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Most fish n' chip shops give you options for the fish you can have - flake or other cheap fish (at our local it's cod) are the default fish, but you should be able to ask for a fillet of any other kind of fish you like, battered or crumbed, you just pay a little bit extra for it, itms I ate stacks of fish and chips when pregnant, both times we lived in houses where there was a fish and chip shop within 200m lol
I avoided shellfish (I was DEVO, love the stuff!) during pgs but made up for it by eating buckets of potato scallops instead of the fishy ones
Enjoy your fish & chips, you've just made me huuungry! Haven't had it in ages!
I thought is was normal too to have the choice of fish and to have the choice of being battered, crumbed or grilled but apparently it's not like that in most of Australia. Our Fish and Chip shop offers barramundi, cod or flake but most of it depends on the fishing season I think.

Honestly, you will probably do more good for your baby having a serve of fish each week (brain development food ) then the risk of the mercury levels in some of the larger fish. I think that you are meant to avoid preprepared salads from places like that because if they are not washed properly they can carry listeria.

Bluiej - I think both trout and salmon are okay and low in mercury. It is predator fish that tend to have the higher levels of mercury ...