How To Lose Belly Fat After Having A Baby

How To Lose Belly Fat After Having A Baby

Wondering how to lose belly fat after having a baby? Stomach fat is tricky. It can be stubborn to shift and because it is easily gained, it can be one of the most frustrating types of fat. The team at Lose Baby Weight often get asked how to lose belly fat — new mums in particular tend to be concerned about it, due to their increased stomach fat during pregnancy.

We tend to store lots of excess weight on our tummy for a number of reasons. During pregnancy, we gain weight around our tummy too, and it is particularly difficult to shift, especially post pregnancy. So, here are Lose Baby Weight’s top belly fat facts and tips on how to lose it.

Belly Fat Facts

There are two different types of stomach fat, visceral and subcutaneous. Visceral fat is the fat that lies around your internal organs. You can’t see visceral fat, but it is there and it is actually quite dangerous. Subcutaneous fat is the fat that lies just underneath the surface of the skin — and this is the fat that you can see. Visceral fat causes your stomach to look bigger. If you have more visceral fat, it will push out the subcutaneous fat further, making your tummy look bigger.

Although subcutaneous fat can make us feel self-concious about out figure, for weight loss to be successful, you need to work on getting rid of both visceral fat and subcutaneous fat.

Why Do We Gain Belly Fat?

Fat gain can be caused by a number of different reasons, many of them having nothing to do with your eating habits. Here are five explanations for why we gain fat around the tummy.

#1: Hormones

Hormones can cause you to gain stomach fat for a number of reasons. Oestrogen, the female hormone, can cause you to gain weight during pregnancy, as oestrogen levels are reduced, which causes fat to be stored around your tummy and thighs in preparation for breastfeeding.

#2: Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes fat gain around the tummy for two good reasons; one, so that our skin can stretch to accommodate the baby and two, so that the baby is cushioned and protected.

#3: Genetic Makeup

Every single person is different when it comes to fat storage and for one simple reason — genetics. Some people have a bigger tummy, and that could be down to their genetics.

#4: Stress

Stress can cause weight gain, because when you are chronically stressed, your body produces a large amount of cortisol to combat that stress. High levels of cortisol can cause your body to direct fat stores to your stomach. So too much stress could cause you to have a bigger tummy.

#5: Eating The Wrong Foods

Eating the wrong foods can cause you to gain tummy fat — especially if you eat lots of processed foods or junk foods. Sweet and sugary drinks can also cause you to gain tummy fat. The more bad foods you eat, the more you crave them, which could cause you to gain weight in the future.

How To Lose Belly Fat

There are a number of ways that you can lose belly fat. Here are just a few:

Belly Fat Loss Tip #1 – Breastfeed

Many new mums say that breastfeeding helps them to lose weight after pregnancy. There’s a simple reason for this — breastfeeding causes your uterus to go back to its normal size, which makes your tummy appear smaller.

Belly Fat Loss Tip #2 – Eat The Right Foods

Eating the right foods will definitely help you to lose weight, as well as stomach fat. Processed foods and junk foods will cause you to gain fat around your stomach, even if you eat under your daily recommended calorie intake — simply because those foods are bad for you. You can lose stomach fat by eating the right foods — a wide range of fruits, veggies, complex carbohydrates, wholegrains and lean protein. These foods provide you with lots of nutrients, which will make you healthier and happier.

Belly Fat Loss Tip #3 – Drink Less Alcohol

Drinking lots of alcohol, or sugary, fizzy carbonated drinks can cause you to gain stomach fat — they make it really difficult for you to shift stomach fat. Overly sugary beverages and alcoholic drinks such as beer can play havoc with your liver, making it difficult for you to build muscle mass — and muscle mass is key to fat loss. Ever heard of the term “beer belly”? Drinking beer can really cause a round tum. Don’t be fooled into thinking drinking zero or low sugar drinks is a good solution – they contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame, which have horrible side effects (for example headaches and migranes) and can make you crave more sugar. You can’t trick the body, it’s very clever.

Belly Fat Loss Tip #4 – Exercise Your Whole Body

Some people believe that you can reduce fat on certain areas of your body alone, and so they only exercise certain areas of their body. This is dangerous, as it could cause you to become unbalanced. Exercise your whole body to lose fat all over the body — and you will eventually deplete your stomach fat stores.

Belly Fat Loss Tip #5 – Weight And Strength Training

Cardiovascular exercise has loads of benefits. But for prolonged weight loss, you need to build lean muscle mass. When you exercise your muscles, they take energy from your fat stores to complete the exercise. The more you exercise, the more your muscles take energy from these fat stores. And the more lean muscle mass you have, the more calories you’ll burn — even when you’re not exercising.

Belly Fat Loss Tip #6 – Stay Motivated

Motivation is key to weight loss. If you want to shift that stubborn stomach fat, you need to stay motivated. It can be tough to carry on with your weight loss regime, especially if you are a new mum as it can be hard to find the energy to exercise. A great way to stay motivated is to track your weight loss and inch loss. As the numbers go down, your motivation to continue with the regime increases.

How Can I Burn Off Body Fat?

Belly Fat Burning Tip #1 – Strengthen Your Core

A strengthened core means that you’ll be more able to perform intensive exercises. Your muscles will also be more balanced, making you less at risk of injury. Pilates and yoga are excellent exercises for strengthening your core (see our video below showing you an easy exercise to do).

Belly Fat Burning Tip #2 – Challenge Yourself

The more you challenge yourself during exercise, the more calories you burn off. Pushing yourself enough to break a sweat and to get out of breath will mean that you burn off more calories and fat. At the end of each workout, you should feel a little achy and you should feel that you’ve worked out. Don’t push yourself too hard — just hard enough to feel the benefits.

