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Dangerous Chemicals In Disposable Nappies

A French health agency has found dangerous levels of chemicals in disposable nappies. It is calling for fast action to protect babies. Read More

Best Pregnancy Pillow – 5 Comfy, Top Rated Pillows

Are you wondering whether you need a pregnancy pillow to maximise your sleep? What are the best pregnancy pillows on the market and what makes them so good? Read More

When Do Babies Sit Up? How To Know When Babies Sit Up

If your baby is still rolling around on the floor you might be wondering, ‘When do babies sit up?' Find out more about what happens when babies sit up. Read More

Stroking Babies Provides Pain Relief, Study Finds

Most parents know instinctively how stroking babies gently can calm and soothe them. New research shows there's science behind the power of touch. Read More

How Does Screen Use Affect Children’s Brains?

Screen use for children is a hotly debated topic. How much is too much? This new study looks at the long term impact of screen time on children's brains. Read More

Talking To Toddlers Improves Intelligence, Study Says

A new study has shown how much time you spend talking to toddlers can have a big impact on their intelligence and language skills.  Read More

Is Diarrhea A Sign Of Early Pregnancy?

Diarrhea is not a commonly talked about sign of early pregnancy. It is, however, something some women experience during early pregnancy. Read More

Parents Aren’t Getting Enough ‘Me Time’ Says Really Obvious Study

A recent survey has shown what many of us know already: parents aren’t getting enough me time. Most parents have almost no time to themselves. Read More

Flight Attendant Praised For Breastfeeding A Passenger’s Baby

A flight attendant has been hailed a hero for stepping in and breastfeeding a passenger’s baby during her flight in the Phillipines. Read More

How You Can Help New Parents

Ever wondered about how you can help new parents? Here are 7 great ways you can offer real assistance when family or friends have a new baby. Read More

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