Menstruation, Your Period and Ovulation After Baby

Menstruation, Your Period and Ovulation After Baby

Immediately following the birth of your baby, the blood loss is slightly heavier than a normal period, and the colour a bright red.

Blood loss shouldn’t exceed what can be managed with a sanitary pad every four hours (if it’s heavier than this, check in with your care provider).

The flow decreases over the next week, and the colour will alter to a paler red, then a brownish-red colour.

The discharge (also known as lochia) can become yellow-white in colour before it ceases.

You will notice an odour, which is strong but not offensive.

The blood flow should stop after a week or so, but light blood loss might last for about 6 weeks after the birth, and is not a cause for concern.

It differs for each woman, but if you’re worried, contact your midwife or doctor for advice.

It’s important to use sanitary pads and not tampons after the birth of your baby.

Tampons obstruct the blood flow and can encourage the growth of bacteria, which could lead to infection.

Make sure you change your pad every four hours (or more often, if required) as bacteria can build up quite quickly, particularly in lochia.

Some women prefer to use the thicker maternity pads initially, as they are more padded and protective. When you are ready, you can always switch to ultra thin pads.

You should see your doctor if you notice any of the following:

  • A persistent red discharge
  • Large blood clots
  • Sudden bright blood loss
  • Offensive discharge or odour
  • A tender uterus
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The Return Of Your Period After Giving Birth

Of women who choose not to breastfeed, approximately 80% find their period has returned within 10 weeks.

Breastfeeding can delay menstruation and ovulation for 20 weeks or more, but it is not uncommon to find your period returning sooner, or much later, than 20 weeks.

There are differences among individual women and their hormone levels, so it’s difficult to say when a period will recommence after childbirth.

Some women find their period returns the very next month after the birth and at the other end of the scale, some women don’t menstruate until well after twelve months.

When periods resume, it’s common for them to be heavier and/or more irregular than normal – often for months.

Some women find that their first periods after baby are so heavy that they need to use both pads and tampons.

If you continue to experience heavy periods, see our article about the reasons behind heavy periods after childbirth.

Acupuncture is an effective, safe option for cycle regulation, which worked very quickly for me.

If you go down this path, make sure you find an acupuncturist who has a special interest in this area. I saw Dr. Chris Tang in Melbourne who is well known for his work with pregnant women and new mothers.

It’s important to note that ovulation and menstruation don’t necessarily start up again at the same time.

You might have your period without ovulation or you could ovulate and THEN get your first period shortly after.

This means you might not know that you are ovulating yet, which is how some women get caught out, falling pregnant by surprise!

When Will I Ovulate Again After Giving Birth?

The chance that you will ovulate in the first six weeks post-birth is extremely slight.

When you see your obstetrician or midwife for your six week post-birth appointment, it’s a good time to discuss starting contraceptives, if that’s what you want to do.

When a baby breastfeeds, the sucking sends signals to your pituitary to release prolactin.

If you breastfeed frequently enough to produce high enough levels of prolactin (the threshold is unique for each woman), ovulation can be suppressed.

Exactly when you resume ovulating is hard to estimate.

The longer you continue to breastfeed and the fewer feeds your baby has (as baby becomes older), the greater your chance of ovulation.

Some women might not ovulate until they stop breastfeeding altogether.

A good way to find out if you might be ovulating – while breastfeeding or in general – is by observing your cervical mucus.

See this article about cervical mucus observations.

When my first born was two and still occasionally breastfed, I learned about cervical mucus observations.

One day soon after that, I noticed that I had highly fertile mucus, so I was able to spot that I was ovulating again.

As a result, I was able to fall pregnant with my second child on that cycle.

Of course, mucus observation can be used as a tool to avoid conception as well as achieve it.

You can use other tools to confirm ovulation; for example, when you have fertile mucus, try using an ovulation prediction test kit or charting your temperatures.

Breastfeeding can be a good contraceptive (approximately 2% failure rate), as long as all of the following apply to you:

  • Your baby is exclusively breastfed
  • Baby is less than six months old
  • You have not yet had a normal menstrual period since the birth
  • Breastfeeds are no longer than 4-6 hours apart
  • You avoid using dummies/pacifiers

Signs Of Fertility Returning After Giving Birth

It can be very tricky to pin point when you’re fertile again. Signs that your fertility is returning include:

  • An increased sex drive – read why your libido is lower when breastfeeding
  • Increased cervical mucus. Right after a normal period you are most infertile, and you might have noticed you are pretty dry. The mucus changes, depending on the stage of cycle you are in and how fertile you are – ‘dry’ is infertile, ‘sticky’ mucus is also infertile, ‘wet’ means slightly fertile, but ‘egg white’ cervical mucus is fertile mucus (not to be confused with semen after having sex!).
  • Read more about cervical mucus and fertility.
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    1. My son is just 6 weeks and my appointment for my 6 week check up is in a few days . I breastfeed and all discharge had stopped but this morning I noticed blood when I used the bathroom and have been lightly bleeding all day . Is it possible to have a an actual period so early after giving birth ??

      1. I had the same problem. I thought my period had come back, but for me it was a continuation of the lochia. My son is almost 13 months now, still breastfeeding and still no period in sight for me. How about you? How did it work out?

