12 Royal Baby Names Fit For A Prince Or Princess

12 Royal Baby Names Fit For A Prince Or Princess

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Will and Kate, for those of you one first name terms!) have recently welcomed another bundle of joy, choosing the beautiful name, Charlotte. Prince George has been promoted to big brother, and a proud one he’ll be at that!

One thing that’s certain is that whenever the Royals select baby names, it’s likely to enjoy a surge in popularity over the coming months and years. The naming of Prince George saw the name George jump into a top 10 position, as parents chose this name for their own little Princes. Charlotte is already a popular name, and never strays too far from the top names lists, but it is expected to jump even higher now thanks to the new Princess.

12 Royal Baby Names

Here are 12 names that we think are fit for your little prince or princess:

Royal Baby Names #1: Alexandra

The name Alexandra was rumoured to be a favourite of Kate’s during her first pregnancy. A Queen Alexandra ruled in the early 20th century and a number of other Royals enjoy this as a middle name.

Royal Baby Names #2: Arthur

Unlike some of the other Royal names, Arthur is currently a pretty fashionable choice for a baby boy. This vintage name has been dusted off and is growing in popularity. King Arthur was the head of the Knights of the Round Table, and is well recognised as being a Royal name. The name Arthur means ‘bear’ and originated from the Celtic language.

Royal Baby Names #3: Charlotte

You can’t choose a more Royal name than Charlotte at the moment! George II’s wife and daughter shared the name Charlotte, though it’s not often recognised as a Royal name to the general public. The name is French in origin and means ‘free man’. The name is often regarded as elegant, stylish and feminine, making it a great choice for a princess.

Royal Baby Names #4: Diana

Diana was selected as a middle name for Princess Charlotte. Many new parents honour their lost loved ones when choosing baby names, and the Royals are no different. Prince William was very close to his mother, Princess Diana, so it was expected that he would pay homage to her if he had a daughter. The name originates from Latin and means ‘divine’.

Royal Baby Names #5: Elizabeth

Another of Princess Charlotte’s middle names is Elizabeth, paying homage to her Great Grandmother and the current Queen of England. Elizabeth is probably one of the most widely recognised Royal names in modern society, after all, it’s the name of the current Monarch. Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne for over 60 years.

Royal Baby Names #6: Frederick

Frederick is another traditional Royal name that has existed throughout the history of the British monarchy. Once considered to be outdated, this name has enjoyed a comeback with the nickname Freddie becoming more popular. The name means ‘peaceful ruler’ so it’s a very apt choice for a member of the Royal Family.

Royal Baby Names #7: Henry

Henry is another name enjoying some attention thanks to the recent love for vintage names. It is a traditional Royal name, with Henry VIII being one of the most obvious examples. The name is derived from German and means ‘estate ruler’, which is pretty fitting for a Prince or Princess!

Royal Baby Names #8: James

James is another traditional Royal name, popular throughout British history. It is an Anglo-Saxon name and has remained popular to today. It could be argued that this name hasn’t ever fallen out of fashion, making it a popular choice for Royals and everyone else.

Royal Baby Names #9: Philip

Philip is the name of the Duke of Edinburgh, and is traditionally accepted as a Royal name. Prince Philip is married to the Queen, The name Philip is of Greek origin and means ‘lover of horses’. Traditionally a biblical name, Philip was the name of one of the 12 apostles.

Royal Baby Names #10: Victoria

Queen Victoria is one of the more famous monarchs, and is currently the longest reigning monarch in British history. This name is strongly associated with the British monarch thanks to Queen Victoria, yet still feels like a modern and stylish choice for a baby girl.

Royal Baby Names #11: William

Currently second in line to the throne, Prince William gives this name Royal associations. It is another timeless name that remains popular today. There are a number of potential nicknames including Bill, Billy, Will and Wills.

Royal Baby Names #12: Zara 

The name Zara means ‘Princess’ so you can’t really get much more Royal than that. Though not traditionally a Royal name, Princess Anne defied Royal customs by choosing this exotic name for her daughter in the 1980s. It is now widely regarded as a Royal name.


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  1. I wanted to call my daughter Charlotte, but I wont now that they called theirs Charlotte. (Sorry, I am a fan of the Queen and Harry and their work ethics, but William and Kate are lazy and a disappointment to the monarchy). Charlotte is a beautiful name.

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