8 Things New Mamas Really Want For Christmas

8 Things New Mamas Really Want For Christmas

The lead up to Christmas can be a hectic time for parents.

There are friends and family to catch up with, Christmas parties, presents to organise, mince pies to bake and a whole host of festive traditions to be squeezed into just a few short weeks.

It’s a magical time, but when you’re the one charged with keeping that magic alive it can also be pretty damn tiring.

After all of the hard work in the run up to Christmas, all parents deserve to find something they really want in their stocking on Christmas morning. Here are the things new mamas really want for Christmas:

#1: Me Time

Ah, me time, that wonderful thing she used to take for granted. These days it seems like more of a myth than a realistic goal. Give her a Christmas gift that will buy her a little bit of time to herself. It could be a spa day with a friend, cinema vouchers so she can head out and enjoy a movie or a lock for the bathroom door. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something she’ll love and offer to watch the baby so she can enjoy some time to herself.

My disclaimer on this is if she’s a working mama or has a fairly new baby — she may not want to be apart from her baby at all. In which case, it should be ‘me and baby’ time. Take all the other chores off her hands so she can spend some time wrapped up with her bub without anything else to worry about. Best bet is to ask which she’d prefer.

#2: Time To Get Ready

In her pre-mama days, she probably spent a lot longer getting ready for special occasions. Maybe she paid a trip to the beauty salon or took care of things herself at home. It probably started with a long bath and ended with a perfected makeup routine.

These days, she’s lucky if she can fit in a bath once a month. Her beauty routine is broken up by changing diapers, breastfeeding and playing, and she probably never really feels that she looks perfect. Whisk the baby downstairs to help you with breakfast so that mama can get ready in peace. It won’t cost you a penny but will make her feel like a million dollars.

#3: Sleep

This is probably number one on the Christmas wish list of every new parent in the country. As they scramble through the festive season with just a few hours’ sleep each night, they hope above all else that maybe, just maybe, they’ll get some sleep this Christmas. As babies are tucked up in their cots, parents silently pray that this will be the night, the magical night, when they sleep through the night. It won’t be, of course.

Babies aren’t interested in whether it’s Christmas Eve, your birthday or the eve of your first day back at work, they still won’t sleep. Give the mama the gift of sleep this Christmas by helping with night wakings and letting her enjoy a lie in.

#4: The In Between Moments

Christmas is filled with important moments. From opening the first presents to sitting down for a big family meal. These are the moments that every parent wants to be present for, but they’re not the only moments worth being there for. There are all the special in between moments too. The wonder in the eyes of a baby as she pulls the tinsel off the tree, the excitement on her face as she figures out how to use her new toy and that happy contented feeling that the whole family is having a nice day.

These are the moments that parents often miss, they’re busy sorting out dinner, tidying away wrapping paper or preparing for the next big moment. Don’t let the new mama miss out on the little moments this Christmas. Help with the jobs that need doing so she can relax with the rest of the family.

#5: A Little Bit Of ‘Her’

It’s easy to get lost in motherhood, especially in those early days. Sleep deprivation, baby brain and a total lack of free time combine to leave new parents feeling very much like parents and little like themselves. Sometimes all it takes is a friendly reminder in the form of a thoughtful gift to remind someone of who they really are.

#6: A Handmade Gift

Your baby may not be old enough to have developed craft skills just yet, but there are plenty of thoughtful homemade gifts you can make together. Unlock your inner Pinterest guru and cook up a creative storm. From handprint baubles to baby artist framed masterpieces, there are plenty of things you can make without too much effort.

#7: Plenty Of Photos

If mama is always the one behind the camera, she may not have many photos of herself with her kids. Selfies are great, but they’re not quite the same. Make yourself her personal photographer for the day, and charge yourself with capturing as many memories of that all-important first Christmas as possible.

The candid shots will be the ones that truly capture the day, but be sure to take some posed shots too. Insist on having a few family shots too, something you can look back on for years to come.

#8: A Thank You

Being a mama isn’t easy, far from it. It’s a 24/7 position with no holidays, no sick days and very little in the way of sleep. If the mama in your life has spent hours creating the most magical first Christmas for your new family, make sure you take the time to thank her. Let her know that she’s appreciated, that you think she’s irreplaceable and that you’re all lucky to have her.

You could write it down in her Christmas card so she can remind herself of your words later, or simply take her aside during the day to thank her for being such a perfect mama.

What are you hoping for this Christmas? Let us know in the comments section below.

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