        1. My son is a month old today. I breastfed the first 3 weeks then got mastitus in both boobs and lost most my milk so the last week I was expressing the tiny bits I could and the rest was formula and my period returned bang on week 4. I was gutted!xx

      2. Yes it is, my friends period returned at around the 6 week mark and she was pregnant again by the 8 week mark (baby was exclusively breastfed). Everyone is different so information on these websites is more of a guide

        1. Yes that can definitely happen! our cycles are all so unique, and it’s why we don’t all give birth exactly on 40 weeks of pregnancy 😉 Our estimated due dates are calculated based on a 28 day cycle with ovulation on day 14 – when we’re all different.

    2. I gave birth to my son on the 9th of feb 2016 n my bleeding was for 6weeks then on n of for a week after but I did a test last week and they both come back positive can I be pregnant?

      1. yes hun i had my first son 2nd april 2015 and my second son 30th march 16 i was around 3 months when i found out congratulations hun x

      2. I had my daughter3-5-17 and i ended up bleeding for 4 weeks then i started birth control and stopped and since ive had three bleeding episodes what could be happening could i be pregnant again

  1. If your wife has been bleeding from after the delivery of her child in January to now (March) she may need to see a doctor. On the other hand if she is breast feeding this can prompt bleeding as the uterus contracts. Either way it may be best to seek advice from a doctor. Hope this helps. Best wishes

  2. I had baby 5 months ago and I nurse baby often. Now I did have a light period 3 weeks after my 6 wk check up. I have been feeling bloated and gassy and cramping recently. Well the symptoms of a period every month but nothing happens. We use protection. Help me understand this is normal??

      1. I got my period twice after I had my baby I haven’t seen my period since then my baby is 5 months 7 months now.

          1. It’s been 3 years and I just started mine. But I was on the depo shot until Dec 2014 so it has been over a year since I stopped it.

        1. Im so glad u said this. I had what seamed like peroids after having my son. Which seamed like regular periods but nothing since

    1. Yes my daughter is 9 mos today and I only breastfeed and just started my mens two days ago I guess cause he not breastfeeding as much I’m finely getting it back hope this helped…

  3. Good article. I had my girl January 17th, exclusively breastfeeding, but menstruation started on April 6th…ended Tues 8th, light stain 9th n 10th. But I woke up with blood stain in my panties this morning 15th. HELP!!!

    1. I had my second baby jan 26, and think my period has just arrived. I’m in shock. Totally out of the blue considering when I had my first it took 18 months to return! She is breastfed on demand so iv no idea why it would come back 3 months later!

      1. I had my baby on january the 27th i got my period on the june 13 and had unprotected sex 5 days after my period stop can i get pregnant i breastfeed my son on demand as well.
        Im scared to get prego again

  4. I had my baby 2/25/14. I breastfeed for about 3 months. In April 2014 I had a period but nothing since then. Some pinkish color when I use the potty. I also crap, feel bloated, etc. like I’m fixing to start but nothing. I have read online that some women can go 18-24 months after birth before their period comes back. I’m ready to have another baby but concerned that I won’t be able too. Some advice or if someone has had this happen to them please! 🙂

    1. Marylou I have same problem has yours I gave birth to my baby on 12/06/2014 I didn’t see my period at all until dis February this year and ever since then it has bin irregular. It might come as a spot for one or two days and stop. I was in the hospital in January and I was told its normal. Please is this true because am so scared right now. I want to get pregnant again but no way now

  5. Does breastfeeding include pumping (if you are working, for instance) every 4-6 hours? If it’s still every 4-6 hours does that affect ovulation in the same way?

    1. If u pump more than bf you will not get the same hormonal reactions or immune system responses. The babies mouth acts as a vaccum and the saliva actually enters the mother through the glands like Wii fii between mother and baby

      1. I know it has been awhile since the original poster, but in case someone is reading this (like I was) after the fact, I wanted to respond:

        Actually, that isn’t always true. After 3 months of a lip tie and an inverted nipple while pumping and attempting to feed, I finally just started exclusively pumping. My baby is now 9 months and I still have not gotten a period. As always, it depends on your body. The ‘saliva into the breast’ theory hasn’t been proven by science. What HAS been proven is that when you kiss your baby’s face, hand, feet, etc. you can ingest organisms on the baby’s body that will affect your milk and give them the antibodies they need. So even without nursing, you can still produce effective and appropriate milk. I am not saying the saliva thing isn’t true… I am just saying it hasn’t been proven yet.

        Because of the exclusive pumping, I actually make 10-15 ounces MORE than what my baby is taking in by bottle, so your supply doesn’t always get negatively affected by pumping and your hormones aren’t always affected either.

  6. i had my first period again when my baby is two months old and next month i didnt have my second period is that normal?

    1. Did you already got an answers to your problem?
      Did you get your period ??
      I am having the same problem as you..
      I had baby on January got period 2 months later and nothing since then..

      1. Did you get the answer? This is because I m going through same like you guys had my first period after 8 months of delivery and my second time period isn’t coming..can anybody tell me?

  7. I was pregnant 36 weeks but I lost my baby ,I wanna get pregnant again and very soon is that okay ?I mean after 6 weeks

    1. My Dr recommended me waiting 2-3 months after for my body to heal good before we tried for another baby. He said it would increase my chances of a healthier pregnancy and that the baby would have better odds. You may want to talk to your on or midwife and see what they recommend.

