If Cereal Commercials Were Honest [VIDEO]

If Cereal Commercials Were Honest [VIDEO]

If you remember the viral video If Soda Commercials Were Honest, you’ll be pleased to hear the folks behind it are back with another hilarious short.

Cereal is one of the most popular breakfast foods. It comes in all kinds of varieties, from chocolate to honey roasted.

Some cereals contain dried fruits or nuts while others contain marshmallows and chocolate chips.

We’ve been told for so long cereal is a healthy breakfast choice, many people accept it as the truth. But are breakfast cereals really as wholesome as advertised?

If Cereal Commercials Were Honest

The boxes shout from the supermarket shelves that they are full of added vitamins and minerals which are essential for growing kids.

The television adverts boast about how cereal is the best way to start the day, but is that true? Or should we be offering our kids healthier breakfast choices before school?

The folks at Cracked have created a short video to highlight the truth about what’s in our cereal.

Roger, the CEO of this mythical cereal company, explains: “I’m here to sell you a sack of industrially fragmented bread or corn or rice.”

He goes on to say:

“I hope you’ll choose my carb slabs when you’re in your grocery store’s entire aisle dedicated to carb slabs.

Breakfast cereal was invented at the turn of the century in Michigan by racists. Those racists built health communes called sanitarians where they pushed healthy eating habits that they just sorta made up. And their most popular scientific fan-fiction was that eating bland fibre piles every day can save your body from the two worst things in the world; being constipated and thinking a thought about sex.”

Holding a bowl of cereal, Roger explains: “This is pretty much a bowl of carbs, powdered vitamins, and cholesterol. It’s the number four source of added sugar in US foods behind soft drinks, desserts and candies.”

If all that wasn’t scary enough, Roger then goes on to explain the brains behind the advertising of cereals. The bright colours, the fonts, the television adverts and free gifts are all designed to appeal to kids.

Pester power means big bucks in the advertising world, so it’s no surprise advertisers want to target your kids with their advertising. Roger explains: “We even figured out our box’s average position on the store shelf and tabulated your child’s average height to triangulate the exact angle where this slobbering cartoon mug’s gaze will look your eight year old right in the eye.”

If you’re struggling for breakfast ideas, take a look at this BellyBelly article for inspiration.

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