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Thread: Low BBT and PCOS

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    Default Low BBT and PCOS

    We are currently TTC and am charting my BBT and have found that normal BBT range for me is between 35.4 - 36.5. I have used different thermometers to see if that was a factor and it's not. I mentioned it to a friend of mine and she said that it could actually be a sign that something is wrong with me... i did a search on the net and i found something that mentioned that people with PCOS (which i have) are more likely to have a low BBT. Why would people with PCOS have a low BBT? Has anyone else heard this? or have any other ideas? Should i get it checked out?

    Thanks for your help!

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    I've not heard of this one. There are so many side effects aren't there Unfortunately, I never measured mine so I can't tell you my experience. I doubt it's somethig you can change though... your temp seems like it would be a difficult thing to change.

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    I've never heard it either. I just looked at my chart, and mine ranged from 36.7 during AF down to 36.1 before O. Then it hovered around 36.8. But I was on Metformin during this time, and was successfully O'ing, so whether the Met fixing my cycle affected temps I've no idea.

    Do you maybe sleep with your mouth open or something? I had temp drops when my sinuses were bad and breathed with my mouth open. What's your temp during the day?

    I wouldn't worry too much. The idea of charting is simply to establish what pattern your body follows. My guess would be that you'd still just be looking for steady temp rise after O regardless of what the temps actually are. (Don't really know tho 8-[ )

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    I seriously doubt that because your temp is naturally low that there is something wrong with you.I have PCOS and my temps range from 35.9-36.5.Just remember that everyone is different and the norm is 37 but that is just an indication to go by.

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