    2. I got pregnant 3 weeks after my miscarriage due to a blotted ovum and my daughter is now 10 months and is as healthy as can be. I wasn’t no where near as far as you were but I got pregnant rather quickly (wasn’t planned) . I wanted to wait until I had at least 2-3 periods before I tried again because I was scared of another miscarriage but I was fine and I’m so thankful for my princess . When the time is right if it hadn’t happened already , your womb will be occupied by God’s lil miracle.

  8. I gave birth last November 26, 2014 and weaned my baby on March 6 then I had my menstruation on the 26th and lasted for 3 days. But my menstruation didn’t came on time ’til now. Is it possible for me to get pregnant after recent childbirth? I’m already worried about this because I recently had sex with my husband without using any birth control methods.

    1. I have thesame problem as your, i fave birth sept 3rd 2018 saw ny period jan. 4th 2019 till now i haven’t seen it could i be pregnant? Help

  9. I had my first period ten months after babe came it’s been two months and nothing since feels like it’s coming than doesn’t .. I have taken two pregnancy tests that are negative but I’m wondering if this is normal I’m still breastfeeding 🙂

    1. Exact same issue with my wife. She got a normal period ten months after baby is born. Now it’s been exactly 2 months since she saw any blood. One test at the docs office came negative. She will check again soon. We are trying to have another baby.

    2. Pls help me I had my period too ten months after deliver and my period came twice but since den its been more than one months I have not seen my period. I HV also done three pregnancy test all confirmed negative. Possess help me. Am confused!

  10. My wife gave birth of a sweet child on 05.02.2015 but her mensuration some time stop & some time start .. no calculation …. i have advice from a doctor .. doctor give medicine .. no sutable result ..we have sex 2 times in last week in april 2015 & take IPILL tablets …the mensuration problem still now contuning. what i am do?

  11. I had my baby 2 months ago and DO NOT breastfeed. I had my first period 6 weeks after giving birth and I should have had a period this month like 4 days ago and still haven’t gotten it. I’m wondering if its normal to be irregular after giving birth when not breast feeding. I’m concerned as I had a baby a year ago as well. My little ones are 11 months apart and same thing happened, I got my first period 6 weeks after then it never came back and I was pregnant. Just wondering if someone knows or has had similar experience.

    1. hello. i had my baby on the 29 march i had a period 5 weeks after he was born im about 8 days late i did a test and was negetive even tho been protected each time. so in the same boat. i read a lot of women have had the same. as both of us if you fine a answer would love to know if its normal

    2. Am having the same problem. I got my menses 7weeks after delivery and it came the next month but it has delayed for one week now. I took PT twice and the result is negetive could I be pregnant again? Am very worried

  12. I got my period 13 months postpartum and I’m still breastfeeding day and night. My baby is 13 months.
    I’m so happy as I really want to have a sibling for my LO.

  13. I giving birth on april 20 2014 and then i reguraly breastfeeding but unitl now i dont have my period what should i do? Please help

  14. Hi…i had a 2 nd half year old baby girl and try for another baby since last 1 year…i hv also done ovulation home test at home for 3 times but it come negative…how can i ovulate properly

    1. Babe, the home test you did was it the ovulation prediction test kit you used? If yes, then try checking your mucus discharge on a daily basis and when you notice a slimy mucus like egg white , then you are ovulating. For a male child, ensure no intercourse till u are certain that you are ovulating.Cheers!!

  15. Hi girls ,
    See I gave birth to my sweet tiny sleepy beauty 4 weeks ago at 23 weeks gestation which she pass . I didn’t get no D&C since they said my placenta came all out ( sorry for tmi). i stopped bleeding and spotting after 2 weeks pp. At 3 weeks pp I just had this yellowish discharge that came and went , no odor nor any other symptom . Well 3 days ago I started spotting brown again and having back pain like AF was arriving but It stopped on Wednesday. And started yellowish discharge again til today . But I have been feeling bloated and gassy like I said as if “AF were to arrive” I really am worried because idk who to ask and what to do . Is this normal ? , has anyone gone thru this ? Like the symptoms are normal? Or is it something I should worry about ? . I have my appointment this coming Wednesday but I am just feeaking out a lot !! . Please reply . Thanks .
    I am also wanting to get preggo soon but I have to wait I know lol

    1. Sorry forgot to mention . I am 4 weeks pp now . And having this symptoms ( bloating , gassy , lower abdominal discomfort) as I said as if AF were to arrived .
      Am a bit scared . ( no I have not had any inter course w/ husband ) …

  16. i gave birth to my first heaven sent daughter. She’s nearly 7 months now. I had my first 2 or 3 monthly cycles like clock work. Then the next 2 came whenever they felt like. Now, the one that I’m on is lasting for over a week when previous ones were 3-4 days. Any possibility that I’m pregnant AGAIN?

  17. Hi I had my son in December he’s my third child I only bleed for two days after I had him and not that much either and I didn’t have a period while I breastfeed him for 3 months and when my first period came a month after I stopped it was really heavy to were I wore a tampon and pad now it’s my third period and it’s still really heavy

  18. Hi my girlfriend hasn’t seen her menstrual circle now for 26 months now. It stopped 6 months prior to the birth of our daughter and now after the birth of our daughter its been 20 month without seeing her menstrual circle, is this normal if not whom can we consult because we are worried.

    thanks kind regards

    1. Is she still breastfeeding? It can take a while to come back especially if she is breastfeeding. She could get a checkup with a local doctor — simply ask for hormone blood tests to see what’s going on. I also highly recommend acupuncture with an experienced Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, someone who specialises in fertility. It’s great at regulating menstrual cycles. Good luck!

