Hi Ness,

It certainly doesn't sound like an easy choice but I think I am in a similar situation to you. All I can really say is, if you even think that you MAY want another child don't get a hyst. Zoladex sounds like it's doing more harm than good so personally I would try to avoid it.

Did you have any side effects from the mirena? I had one inserted to help with adeno but it's been 2 months of severe pain and pain killers I've been prescribed don't help at all. I'd be interested to hear more about this synthetic morphine though.
Depending on your reaction to mirena it might be worth trying this again?

I had my endo cut out and prescribed combined pill + progesterone only pill full time to keep it at bay. But the adeno is the problem.

I'm 24 and want to have children within a few years so all I can really do it try to find the best painkilling method in the meantime until I'm ready. Unfortunately I'm yet to find this method and any help would certainly be appreciated.

Although I'm not looking forward to coming off the pills to fall pg as the endo will return.

You're right it is all very frustrating!!!! But what ever decision you make I'm sure it will be the right one for you. Good luck and keep us posted