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Thread: EWCM after ovulation? How many days?

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    Default EWCM after ovulation? How many days?

    According to FF, I ovulated on Thursday, CD15. And I would tend to agree with FF, because all the signs matched up and I usually ovulate around then.


    I have noticed EWCM every day since then. Just went to the loo and checked and there is heaps of it. However my CP is low and firm, and pointing straight down (similar to the way it is shortly before AF comes). (My regular CP checking time is later in the day though, so this could change)

    I entered the EWCM and my coverline went dotty...DH & I are keeping it covered anyway, even if I haven't O'd, but I'd just like to know for sure.

    FF says fertile fluid can exist even after O, but I am wondering if it exists for 3 days?

    I am used to charting (did it between kids to avoid pg) and I usually know what's going on, but I've never come across this.

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    From what I understand there should be no EWCM after O.

    The line has gone dotty because FF can't be sure about O until it has more information. It's confused LOL!
    I would think that FF will wait until you have another thermal shift and will put your O date further along in your cycle.

    Have you had any O pains that could help pinpoint it better. Perhaps it hasn't happened yet. I've had 5 days of EWCM before.

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    I have to agree with Sammi.
    Looking at your chart, it is confused. Another thing that would put it out is your temp on CD13 because it was taken at a different time to your other ones it can't pinpoint it properly.

    But I definately got no EWCM after O.

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    According to FF the corpus luteum produces estrogen which can cause EWCM for a couple of days after O. I've never had EWCM after O either. But I usually O around CD14-15 - even last cycle, post d & c.

    Thanks Sam, I guess I am just going to have to wait to see what tomorrow's temp brings.

    Tamara, the CD13 temp was taken at the same time as usual, but I put it as "sleep deprived", because my 5 yo DD had crawled in with me, and between her & DH the bed was like an oven, plus she had woken me up an hour and a bit earlier as she climbed in - therefore that temp is pretty unreliable.
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    My temp was up today, so a good sign. TMI warning, I wonder if the ewcm I found is actually semen? It was right up the top, kind of behind the cervix, if you know what I mean. Not that I've ever noticed that semen looks like EWCM, but I've read it can. Or maybe just really stretchy creamy cm. Hmmn.

    *Update* I removed all the OPK info from my chart, because I wasn't 100% sure about the positive I recorded (see my thread in hpts/opks) and FF moved my O day to CD16, and put it definite. So I guess I'll just go with that, unless af proves otherwise.
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    Now wondering if it was just stretchy creamy CM - I know that can stretch a bit.

    Time wil tell I guess.

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