  19. My wife gave birth of a child on 16/08/2015 after having baby 50 days continuing bleeding and after 1 month every 15 days her mensuration still now contuning. Is it normal?

  20. I had a back to back pregnancy 2011 baby girl 2012 girl and ny last was a boy Jul 31 of 2013 for about the last year I have gotten my period on time like always every 28 days but now its jumpin I will get it 2-3 months on time every 28 day then I will skip a month the it will come the first week of that followin month…..or it be like 6-12 days late.why? What’s goin on ……i cramp like its commin but then comes when it wants

  21. I just had my period back again last month (4mos 3wks PP) now i am 3 days delayed. Is it normal to lose your period again after just getting it back? I am exclusively breastfeed and no, i don’t think i am pregnant. Thanks

  22. My son is 10 months now and I stop breastfeeding exactly when he was 10. And I have been trying to conceive for about 3 months now and my period is irregular. Please I need help

  23. hi i had my daughter eleven months ago. my periods where every month and this momth i havent got it we been using condoms and i havemissed my period i used to have iirregular periods so im used to missing a period so it made it harder to find out if i was pregnant with her could it be just stress with a eleven month old and a boyfriend that has stomach issues that might need surgery?

  24. is it possible for a woman to get pregnant even though she’s already completed two menstrual cycles? just curious. thanks

  25. I had my baby on the 19/02/2015. She is exclusive fed. My period started and was regular in march april. I was expecting the next one on the 30th of may but missed it till now. My period had always been a 28 days circle and we use the natural save and unsave days as a control method. Could it be im pregnant again?

  26. Hi there,
    I gave birth 4 and a half months ago and for a week now have been having a brown-bloody mucus discharge – is this normal? My period has regulated itself and I am bottle feeding. I am Also on the pill. I have had it for about a week and am a little worried!

  27. I get birth to my son on february 16, 2015 the next month I have my period which is march and april , then on may and june no minstruation? Is this norml? Please answer asap? Thanks.

  28. I gave birth april 14 …got my pieriod may 21 2015 …. its now june 11 and im having bad cramping & bleeding is this normal ?

  29. I gave birth nov. 22, 2014, and i stop breastfeeding my baby on mid of March 2015, my question was, Until now I haven’t see my period. What should i do? is it normal?

  30. with all 4 of my children I exclusively breastfed till they were ready to stop. I had my period with my first after 18 months of breast feeding. Continued beat feeding her till she was 22 months and stopped because I found out I was prego w My second child. He gave breast feeding up at 12 months and that’s when my period came with him. My 3rd child little boy which was born. 2-27/12 exclusively breastfeeding and also worked full time so pumped at work. I got my period back in Sept of 2013 which he was 19 months old. I only had one period and got pregnant again. Breast feed him through my entire pregnancy and had my 4th and last precious little girl on June 18th 2014. Breastfed her and big brother till she was 2 months and took the 2 year old off. But continued with her. I work full time and pump at work as well, and she is almost 1 year old in 3 days and still no period. Seems like allot of people get there period allot earlier then me. I feel quite lucky. 🙂

  31. I had my daughter on may 20, 2015 and I bleeding till june 8 and now I’m feeling sick and having tightness in my stomach area I’m wondering if im pregnant again please help

  32. had my lil one on may 20 2015 i stopped bleeding on june 8th now i having stomach aches and a high since of smell and feeling sick please help

  33. I gave birth 4 march 2015 and bled 4 weeks after, i never breastfed, I’m not on any contraception as i have reacted badly in the past to the injection and the pill, we have had sex a few times and use condoms, i have had all the signs of my period coming for weeks now and nothing yet is this normal or should i go and see my gp

  34. I’m 14 months post partum. I had 2 periods early on and nothing until now a year later. I started spotting lasting only a few days, should I start preparing for regular periods? I’m still nursing at least 5 times at night and 4 during the day.

  35. I had my baby on 1st May 2015, had my period on 11th of June and am exclusively breastfeeding my baby without water. Really surprised the period came out, please is it normal? Or should I consult a doc. Pls really need reply

    1. It’s uncommon to get your period right after giving birth, especially when exclusively breastfeeding. Maybe just check with your doctor, in case there may be another reason for the bleeding. Sometimes you can bleed if there has been a retained placenta, but also some women find their period can be a bit erratic and irregular for a while after giving birth. Good luck!

  36. Need help kind of concerned. my daughter is now 4 weeks old I stopped bleeding by the time she was 2 weeks old, and just started my period yesterday. im concerned because im soaking through my pads underwear and pants and going through 3-4 pads an hour, I went to get in the shower and by the time I had finished rinsing off climbed out of the shower dried off and went to get dressed I was standing in a puddle of blood

  37. I had my first baby on 04/22/15 I breastfed her for a week and found it very difficult for myself so I stopped and have been formula feeding ever since , my fiancée and I had intercourse three weeks after giving birth ( yeah I know , we didn’t listen to my doctor . ) but I took two pregnancy test both negative , and now it’s been almost three months and still no period . but yet I’ve been gassy , cramping for the past three weeks or so and still nothing . is this normal ?

