How does your baby sleep? BellyBelly is here to help tired parents, with fantastic, loving advice that will help your baby (and you!) to sleep better.

What A Cabinet Maker Taught Me About Babies And Sleep

What would a cabinet maker know about babies and sleep? He taught me something which I haven’t forgotten, 12 years on. Find out! Read More

10 Things Not To Say To Sleep Deprived Parents

Know someone who has just had a baby? Or someone who has an unsettled toddler? Here are 10 things NOT to say to sleep deprived parents. Read More

The Co-Sleeping Debate – The Benefits of Infant-Parent Proximity

Many parents and parents-to-be love the idea of having their baby sleep close to them but have some fears around bed-sharing. So, what some of the benefits of close infant-parent proximity? What are some of the dangers that can be associated with bed-sharing? Read More

How Much Sleep Does My Baby Need?

How much sleep does your baby need? As a new parent, you may be hoping for more than less! Find out how much sleep your baby needs. Read More

Baby Sleeping Bags – Everything You Need To Know

Baby sleeping bags have become very popular baby items – but how do you choose the right baby sleeping bags? What about SIDS? Sizes and togs explained! Read More

5 Sleep Options For Your Baby – Where Will Your Baby Sleep?

Where will your baby sleep? There are plenty of options you can choose from! Here are 5 sleep options for your baby. Read More

Why Do Babies Wake Up So Much and So Often?

Why do babies wake up so much and so often? Here’s a simple explanation, from one of the world’s leading experts on baby sleep, Professor James McKenna. Read More

Why Does My Baby Wake Up When I Put Her Down?

It’s the million dollar question: Why does my baby wake up when I put her down? The second she’s in her bed – wide awake again! Why? Read on… Read More

Sleeping With Baby – Is Co-Sleeping Safe?

Sleeping with baby – is it safe? If you're interested in cosleeping or are worried about its safety, read this from the world's co-sleeping sleeping expert. Read More

Controlled Crying – The Con Of Controlled Crying

What makes controlled crying ‘work’ is of greatest concern. ‘Succeeding’ in teaching a baby to sleep alone is actually the baby giving up calling for help. Read More

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