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Thread: Treating a cold while breastfeeding

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    Default Treating a cold while breastfeeding

    Just wondering how I can treat my cold whilst breastfeeding? Can I dose up on my garlic/horseradish/vitC tablets? I know I can't take anything like Sudafed (or can I?)

    Just found this on an unrelated part of the ABA site "Garlic has been found to increase the sucking time of the baby at the breast, which may help increase milk supply". So I'm guessing garlic should be ok to dose up on?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. DH has had this cold, Tallon has had the snuffles quite badly the last couple of days, and now I'm getting it. Sore throat and sneezing already


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    If your not sure what medication you can and cant take, the packet should tell you whether its safe for breastfeeding or not. I had a cold recently - sore throat, achey etc and took 2 does of antibiotics, panadol, lots and lots of water and halthy food (chicken soup - yum). I was really lucky Lahnee didnt get sick - guess those antibodies went to good use! Have a chat to your chemist or see the doc.

    Hope you feel better soon

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    I drank lemsip, especially good for a sore throat and had a Bioglan spray for my nose (Maxicom Connixum?) sorry don't have the bottle near me. I also put the baby balm on my chest rather than normal vicks. HTH

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    You and me both *wah!* I've had it for the past 3 days, today was the worst! I've been taking palaromine at night time and just paracetamol. As far as the chemist said not much else helps or is allowed (apart from some nasal sprays like rhinocort).


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    You poor thing.

    We have all had a cold recently, including the bubs. All I did was take paracetamol if I was feeling really rough, sucked on some anticol and made hot lemon & honey drinks as well as tried to eat healthy and drink lots of fluids.

    Bloody DH spent 48 hours in bed when he had it, just who is the weaker sex????

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