Baby Birth Stories: Drug-Free Births

Here are a collection of drug-free birth stories that have been generously shared by BellyBelly members. If you would like to contribute your drug-free birth story, please email us and we’ll consider it for inclusion.

For the purpose of the below definition: A drug free labour is one where no pain-relieving drugs were administered from the onset of labour until the time of birth.

Drug-Free Birth Stories

Joshua’s Birth

Share the journey of Joshua’s birth, told by Joshua’s mum, Jillian. Water broken, drug-free birth, quick labour. Second baby.

Maja’s Birth

Share the journey of Maja’s birth. Told by Maja’s mum, Basia. A drug-free birth, third baby.

Elijah’s Birth

Share the journey of Elijah’s birth. Told by Elijah’s mum, Kelly. A drug-free birth, second baby.

Emily’s Birth

Share the journey of Emily’s birth. Told by Emily’s mum, Kathy. Water broke, fast labour and a drug-free birth. First baby.

Olivia’s Birth

Share the journey of Olivia’s birth, told by Olivia’s mum, Lucy. A drug-free birth. First baby.



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