unisex baby names. Traditionally seen as a boy’s name, Robin grew in popularity as a girl’s name until a few decades ago. Having experienced a dip in popularity, this name is making a comeback.

#18: Rowan

A Scottish and Irish name meaning ‘little redhead’, this name take its inspiration from nature. A rowan tree is a tree with red berries found in Scotland, traditionally believed to scare off witches. Rowan is a strong name for either sex.

#19: Sage

Already a plant, a flavour and a Pinterest-worthy paint colour, Sage is now also one of the more popular unisex baby names. Originating from Latin, Sage means ‘wise’ and ‘knowing’. It is strongly associated with the fragrant herb, which has been associated with wisdom and longevity throughout history. The name works well for both genders, and is a great choice if you’re looking for an unusual but beautiful name for your child.

#20: Sam

This has to be one of the most popular unisex baby names, which is short for ‘Samantha’ or ‘Samuel’. Modern parents are choosing nicknames over the more traditional length names these days, and Sam is a great unisex option. Meaning ‘Told by God’, this name is cute and simple.

More Unisex Baby Names

Here are some more unisex baby names our fans chose and love:

  • Riley
  • Jayden

Do you know of any other unisex baby names? Please share them in the comments section below.

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  1. Though all of these names are very cute please remember that a baby has to carry his/her name through to old age. So think very carefully before deciding…..I personally like old fashioned names. My children are called James and Maria. Boring? Maybe. But everybody those names and you don’t get people saying “what?” or giving you strange looks when you say their names.

  2. Love unisex names. That’s why my husband and I went with Camryn for our baby girl!:) it’s typically a boyz name spelled Cameron. Didn’t think much about it till she was born and all the nurses and docs kept saying HIM lol

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