7 Creative Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women

7 Creative Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women

The spooky season is nearly upon us!

The supermarket aisles are filled with Halloween chocolates, Netflix is starting to fill up with horror films and you’ve already started a Pinterest board of scary pumpkin inspiration.

Halloween is the best time of year for dressing up and there’s no reason you should miss out just because you’re pregnant.

Your bump could even provide some inspiration for the costume.

Don’t waste your energy trying to hide that bump, instead use it as a focal point.

Creative Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women

So whether you’re heading to a spooky Halloween party or simply fancy giving the local trick or treaters a scare when you answer the door, here are a few ideas for terrifyingly creative Halloween costumes for pregnant women:

#1: That Infamous Scene From Alien

It has to be done, doesn’t it?

After all, pregnancy is the one time in your life when your find yourself relating to John Hurt’s character in alien.

As your baby grows, you’ll notice the kicks and nudges become stronger and more powerful.

In fact, at times you may worry that the baby is trying to break out through your stomach and that’s the inspiration for this ingenious Halloween costume.

7 Creative Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women

Credit: Pinterest

#2: The Avocado

If an alien breaking out of your bump doesn’t appeal, perhaps you’d prefer a more PG rated costume?

Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean you have to terrify everyone you see, after all. For a costume that makes the most of your bump, how about creating an avocado costume?

Your baby will take centre stage playing the much-loved avocado stone and (added bonus) you’ll get to paint your face green. It’s a win-win.

7 Creative Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women

Credit: Good Housekeeping

#3: Goretastic Pregnant Zombie

If you’re a Walking Dead fan, this is the costume for you.

Channel your inner zombie and release your actual inner zombie (aka your baby) by dressing up as the most terrifying pregnant zombie ever seen.

Cover your face in Zombie-fied makeup, backcomb that beautiful hair of yours and make sure your clothes are ripped and bloody. For that extra shock factor, create a homemade zombie doll to burst out of your bump.

Now, get practicing that creepy zombie walk.

7 Creative Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women

Credit: Wonder How To

#4: Jack O Lantum

What is a bump if not a blank canvas?

Get your facepaints out and go wild creating the ultimate creepy pumpkin on your belly.

The bigger your bump, the bigger your pumpkin will be. If you prefer, you can create a friendly looking pumpkin rather than one with an evil grimace.

Unless you’re a whizz at painting backwards, you’ll probably need a friend to help you out with this one so call in a favour from your most artist friend.

7 Creative Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women

Credit: FunFaba

#5: The Solar System

This baby means the world to you, so why not celebrate that by turning your bump into the solar system?

Your bump will make a pretty good sun, then you just need to hone your papier mache skills to create all of the planets.

To give this costume the creepy Halloween edge, add in a few flying saucers circling Earth.

7 Creative Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women

Credit: Pics About Space

#6: Skeletwo

During pregnancy, you are allowed to wear yoga pants, pyjamas and leggings as often as you like. You can put comfort above all else.

Nothing matters as long as you’re happy and comfy and already dressed for napping (you are also allowed to nap a lot during pregnancy).

Why should Halloween be any different?

If you want to stay comfy whilst also getting into the spirit of the season, a pregnant skeleton costume might be perfect for you. The typical skeleton print is altered to allow for a skeleton baby in your bump.

And, most importantly, the costume is basically leggings and a long sleeved top so it’s perfect for that mid-party nap.

7 Creative Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women

Credit: Make It Love It (check out the tutorial)

#7: Juno

If you’re a movie fan, you might like a costume that has taken its inspiration from one of the most-loved pregnancy films of recent years.

Juno is the heartwarming tale of a high school couple who fall pregnant unexpectedly.

If you haven’t seen it, you should watch it but only when you have eight million tissues handy because it’s a sob fest.

This costume is perfect for couples because your partner can dress up as Juno’s boyfriend, Paulie Bleeker.

7 Creative Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women

Credit: Reddit

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