Belly Fat Burning Tip #3 – Be Efficient And Work The Larger Muscle Groups

If you work out the larger muscle groups during exercise, you’ll burn off more calories and therefore more fat. Because the larger muscle groups contain more muscles, you work more muscles at the same time, improving the efficiency of your workout. For example, exercises like push ups, sit ups and squats all work out major muscle groups. So you’ll burn off lots of calories when you perform each exercise. However, exercises such as bicep curls are less efficient, burning off less calories. Although working out the larger muscle groups is a great way to lose weight fast, you must remember to work out individual muscles too so that you don’t neglect any part of your body. This way, your muscles will be in balance, your core will be strong and you’ll burn more calories even when you’re just sitting on the couch.

Here is a specific exercise for your core that you can do at home.

Hopefully this has answered your questions about how to lose belly fat. What worked best for you? Be sure to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

Article supplied by Lose Baby Weight.

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  1. I have a 6 and 27 year old and still have trouble with that baby belly .I’m 44 and desperate to put skinny jeans on. I am a size 4/5 now..Any tips would be appreciated.Because Im determined , if jalo can do it so can I!!!

    1. I wish I was a size 4/5 really that would be amazing. Im27 and have a 8 month old son and am a size 16 I’m still slowly loseing the weight sounds like to me you just still see your self as a big person even though your not be happy and content that your that small I wish I was

  2. Breastfeeding did help to loose weight. I breast feed for about 18 months and once I stopped the weight piled back on.

  3. I am a 23 year old baby boy is 6months old,I had big belly issue after birth I started dieting and doing excersing it really helped because I can now wear clothes I wore bfr my pregnany:)

  4. When can i start to work out after giving birth ?? I want to lose the extra fats caused by being pregnant but i don’t know when is my body will be ready for exercising

  5. This is very true! We should build our muscle more so that the calories are burning even in resting and sitting
    the secret is in the muscle…if thr muscle is low…the more fat is present and it produces more!
    The higher the muscle mass, fat is burning and it will be not easy for it to build or produce more 🙂

  6. I’m pregnant & have 7 weeks left. I have put on massive weight & want to lose it after birth. How long do I have to wait to exercise after having a c sec done? Would it be dangerous to start early ?

  7. Hi l am 57 female and 5ft 1 and have a belly of a 5 month pregant lady and not happy with it
    l do lots of walking every day 1 hour and also on a good diet and keep myself fit l do not take any diet pills

    1. Do you eat foods that contain sugars and grains (wheat)? It’s in so many of our foods these days, and they are big causes of weight gain. It can be hard to shift weight when you have lots of those in your diet. I try to eat sugar and grain free as much as I can.

  8. Hi, I am 26 years old mother of 11 months baby. i am trying to reduce my belly after c-sec but it looks like i am 6 months pregnant again. when i started going to gym initially i got pain in my stomach and i stopped when the pain was worse. is there any way we can reduce the belly fat in simple home workouts

  9. Hi iam 23 years old mother to 3 months gril trying to reduce my belly after c-sec but it looks like 6 months pregnant again is they any tips to reduce belly fat in home workouts

  10. i had such a hard time losing weight after my twins, I breastfed and lost 35 lbs but as soon as I stopped I gained it all back and some. When they were a year old I was 272 lbs they are 2 1/2 and I’m finally 10lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight. I work out from home and sell skin care and health supplements from home ❤️

  11. Hi I’m 23 years old. I had a c section. My belly looks like as if I’m 7th month pregnant. And not just belly I’ve extra fat on thighs back and hips. Its been a month since I delivered and my belly is increasing with each day passing. And I’m breastfeeding also. I want to know why my belly in increasimg rather decreasing.

  12. I have a 3 months old baby boy and all i can think of eating is nuttella. I’m getting bigger everyday. Its stressing me out to the point that i hate it when my husband looks at me. I’m breastfeeding but i don’t think its helping. Will i see the difference maybe after my baby is 6 months old ?
    I can’t exercise because my back hurts from holding my baby all day 24/7 otherwise he wouldn’t stop crying. I cant even cook the right food for me because i have no time!! no one is here with me to help and my husband is always at work so i always eat whats infront of me. (Nuttella+toast) :((
    Any solution/s ??

  13. Hi I’m 42 have a son 21 a daughter age 5 and my belly and the side bits are so hard to get rid of. I know at my age it’s bit harder as middle age spread and so on sit ups are no good as a car crash damaged my back time is also an issue as my daughter takes up a lot of time was thinking running would that help in anyway.

  14. also i forgot to mentionned i started on regular probiotics and lots of fish oils and that’s seems to help with bloating feeling 🙂

  15. I’d really recommend HIIT cardio..its high intensity interal burn double calories working out half the time. Im 23 yrs old with 2 girls and i dont have that much time but a happy momma makes happy babies. Find time for yourself even if its 25 minutes. 25 minutes is all you need for HIIT workouts. What I do is walk on the treadmill for 2 mins and then sprint for 1 and repeat til 25-30 mins are up. What that does is gets your heart rate pumping and then slows it does, which makes you you burn so much more calories and your metabolism increases. Look up and get more information on it! Its great and it works! Us mothers should feel great in our own bodies and i think were hard on ourselves when we have so much on our plate and tend to put our needs aside. Eat healthy is key as well! Start meal prepping so you dont fall into bad eating habits when your starving and have no time to make something healthy. Also, have lots of fruit and vegetables around to snack on. You also may be thirsty instead of hungry sometimes so try drinking a bottle of water and if you still feel hungry, then eat something healthy! Good luck ladies

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