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    Hey Ladies, congrats to all expecting Mummies and Daddies. I am trying to find out whether or not they do 4D ultrasounds in Mildura VIC and can't seem to find any information online? I live in Broken Hill and we don't have access to it here and I really want to have one done I am willing to travel 6 hours to Adelaide to have one but fingers crossed they do them in Mildura so I will only have to travel 3. If anyone has any infor could you please let me know...Thanks

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    sorry dont know if the have the 4D ultrasounds, I never got to have them, but welcome to bellybelly and congratulations on you PG.

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    Hi & Welcome to BB

    Sorry , i'm not sure about the 4D ultrasounds maybe ask your Ob/Gyno where your nearest ultrasound place is (the ones that do 4D).

    Goodluck !!!

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    Can't help you with Mildura, I'd say probably not though. If you end up coming to Adelaide, check out Fetal Fotos. They do packages which look quite good. We're going to get one done there in the new year.

    Congratulations and welcome!

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    I think they're only in major cities - I had mine done in Melbourne. I HIGHLY recommend it though, I will be getting one done for my second pregnancy.

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    Not sure where you can get one. I had a sneak preview of one done at an obstetricians office in an outer suburb of Melbourne and they didn't charge any extra to do it.... nor do they for a full one. I was also told that most of the places that advertise 4D ultrasounds don't have very good equipment and the pic's aren't as good as what you will get if you get them done at an OB's office (if they have the latest equipment, like where I went). My pic is as clear if not clearer at 12 weeks as many of the 30 week+ pics I've seen on the net so I believe this to be the truth.

    I'd suggest you check with the local midwives - they're sure to know where you can get one done.

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