Mother’s First Birthday – Tissues Essential!

Mother's First Birthday - Tissues Essential!

What is it about nappy commercials – they seem to have a superpower of being able to leave mothers (new or not) in a sobbing mess?! This commercial about a mother’s first birthday is particularly sob-worthy.

Pampers in Japan recently released this oh so beautiful commercial, which will leave you not only sobbing like a baby (just like me), but tactfully sharing this article on your partner’s Facebook wall (hint, hint). Oh, and wanting cake too.

I always make an effort to say “happy birthing day” to all my mamma friends when they celebrate their children’s birthdays. But the fathers in the commercial below will have you blown away. See how they said “happy birthing day” on the mother’s first birthday. Make sure you have the subtitles on if you don’t speak Japanese. There is a little toggle box for subtitles on the bottom right of the window — it looks like a little envelope.

Prepare. Tissues. Now… and let us know what you think of the commercial in the discussion box below!

… still crying!

Mother’s First Birthday

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  1. I am now a Grandmother and I thought this was so beautiful and very moving. It certainly made me cry, what a wonderful thing to do. Absolutely brilliant!!! 😃

  2. Wow! Didn’t think I would have cried, but…This video makes the sleepless nights and the difficulties with breastfeeding well worth it. Our babies depend on us to do our best for them. I am glad that Dads appreciate our efforts because it gets really hard sometimes…

  3. Oh my! I couldn’t stop crying, still can’t. The warmth in my heart is undesirable! My daughter turns 1 year in two months so I really appreciate this. I needed this. Thank you!

  4. I really didn’t think I was going to cry but I did! Maybe it’s because some the comments these mothers made about their experiences as a new mother I was able to relate to…

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