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Thread: adenomyosis - anyone have this condition?

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    That would be fantastic if you could Susan! I live in the suburb of Blackburn, which is in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

    I notice you live on the Gold Coast! We are moving there late next year! Have you lived there for long? Do you like it?

    thanks again.

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    Runnermum - We love it here. Well at first it took getting used to - we came from London so BIG difference! THe weather is great once you've adapted to the long hot summers. We have been here 12 years now.

    Tomorrow Ill ring up the Acupuncturist and see if he knows someone good where u are. Adenomyosis is apparently hard to diagnose and is usually only confirmed after a hysterectomy so all the u/s's Ive had (sincebeing told I could have it 4 years ago) haven't picked it up

    Anyway I am waiting for the go ahead to ttc again from the AP

    I understand your depression in this situation it is heartbreaking sometimes but Ive found doing things about it helps like getting as healthy as possible and trying alternative medicine. We will get our BFP's soon!

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