  38. I had my daughter 8 months ago i have had a regular period since then but now havnt had a period sine april ive also had discharge like i dis when i was pregnant with my daughter i took two home pregnancy tests one was positive one was negative and it will be a a few weeks before i can get into my doctor and im going crazy trying to figure it out

    1. Usually if a test comes back positive you are pregnant. Not very many positive tests are negative…but many negative tests can be positive. good luck

  39. I had my son 2 weeks ago and I have been losing my period for like 2 days it stops then I get it back In a few days. I want to know why that is happening I am not having sex or anything like that so I can’t figure out what’s going on?

  40. I had my baby girl 2/24/15 I stop bleeding 2/28/15 so me and my husband had sex..the next month I had bleeding for 7 days then the next month 3 days then the next month 2 days but I never stop haven sex my baby girl is 4 months she started rolling over at 2 month’s and teething at 3 months she’s sitting up now and I’m worried I may be pregnant I didn’t no with her until I was 12 weeks I have a period this month but 1 day and it was light pink I’ve been haven dizziness and feeling sleepy I need help with this I’ve been haven discharge my Breast hurts I’ve cramp a little bet I need help please

    1. Definitely. It took around 16-18 months each time for me, but I always did infant led breastfeeding and weaned when they were ready, around 2.5 years. We’re all different 🙂

  41. I just had a baby 5/8/2015 an bleed for a week heavly an light the following week ( 2weeks total ) an had my regular period two weeks later on 6/12/2015 I haven’t gotten my period yet an have been having unprotected intercourse taken a pregnancy test an came back negative twice already when I was pregnant with my first baby I didn’t find out until I was 5 months pregnant even with taking a test do you think I might be going through the same process or am I just being overly cautious? Also I don’t breastfeed an I know that can delay you menstral cycle. Please help

  42. I had a sweet baby boy on the 27/2/15 and had a heavy period in the 12 of June it’s now the23 of July and nothing I have been cramping and feeling funny
    Took a test and it was a negitive I bf when he want to and is also bottle feed as well as sold could I be pregnant

  43. I had my son via CS on the 4th of September 2014, from then till now I haven’t seen my period. My first daughter was tru cs too, but period came 5 months after delivery. I breastfed them exclusively, and introduced solid after 6 month. I wean them at exactly 1year old. My son (d 2nd child) who is 10 months now has started solid at 6 months but loves breastfeeding a lot. Am worried that my period is not out yet. Please help

  44. I had my daughter May 2,2015 with a Csection and never bleed.She is 2 months now.Finally started heavy bleeding July 23,2015.Is this normal?

    1. I had my baby May 13, he is a little over 2 months now, and I just started my period today. So far it’s a little heavier then normal. But same symptoms as before. I would say it’s normal! I only breastfed for a month, and that was it. Couldn’t anymore.

      1. Wow ur baby is my daughters birth month and date oh. I gave birth 13th may 2016 and had my period late June. Everybody is different o even my mum says she is surprise coz she normally sees her period after a year, now my bby is 3 months old and am seeing my period twice this month august. Whatz wrong with me?????

  45. I gave birth to a baby girl by Csection on the 15th sept 2014. I breastfed her exclusively for six months and have introduced cereals mixed with milk after 6 months. I had my periods regularly after six months of child birth. but since last two months I have not had my periods. My pregnancy test is negative. Please help.

  46. Dear sie,mam
    My baby is 10month old and since I have not my periods. I breastfed her onetime during the day and two to three time in night.Please tell me what to do?

    1. I’d definitely take her back to the doctor, just to check that there isn’t any retained placenta or other problems. Also make sure she is having lots of iron rich foods to replenish all that lost energy. She must be very tired.

  47. My daughter will be 5 months this months. I don’t breastfeed so i get my period every 24 days which is normal for me. The last 2 months that i have had it i have had clots in my period this time round it was everytime i wiped. There only small but having them everytime i wipe doesn’t seem normal to me. I also have been having migraines and headaches since my period last week. So i am a little worried and don’t know what’s happening any advice would be helpful. Thank you

  48. My daughter is 11 days old.I’m still seeing some redish-brownish that normal??how long will it take those discharge to stop??

  49. I recently had my period two nights ago..after 2 years of absence (pregnancy-childbirth-breastfeeding) my bany will turn 1 yr old on sept 9th. I still breastfeed him while i also givevhim formula this is my 1st period since pregnancy im 25 yrs old and i am terrified of how heavy it is. I literally have to change tampons every 2 hrs at night i use both tampons and pads because of the heavy flow . is this “normal” or should i be worried theres something wrong going on in my body?!?!? Please help

  50. My baby is now 7th months old and im not a menstruation never come since after my childbirth..but i experience a brownish spot a few months ago..

  51. Hello, I had my second child 9 months ago and my periods come back straight away the next month, I have had them every month up until now I am 3 weeks late & defiantly not pregnant is this normal as I’m worried I do not breast feed

  52. I was just wondering as I’m starting to worry I had my 1st child in 2013 and I bled like normal after her for a day then I stoped and havnt had one since 2years on I have had the implant but was coursing me alot of pain in my lower stomach so had to take it out tryed the pill Witch also coursed me a lot of pain 4 months of not being on the pill and still no bleeding? And not pregnant, has anyone else has anything like this before

  53. I stopped breastfeeding on last I got my periods on Aug 5 for 5 days..but now this month still I haven’t get my periods…is it normal??? Kindly reply

  54. l put to bed 27/3/15 and started my menses 12/8/15 and today is 14/9/15 d menses has not resumed and l had an unprotective sex,am afraid am pregnant and l dont want to now ur advice needed.

