Bleeding After Sex During Pregnancy – Is It Normal?

Bleeding After Sex During Pregnancy - Is It Normal?

After a passionate love-making session with your partner, it can be frightening to discover you are spotting or bleeding after sex while pregnant.

Firstly, don’t panic – it’s highly unlikely for sexual intercourse to disturb or harm your baby.

Your baby is very well protected in your uterus, which is sitting safely above your vagina.

A thick, protective mucus plug seals the cervix and your baby is surrounded by the warm, amniotic fluid in the amniotic sac.

So don’t be beat yourself up thinking that you’ve hurt your baby. The blood is highly likely from your own body.

It’s also very unlikely for sex to result in miscarriage, unless you have a specific medical condition and your midwife or doctor has warned you not to have sex for this very reason.

If you have a history of miscarriage, your midwife or doctor may have advised you to hold off with intercourse during the first trimester, just to be safe.

What Causes Bleeding After Sex During Pregnancy?

The reason spotting or light blood loss can occur after sexual activity is due to increased blood supply in your pelvic region.

Little blood vessels are in plentiful supply during pregnancy, including around your softened cervix.

Sometimes, having sex can rupture some of the tiny vessels, causing the spotting or streaking.

If you’ve had particularly vigourous sex, you may want to drop things down a notch, and see how it goes next time.

But of course, this isn’t a guaranteed way to prevent any spotting.

Make sure you use a water-based lubricant if you need it, to reduce friction and discomfort.

BellyBelly recommends Lariese Evolve Personal Organic Lubricant, which is the best selling organic personal lubricant in Australia (they ship internationally). It’s designed to match the slightly acidic pH level of the vagina, and leaves no icky sticky residue.

Avoid non-water based lubricants such as those with glycerine, because glycerine can increase your chances of vaginal thrush, which is already a higher risk while you’re pregnant.

Should I Tell My Doctor If I Noticed Bleeding After Sex?

Any blood loss should be mentioned to your doctor or midwife, just to be on the safe side.

It’s absolutely worth your own peace of mind.


More Information On Bleeding In Pregnancy

If you’d like more information about bleeding during pregnancy, check out our article here.

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  1. I went to the doctor and found out I was pregnant on March 16, he scheduled me to get my first ultrasound done in two weeks being the 30th and to write down any time I had sex or bleeding or pain till then. I did as he asked and did fine until after a few days of not having sex when we did the first time I had a little blood when I wiped then it stopped. The next time a few hours later no bleeding. Then the next day I had started bleeding again and so on for the next few days with bright red blood but only when I wiped and would hardly ever have enough that it would get on a pad. (BTW I have not been having sex since that day) I started having extremely tiny clots/stringy bits coming out and still bright red blood every now and again which concerns me. I had 3 previous miscarriages but this is completely different?. Is this “normal”?. I had to change my app to April 6th so I’m trying to get advice whether or not I should go to the ER or wait it out?.

  2. W/ your high risk of misscarriage, I would ask you to see medical attention just to be on a safe side. You may need to call you Ob Gyn office first. Sometime they are able to make an arrangement with your hospital ER dept so you are seen as soon as you get there to avoid long waiting time. Congratulation and Wishing you all the best.
    Take care

  3. I am weeks and I just had sex this is my first baby and i went and use bathroom and didnt see blood but when i whipt i saw it is that normal

  4. I had sex with my partner and I started to bleed we notices ofter we finished and it was just that the next day I bleed a blood clot and no blood should i de concern I did call my doctor and let them know since I did have a miscarriage two years ago

  5. I just found out that im pregnant i have my first sonogram In 2 days, me and my boyfriend had sex i noticed i was bleeding light pink just for a minute then stopped. I have had cyst before maybe a year ago that i had to go to the doctor for to give me medicine for it to go away. im very concerned and wondering if i should go to the hospital or wait for 2 days for my sono? I know that cyst can cause a miscarriage im wondering if me having sex while pregnant will make them come back.. ?

  6. i’m going on 11 weeks pregnant, my boyfriend and i had sex a couple of hours ago, i went to go pee and there was blood is that normal?

