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Thread: Scar tissue in tubes?? can i still conceive naturally??

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    Default Scar tissue in tubes?? can i still conceive naturally??

    Just wondering if any one else has had lap surgery and been told they could not get pregnant because of scar tissue?? if so what did you do?? the dr said i can have more surgery to try and remove it all or just do ivf

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    Hi Skye,
    I had a lap about 3yrs ago and doc said i would find it very hard to get pregnant. i went in to get ovarian cysts removed - they were gone but turned out I had a really bad case of PID.. How long have you been trying for now? The finance and I have been trying for 12months now and nothing yet, I have an appt with gyno to run some test and probably have another look at tubes. I'm really hoping there are other options that we can try before doing IVF.
    Have you looked into or tried any other options ? I have read about one, its called IUI where they inject the sperm into you. Im really not sure where to start I suppose we will try some more of the lower cost options first for a few months and if that doesnt work then because the doc has told us before that the tubes are damaged we will probably do IVF pretty soon... rather than stuff around with testing and low percentage success rate methods. I know its really stressful on FH and me, at least we sort of know what the problem is..Doc may even suggest doing IVF straight away, I will let you know what the doc says, Should be in the next few days.

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    hey thanks for the reply we have been trying for 2 and a half years i and nothing at all, the dr said mine was prob caused by pid as well i have an apt on the 1oth of next month to decide what to do next,

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    Hi babyskye,
    I had a laparoscopy about a year ago to check the condition of my tubes after about 2 years of trying to conceive - one was blocked and the other was almost blocked. I don't know if our issues are exactly the same, but I'll tell you about my experience. I was told - and my own research seems to agree - that surgery would not be effective because it could leave behind scarring that could increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy. Also, there are tiny hairlike things in the tubes that "wave" the egg towards the uterus, and surgery can't recreate these. However, if your doctor has had success with surgery, I'd be interested to hear about it - can you tell me more about what he/she has suggested?

    I was told that I had a small chance of conceiving, with my one semi-open tube, but after 2 years of trying, I wasn't prepared to wait any longer. I was told IVF was my best option, and after all, it was pretty much invented for women with blocked fallopian tubes! And I have had some success with that - from only one fresh stim cycle I've had two pregnancies. Unfortunately they didn't last long - but that's a whole other problem...

    Good luck and keep us updated!

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    Thanks for the reply i have seen the fertility specialist and he siad i have adhesions in my tubes and around a few other spots he was quite confident that he can remove them and i can conceive naturally the main problem he said with ectopic pregnancy would be that women with healthy tubes have a 1% chance of it being tubal and after the surgery i will have a 305 chance of that happening still pretty good odds though, i am having my surgery on the 15th of march

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