  55. Hello pls my & i have our first child on December 20 and since then she couldn’t seen her period till today and she is breastfeeding again we are having unprotected sex pls can she still got pregnant for that without seeing her period? Pls I really need your help thanks.

  56. Hi, I gave birth to our 5th baby 21/05/15 and still havent had a period. I breastfeed on and off but mainly bottle feed as baby doesnt get enough from me. I try to feed him when he wakes during the night and occasionally put him on during the day but he does have more bottles now. Its been like this for about a month or so. I suffered badly with periods before him and after I had our 3 yr old I bled for 10 months straight after giving birth with about 10 days off in the whole of that time so you may be able to tell not having one yet is very unusual and I breastfed him for about three months. Just wanting a bit of advice as everything I read says about exclusively bfeeding or not. Not both or one more than the other. Oh and no chance of being pregnant. Thanks x

  57. I got my period the following month. But three months later I haven’t seen my period sonce then. I have been seeing very light brown discharge. Is this normal?

  58. Okay you guys my son is 2 years old and I just stop breastfeeding and I started my period 7 days and I’m still on it is this normal I haven’t had a period for 7 months and when my son turned one I had my period again but that lasted only 7 days and never got it again until right now

  59. Hi….I have a 14 months old baby boy…..breast feeding him…its my third child….still not able to see my periods….although in earlier two babies….its had menstrual periods started from 8th months of delivery. …. is it normal???

  60. 1 give birth sept 8th 2015, and I was seeing light blood, but since 3 days ago av been having heavy blood clot, what can cause it,

  61. Hello mam… I wanna ask a question After 2yrs of my delivery but periods are not coming…what to do. ..I also stop breastfeeding my girl child for last month…

  62. So what you are say that it is ok, that I have not had my period after giving birth to my first child because my kid is nearly 5 months old and my mum wants me to get the bar in my arm

  63. two months after i got my baby, i started bleeding with a lot of cramping which lasted for five days.Can it be normal period? then i had unprotected sx two days worried ,please exclusively breastfeeding

  64. Hi i got my first period when my bub turned 8 months was between light and normal. Then got another when bub was 9 nearly 10 months but normal to heavy with cramps. It’s now 11 days post that period and iv had mind cramps n and off for 2 days.
    Has anyone else had this? Could it be ovulation?

  65. I have given birth 3 months earlier and haven’t had my periods till now, I am breast feeding my son and i plan to do so till he is 2 years old. Any help, when will i have my periods?

  66. After I had my my first 2 kids my period came back the month after the six weeks and they were regular but after my third I stopped bleeding a few days before the 6 weeks was up then got my period back that month and it was on its normal day but after that period it seems my period starts when it wants. And the last 2 months it started when having intercourse which I think is a little weird.

  67. I had my son on September and my postpartum period lasted for 7 weeks since then I hvnt seen my periods .I breastfeed exclusively and I took a depo shot ….is possible that I’m pregnant please help

  68. I just had my first period on November 09 2015 after giving birth and it just ended this December 06 2015, my concern is is it normal and when do i get fertile and when will be my next period coming? Pls help.. thanks

  69. I started taking birth control pills for breastfeeding mothers 15th of december and i had an unprotected sex the next day.Is it possible i might get pregnant since my period lasted since d 6th of dec?

  70. Does it mean i can get pregnant?I’ve been feeling very dizzy dis few days.Do u advice i stop it for now then wait for another circle? Am really confused as to what to do.I dont really understand how i feel these few days.I really need help.

  71. hi, I had my baby 16 months ago and breastfed exclusively for 6months then continued breastfeeding and supplementing with other foods up to 13months before weaning. I haven’t had my period and its 3months after weaning him. I’m ready for another baby and worried that I’m not pregnant……………. what should I do?

  72. I guess I’m fertile than!
    I’m actually going through a bit of a pregnancy scare at the moment, even though 2 tests have been negative.
    I’m having fertile mucus, and spotting, with period like cramps. My cycle started at 6 weeks pp, whereas my postpartum bleeding stopped at 4 weeks. I’m exclusively breastfeeding regularly, and we don’t use pacifiers, so I don’t understand why I’m menstruating and ovulating so soon.
    My husband and I had a few accidents where he ejaculated in me 3 times, so I’m pretty stressed that we might have another pregnancy on our hands. Our baby is only 2 months old tomorrow, and we have a 3 year old! I know it would be another blessing…but definitely an unexpected one!

  73. I had my first baby on 9-23-15. Had my first period 7 weeks after delivery. I had my second period 2.5 weeks after ending my first cycle. Now, im waiting for my 3rd cycle to start but no sign of a period. I have had very mild menstral cramps over the past few days but nothing more. I do not breast feed. Is this normal?

  74. I born a baby in 6th June 2015 but after 8th months not start my period so I tell me how many time started period after delivery

  75. I had my baby boy 05/28/2015 and he is now 8 months and I have yet to see my period. I was breastfeeding for 5 months. Is this normal ?

  76. compliments all, I’ had my baby through c secton on 12 may 2015 I breastfeed normally all theough, 1 November I had my first period and second period came 27th November 2015 still , December 30 I saw my third period till now I’ve not seen any period again and I’ve done pregnancy and scan and all confirm negative . can anyone help me our?

