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Thread: Help! U/Sound Results - english please!

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    Default Help! U/Sound Results - english please!

    Hello all - I'm new to this area of belly belly I'm afraid. I just had a TV Ultrsound and a Pelvic Ultrasound (I mean on my tummy). The Report said that I had an Anteverted Uterus, a homogeneous myometrium with a midline endometrium which has an AP diametre of 5.3mm.

    Then it said that the volume of my right ovary is 9cc and the left 8cc.

    Can anyone translate this into english for me please? I have no idea what any of this means I'm scared and nervous and anxious and this report just has me even more confused.

    Please help...

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    An anteverted uterus is normal. Mine is retroverted, still fairly normal. Just describes the way it leans. The 8cc and 9cc just refer to the volume of your ovaries, also normal. I'm not entirely sure on the other bits, I suspect it's just medspeak measuring describing the state of the uterine lining (endometrium).

    I suspect it's all normal, it's just that these reports are written in scary medical-speak and are incomprehensible. I suspect there's nothing to worry about at all, but your doctor will confirm that when you have a follow up appointment.


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    Thanks for replying so quickly butterfly warrios. the report also said that i had a few small follicles that were peripheral and arranged in a pattern that indicates PCOS.I've read online that this can cause a problem with egg release (if the follicles are too small)?? I can't believe I forgot to put that in my first post! I'm sorry!
    Apparently I also have an 11mm cyst on my kidney...

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    They often refer to the pattern of cysts in polycystic ovaries as a "string of pearls" pattern - just meaning lots of little ones around the outside of the ovary. Polycistic ovaries are not necessarily an indication of PCOS, though. It's possible to have PCOS and have normal ovaries, just as it is possible to have ovaries of polycystic appearance, but not actually have PCOS. PCOS is a fairly common problem and may or may not impact on a woman's ability to ovulate. I have PCOS and don't ovulate at all without assistance, but other women with PCOS can ovulate (and fall pregnant) with no assistance at all. Some may need metformin (helps reduce the insulin resistance that causes PCOS), while others may need clomid... I've needed IVF, but mainly because we have male factor infertility as well.

    I think I've answered precisely none of your questions! I'm sorry. Also can't really say anything about the cyst on the kidney - all of that needs to be dealt with by your doctor.


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