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    Has anyone located in Melbourne seen Dr. Martin Healy?

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    Hi there

    I have been seeing Martin for years and he is a wonderful doctor and surgeon.
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    thanks jane!

    im not seeing himagain now until the suregery day. Im a bit frightened about it all. Dr Frank Chen (colorectal surgeon) is working along side him in my op.

    We are not too sure about the extent of bowel involvement so fingers crossed its all superficial and Frank wont need to be involved. I have become so used to it all that It will be weird to not feel this way anymore (does that make sense)

    I have been frantically trying to workout the costs associated as i was starting to panic i would have bills in the thousands!

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    I had my last lap with him at the Epworth last year, he billed my insurer directly and that was no gap. I think I was out of pocket a few hundred for the anesthetist and about $100 or so for the pathology. My hospital bed was all paid for. All the best.
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    Hi All
    Just a question! I went for my final consultation before my op with Martin last week and he gave me my results from my ultrasound. He told me that both ovaries are polycystic and there is a chance i could have adenomyosis (sp?) just wondering if anyone has had this as well as endo prior to going into surgery...

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    I was diagnosed with adenomyosis about 12 mths before I changed to Jim Tsaltas who made the endo diagnosis. When I had my lap, they did dye studies as well and had a look at the adeno to see if any of it could be cut off the top. It was too embedded in the wall of the uterus so nothing could be done. We conceived first cycle back trying after the surgery and I was monitored to check for ectopic pg and advised to take it v easy for the 1st trimester.They kept monitoring the placenta as it was low initially but it moved higher and stayed good and healthy until we decided to induce at 42 weeks.

    If you're not trying to conceive, my understanding is that the adeno can be helped with hormone therapy but am not sure how that works with the PCOS. Good luck either way!

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    Endogirl Guest

    Angry Pro David Healy

    Hi, I have been seeing prof David Healy. Not too sure that I am all that happy as I had to perform 3 IUI's before he would do a lap! He has since discovered I have endo on the left and a bent right advise to you is be strong, stand your ground and if you dont feel comfortable request a new doctor.

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    ~Jane~ Guest


    endogirl, YDI is seeing Martin not David Healy.

    YDI - I had polycystic ovaries too but not PCOS, he will do further tests to check all of that.

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