  77. I had baby on April and started my period on Nov but the problem is if my period start it won’t stop and I did visit the doctor but they say it’s normal but I am worried coz my period won’t stop for a month until I take a tablet. Is it normal???

  78. hey I just had my baby 5 months ago and had unprotected sex abt two weeks ago and I’ve been feeling awfully tired lately I haven’t been on my periods yet and I’m mixed feeding could I be pregnant? pls help

  79. I had a baby six months ago. I was breastfeeding and supplementing with formula for about three months. Two weeks later, I got my period back. I used to get my period once every 4 weeks and now, I’ve gotten it the first time after 3 weeks, and the second time after 3 1/2 weeks. Will my cycle go back to normal??

  80. my son is now 8 months and I have started my period early after his birth until the seventh month, at the 8 month I did not get back to my period again and I once had unprotected sex. I am afraid that I might be pregnant again. would something like that happen. plz help

  81. My daughter is 8 months old today and I started my period when she was 2 months old i Saw it again when she was 3 months old and since then I’ve not seen it again. I stopped breastfeeding at 2 months.

  82. My daughter is 8 months old today and I started my period when she was 2 months old i Saw it again when she was 3 months old and since then I’ve not seen it again. I stopped breastfeeding at 2 months. Hope all is well

  83. Hi.. i gave birth 7 months ago and till on now i didnt get my periods, since my baby started solids he doesn’t breastfeed so much, and for the past two days im getting this brown discharge .. could i be pregnant ? Is it normal ?

  84. help me with a worrie.
    i had my baby on january and its march i got my period on febuary and its march and i havent gotten my period is it normal for my period to not come for the second time? or since im breastfeeding it may be irregular? help please reply

    1. Same happened with me i take pregnancy test every 72 days just to make sure im not pregnant. So far 9months postpartum only had two “periodes” if that is what you want to call these irregular bleeding episodes. Im also breasfeeding!!!

  85. Hi I had my baby 12 weeks ago now he is formula feed so I have had my periods a couple of times now but I have noticed I have a slight bleed between periods it’s like a brownish colour then turns a pale pink is that normal?

  86. hi. im 7months postpartum and still no period, im not breastfeeding since my child was 1month. is it normal?

  87. My baby is turning 1 year old by 18th may but my periods hv not strted yet after delivery. I had very low bleeding on 15th April but dat ws just for 2 days n after dat not mensis. I asked my Dr about it n she said it’s uncertain to say when will I get my mensuration cycle started. Really worried abt it is everything ok with? ?

  88. Please help

    I had my baby girl 13 jan 2016 and have had full on bleeding from then on. I asked my doctor at the end of February and she gave me Primolute tablets to stop the bleeding and it did for 10 days then started again and hasnt stopped.

    Im absolutely fed up.

  89. my child born 09/24/15 , 2 weeks of bleeding after giving birth it stos then since then my menstruation didn’t shown up .. is it normal?

  90. I only bleed for five days postpatum then I had a even flowed two day periode 7weeks postpartum. Then nothing untill last week almost 9 months postpartum, lasted three days stopped for three now im bleeding again. I hope this doesnt mean im going to have irregular spotty periods. Which i guess wouldnt be the worst as i plan on weaning him from the breast at 14 months old which is 5 months away then i can go back on estrogen and have my “normal”periode.. I hope.. I dont mind my periode it is very easy compaired to some womens, but not to be able to plan when it come frusterates me.

  91. Hello!My baby is 4 months old and i have prolonged periods from april till now i m breastfeeding and giving her formula milk too what it could be?plz let me know

  92. I delivered my baby boy on feb 3rd, 2016. I bled about 7 weeks post delivery. I breastfeed my baby exclusively. My periods returned 2 days after postpatrum bleeding and since then my period cycle has become every 15 days n normal bleeding but a lil longer than usual. I really fed up with this … Bleeding twice every month!! Is this normal? Is there a chance that my cycle has shifted for good? I used to have 27 day cycle n was always on clock. Please help !!!

  93. My baby is now 9 weeks old and I still have not had a period is this normal. With both of my other two children my period return two weeks after they were born… I’m kind of worried because the doctor that was delivery my baby was getting coached by by another doctor… A intern I guess u would say…

  94. I had my son in Feb 2015. I stopped breastfeeding at 5 months.. He’s 16 months old now and I STILL have not had a period! I am on depo provera but I always had a period when I was on it before. Should I be concerned?

  95. I had a baby on 7th of December 2015 and he died immediately after birth, and I haven’t seen my period up till now. I am not breastfeeding because there is no baby and I haven’t seen any breast milk drop from my boobs, please why haven’t I seen my period? Plus am not pregnant

  96. I gave birth to my daughter on April 9th. Since then, I’ve only had 1 period, and that was on May 24th. I haven’t had one since… I’m not breast feeding and I’m on the pill. I’ll be starting my 3rd pack on Wednesday. Anybody else have this problem? I just hope I’m not pregnant

    1. I’ve also been having cramping, acne, and hunger. Which is usually the symptoms for my period. Been having them for almost 2 weeks now

  97. Soooo question.

    I just had my daughter in may of 2016 she is my second child. I had a normal delivery, a minor tear which was repaired. I was released the next morning from the hospital.

