10 Fun And Original Baby Shower Ideas

10 Fun And Original Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers should be like snowflakes – each one should be totally unique based on what the mother-to-be enjoys.

Lots of baby showers feature the same aspects – giant baby bottles, pink and blue balloons and awkward baby shower games – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

No matter what your best friend is into, you should be able to throw her a fun and unique baby shower to love.

Here are some great ideas for inspiration:

Original Baby Shower Ideas #1: Picnic Perfect

Weather permitting, a picnic is the perfect occasion to gather with friends and celebrate a pregnancy. Choose a beautiful location such as a city park or idyllic country setting, and ask all of the guests to bring some picnic food. Make sure you have a blanket big enough for everyone to sit on, a couple of games to play and a camera. Strawberries, sandwiches, salads and cupcakes are great picnic foods. Have a bad weather backup plan just in case Mother Nature decides to scupper your plans.

Original Baby Shower Ideas #2: Barbecue On The Beach

Or, if you aren’t lucky enough to live near a beach, a backyard barbecue will do. It’s always great to spend time outdoors, so fire up the grill and host a barbecue for your best friend. Make sure there are lots of foods to choose from, and don’t forget to care for any vegetarian guests.

Having a barbecue on the beach means you get to enjoy a sea view, but don’t host it during the sun’s peak hours or your guest of honour may find herself struggling with the heat. The benefit of a backyard barbecue is that your house is only a few steps away should the weather decide to change.

Original Baby Shower Ideas #3: Afternoon or High Tea

Once a pastime reserved for old ladies, afternoon tea is now considered to be the very height of vintage chic. Check out haunts in your local area for the perfect venue to host your party, and make sure they can accommodate all of your guests.

Most pregnant women will agree that cake is the ideal way to celebrate pretty much anything. If you can’t find a venue big enough for your party, or would prefer a more intimate venue, you could consider hosting the party at home. Guests could help out with the food, and you could even hire professional caterers to create an impressive array of delicious cakes for the event.

Original Baby Shower Ideas #4: Mocktail Party

If your friends are regulars on the cocktail scene, this may be the perfect way to help your friend rekindle her pre-pregnancy love of fruity drinks. You could rent out a booth in a cocktail bar, or for a more intimate party, invite everyone round to yours. Set up a makeshift bar complete with fruit juices, fresh fruits, cocktail glasses and plenty of accessories, and leave out a mocktail recipe book so people can experiment. As an extra touch, consider creating a signature drink to give guests on arrival.

Don’t forget to check out our delicious mocktail suggestions.

Original Baby Shower Ideas #5: Spa Day

A good old fashioned pampering might be just what your friend needs.

Find a spa who offer pregnancy massages, and book everyone in for a day of rest, relaxation and treatments. Ask guests to chip in for the pregnancy massage, and present it as a surprise gift at the start of the day.

The great thing about a pamper day is that your friend will be able to relax and unwind, whilst spending time with the people she loves.

Original Baby Shower Ideas #6: Fancy Meal

If your friend is a bit of a foodie, a nice meal at a fancy restaurant might be the perfect baby shower.

Baby showers don’t have to be informal, and if all the guests think a meal out is a good idea, then why not indulge your friend with a delicious meal?

Choose a quiet night of the week, and book a table at her favourite restaurant. Tell the restaurant about the special occasion and see if they can bring a cake out with dessert. If there are a lot of guests, encourage people to switch seats between courses so your friend gets to speak to everyone there.

Original Baby Shower Ideas #7: Shopping Trip

If it’s a small group of you attending the baby shower, you could turn it into a practical day out. If each guests contributed vouchers as a gift, you could all head out to a department store to spend the money on some key items for the nursery, or even some adorable baby clothes. This has the added bonus of letting the mum-to-be choose what she really wants while you all enjoy the shopping experience with her.

Keep in mind, however, that your friend may tire more quickly than usual, so make sure there are plenty of cafes and coffee shops you can call in at for a quick break.

Original Baby Shower Ideas #8: Sleepover

Remember as teenagers when you would take over your parents’ living room, scatter bedding across the floor, put on a movie and shovel popcorn down your throat? Those were the days. Why not relive some of that bonding time now? Host a small sleepover for the mum-to-be, and have a selection of her favourite movies and snacks to hand.

Original Baby Shower Ideas #9: Camping Trip

Not for the faint hearted, but if the mum-to-be is a fully fledged outdoors girl, she might love a short camping trip away with her friends.

It will give you all some real time to bond, and you’ll be creating memories she can reminisce about as she changes all those dirty nappies for the next couple of years. Remember, this won’t be your average camping trip. You’ll need to stay somewhere with decent toilets that aren’t far from your tent, and your friend might appreciate something more comfortable than a camping mat to sleep on.

If you’re planning a camping trip baby shower, it’s probably worth having it during the second trimester when energy levels are usually pretty high. If not everyone fancies camping, invite them over to celebrate during the day with you. Share a meal and celebrate your friend’s pregnancy.

Original Baby Shower Ideas #10: Hotel Getaway

If you love the idea of taking a trip away but your friend isn’t much of a camper, a hotel getaway might be more up your street. You’ll get to spend a chunk of time away as friends, but your friend will have the luxury of a comfy mattress to sleep on at the end of the day. Find a venue that suits all of the guests, and make sure there are things to do during your stay. If you stay in the city, you may be able to find out details of chocolate tours or something else as equally indulgent.

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  1. My hometown shower was an open house… Men and women, no games or giveaways, just an all afternoon taco buffet and we opened gifts every hour so people could come and go. Men were requested to bring diapers, and it was great because my husband isn’t from my town to try to have a diaper party there. Everyone loved it and said it was the best “baby shower” ever because it was so open and casual 🙂

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