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Thread: Baby asleep during ultrasound

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    Melinda Guest

    Default Baby asleep during ultrasound

    Just wondering, has anybody else had a scan where their baby has been asleep and not woken during the course of the scan?

    At my scan yesterday, our little sausage wasn't moving and of course I freaked out, but the OB kept doing the measurements (for the NT scan and a CRL measurement too) and was looking about and didn't say boo. In the end I spat out "he's not moving" and he told me that he was just having a snooze and showed me the heartbeat, which of course, was happily flickering away. Our little sausage is measuring 12w when I'm actually 11w3d today so that's great. I guess I just feel scared and anxious because I didn't see any movement IYKWIM? Obviously the OB wasn't fussed about it......he even poked and prodded and couldn't get he/she to move!!!

    Has anybody else had this happen??? Feeling a bit freaked out here......

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    I was thinking about this the other night Mel when you first mentioned it and I think one of the scans I had with either Kam or Lach, he was asleep. I had to keep emptying the bladder to see if he would move, cause they had to do measurements


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    This little'un didn't move for my 19 week scan. Was snoozing too! Dr poked and prodded to get it to move it's arm away from it's face for the 4D scan, but the arm would just float back up and get in the way.

    Right after the scan, as I was waiting for the report, bub woke and started playing football in there! These little'uns just seem to have the worst timing, is all!


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    Anatu Guest


    Hi Melinda

    When I had that scan done 2 weeks ago. our little bun was asleep the whole time (an hour in the end)

    they had me jumping up and down and wiggling all over the place with a full bladder mind you :shock: and then partial emptying of bladder and all that.

    just to get the little one to roll over a tiny bit. finally managed it.

    funny thing is when had the other scans in the drs and things little one sumersaults that whole time and doesnt let measurements or anything be taken.

    I was concerned too but they told me nothing to worry about. I am hoping for a sound sleeper now.

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    I remember having my 20wk scan and Gem slept through the whole thing. They poked and proded but she just kept sleeping.

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    Wow Melinda ... it does sound like the littlie is a good sleeper! That's amazing although I can understand why you'd worry. My sister had a v. similar experience with her second one ... the baby was also quiet much of the time while inside but was perfectly fine at birth and is now five years old.

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    Yep, at my 14 week scan bub didn't move at all and I was quite worried. The sonographer was doing all this measuring and I did the same and blurted out "it's awfully still!" The sonographer said "Shhh, that's how we like it, makes the measurements easier to get. There's a heartbeat, that's all that matters"...such a compassionate soul! But at the 19 week scan I did as the other girls in my pg forum suggested and ate a Mars bar an hour before the scan and it worked! Bub did not stop moving the whole time, which was good for us because we wanted to find out the sex.

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    This happened to us at our 20 wk scan LOL! And she actually made us go for a walk and bounce around to wake him up, it worked. She did it mostly because she wanted to see him swallowing fluid to make sure everything was working properly and also to help with the 3D scan. It is stressful at the time maybe if it happens again ask to go for a walk and come back just for your own peace of mind.


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    Yep, this has been the case with us too.

    Our bub was asleep during most of our 10wk dating scan, only moved its arms and legs for a couple of seconds and went right back to sleep. Our OB poked and prodded to try and get it to move and it just didn't want to wake up. I was worried, also...asked if it should be moving more, he said, bubs is just having a rest, takes a lot of energy to grow this quickly!

    Also at our 12wk NT scan, as soon as the sonographer put the probe on my belly it was like we'd interrupted a play session - bub was jumping off the sides of my uterus. As soon as she got a good view on the machine, though, bubs went snoozies ... and stayed that way pretty much the whole of the scan!

    I too was worried after each scan but it seems fairly common. Hope your mind is a little more at ease :bellyrub:

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    Melinda Guest


    Thank you guys SO much! To hear all of your stories really sets my mind at ease!!

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    I just had a scan at 23 weeks to check the baby and it slept right through the whole scan. it was prodded to try and check things but it stayed asleep. had a good heart beat so alls fine

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    angelique Guest


    Mine was like that at our 28 week scan. Would not move an inch and we were trying out 4D as well. But alas, she was too lazy and wanted to be left alone.

    Babies will be babies

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