    One and a half weeks later the bleeding fully stopped. One week later I started again and it continued for five days. Then the bleeding stopped for three days. After that I started again,and it continued for almost two weeks. And so on and so forth.
    At my six week appt my Dr put in a iud. He noticed a spot while putting it in and put silver nitrate on it. After the appt the bleeding stopped that night. Then two days later the bleeding started again. And now it is terrible again. What should I do.

  98. my wife gave birth exactly a month ago and we just had sex and we are afraid she will be pregnant again since we are not prepared please what do we do to avoid it from happening

  99. Question:

    I had my baby August 2016 and my period still hasn’t returned. I only breastfed exclusively for 2 months and comp fed for a month, since then she has been completely formula fed. Also I have never taken any form of birth control. When is it a concern? Could there be an underlying issue?


    1. I gave birth November 29th 2015 and I haven’t got my period either. I’m not taking birth control either and I only breastfed for a week. I was also wondering if there’s a problem too.

  100. My wife had breastfed our baby for three months, from April to June 2016. She had her period for three days (first week of June). She stopped breastfeeding June 25th because she will start to attend class again. Until today, she haven’t get her period again. We had intercourse June 30th and July 3rd. Should I be worried if she is pregnant again or it is just normal? Please reply. Thanks!

  101. I had my son 12/21/15, since then I have my regular period every month. However the past three weeks I have been getting a moderate discharge that is brownish reddish. Mostly brown discharge. Have has it for three weeks now, everyday. No cramping but I would like to know what’s going on my body !!!

    1. I’d definitely recommend seeing a women’s health specialist to get to the bottom of it. Acupuncture can be great for cycle issues too, I have had great success with it. If you find a Doctor of Chinese Medicine (one that specialises in fertility) it could be a great help too. Good luck!

    2. Did you ever find out what was causing it? I was regular after I gave birth on 11/03/15 then this time around I’ve been getting a brownish discharge for the last 5 days. I was thinking it might be from stress.

  102. I have my 2nd daughter, She was born on 03/18/2016.. She’s turning 5months and I still have not yet my period.. It is normal to breastfeed her every hour?

  103. I had my baby August 13 2016 I had my first period October 17 and I had sex October 22 or 23 now I’m having kinda a cramping feeling he didn’t pull out or use a condom I know it might be to early for a test but I never had this cramping before

  104. I got my periods after 3months of my delivery and on my second periods it’s 31days gone but till Im not got my periods.. is I’m pregnant

  105. Hi im a new mom I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl on the 20 February 2017 and had my 1st period for almost 2 and half weeks then it stopped (during the time my partner and I had sex ) i haven’t done any contraception and I’m starting to have my period again on 4th April 2017 (baby is 6 weeks and 2 day old) and still have it till today I’m wondering if this is normal and is it too late to get contraception done thanks☺

  106. i gave birth to my boy 13 month ago but i am having continious bleeding. its been 4 month i am having continious bleeding. i didnt use any medication or any other family planning. if anybody has any idea or suggection please share

  107. Hi I gave birth 22 May and bleeding for about 5.5 weeks then stpped. I had my period July. I am fully breastfeeding. But until now i have had my peruod again. Has anyone experienced thi s before? I also did a test last week of august and it was negative but I feel dizzy and feel like needs to vomit. Im worried and confused.

  108. My cesarian delivery was on October 10. Bleeding continued up to next two weeks. After that no bleeding. On November 9 again mild bleeding occurred. But the colour is light brown. I thought it may be the next period. Again on this November 29 same thing happened. With the light brown coloured blood. Is this is periods or the blood which completely not came after delivery

  109. Hi. I am an exclusively breastfeeding mom. had my daughter on 9/16/2018 and had my first period on 1/11/2018 for 4 days, but it didn’t come again the following month till now. Is it normal

  110. Hi my name is Jennifer and i gave birth to my son on March 11 2016 and had bleeding for 3 months.. He still breastfeeds now hes 2 years old.. and i haven’t had my period fo e 1 and 9 months now.. what does that means??

  111. I had my baby through a ceasarean section on17th August 2017, after the normal birth flow stopped, in October I had like 5 days of blood flow, since then I haven’t had my period. Am I still normal

  112. My baby is 11 month old I haven’t got my periods back since delivery. I am breastfeeding my baby twice a day but haven’t got my periods, my gynaecologist asked to take Dronis 20 mg tablets for 21 days, 17 days completed, but I haven’t got my periods back

  113. Hi, My wife got normal delivery on 12.06.18, had a baby and she is breastfeeding the baby as well. Just after delivery she got bleeding continuously more or less 15 – 20 days, which might be normal. She got her first menstruation bleeding on 02.08.18.We did sex without having any contraceptive pill or condom on 26.08.18 (after 24 days of her 1st day of MC) but i had withdrawal before discharge. Now it stands a thing to worry to me if there is any chances of pregnancy again. Please let me know, is there anything to worry, even if i have gone through the contraception method of days calculation and withdrawal method ?

  114. I had my first child in oct15 ,2015 ,though I did exclusive breast feed for 6months after 6month included other food but was still breast feeding her till 1year 1month and through out that time was not menstruating, until after stopped breastfeeding her. Now it’s been 3years now I can’t concieve, my ovulation was coming norm until I don’t know what happen it started coming lighter and now I don’t see it again, could it be that I don’t it well or what?

  115. Hi,
    my mensuration has not returned since i gave birth and my baby is eleven months already.
    please i want to know if it’s normal.this is my second delivery

    Note that i saw my period six months after the delivery of my first baby.

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