    1. A little bleeding like spotting or streaking is perfectly normal. The increased bloodflow creates fuller vessels in which can burst causing this bleeding. I would call doctor/midwife if its any more that spotting or streaking, just to be safe.

  7. I found out on Wednesday that I was pregnant when taking a clear blue test. It came up saying I was 1-2 weeks. I was shock since I had a miscarriage in February. I’ve just had sex with my partner and he noticed I was bleeding. I wiped myself and it was a pink colour. As you can tell I’m very worried and anxious as I want this pregnancy to go fine but I can’t help but worry. Is this something to worry about or shall I call a doctor to get seen to? I would really appreciate it if someone could give me advice. Hopefully I won’t have any bad bleeding to make me panic even more. Thank you x

  8. I had intercourse and I went to the restroom and I seen a peachy colored film on my toilet paper is this normal? I’m scared and I want to go to the doctor…. what should I do?

  9. Im 13 weeks today I had intercourse with my partner tonite and after i went to the bathroom and there was blood but wen i passes urnie and wiped there was nothing but ive got pain on my pelvis

    What shall i do ???

  10. My Partner is 9 weeks pregnant. …
    We have just had sex and straight after we noticed that she had bled! More than spotting!

    Earlier on today
    We went to the epu for an internal scan and everything was absolutely fine.. heart beat etc etc…
    But we’re both on pins now and really worried!!
    please tell us what we should do!

    Thank you
    David x

    1. David, if you’re both worried, definitely make an appointment with her doctor or midwife, even for peace of mind. The doctor/midwife will let you know if you need to abstain or not, but otherwise, know that the baby is well protected behind the cervix in a healthy pregnancy. Just take it easy until you see the doctor.

      1. Hi my partner and i are roughly 6 weeks pregnant well im not so sure now as could be more after reading this !!
        Anyway she noticed a bit of dark coulouredmaybe brownishish in colour blood and we thought nothing of it and then and sex to which was as much blood as a normal period for her and the same colour!!! We have tried to contact our mindwife but they are really busy in our area im more worried than her….please can you advise if you could ….thanks @@!


  11. Earlier today I had sex With my partner after we finished I noticed that I was bleeding .I was so scared bcos I had miscarriage last July I went straight to the doctor he told me is normal daring first trimester but the blood stopped after wards.still worried advice me ladies
    Thank you

  12. I am Sex week preagnanct , I saw bleeding after sex. It was shocking to me
    But after I read your explanation
    I got relief and stop making sex to be safe from any problem

    Thanks !

  13. I’m 16weeks pregnant and my baby still not kicking ..sometimes i feel like little bit moving but not like feeling that is a baby i want to know what mass I do or is just normal

  14. Im almost 7 weeks pregnant Me & my partner had sex and just as we finished I got up and I noticed blood and I went to the toilet wiped haven’t noticed anymore blood would there be any serious concerns to be worried about
    Freaking out a bit

  15. HEY! Im Brittany ok, I have never been pregnant before soi hadto look for some Guidance im 22 years old me andmy boyfriend had unprotected sex etc so yesterday wemade a love connection and it was a little blood (Brite pinkish Red) today we madea love connection and it was nothing not even when I wipe am I pregnant or Not

  16. Hi, I’m 11 weeks pregnant. Last night during sex my boyfriend noticed I was bleeding very heavy. Went to the emergency room & they did a ultrasound but couldn’t see a heart rate or good image because of the quality of their machine. Woke up 7 hours later, bleeding stopped & I have cramps & im nauseous but that always happens to me in the morning a.k.a morning sickness.. so I hav go wait three days to find out if I lost my baby.. Has anyone else gone through this?

  17. Hi. I’m 6 weeks pregnant and I’ve had 3 miscarriages in the last 12 months. I had a scan last week and all was good ☺️ Me and my hubby just had sex and after I noticed I was bleeding but just a bit and no clots. It was a red then light pink. I’m freaking out!! Someone please tell me that’s ok?!

    1. Im 22 weeks and started bleeding two days ago right after I had sex with my fiancé it was a little but my doctor said its totally normal to bleed after sex while pregnant. Just as long as there are no clots and a lot of blood. I would call your doctor just to be sure. Everyone is different.

  18. Im 14 weeks pregnant, i just had sex with my partner but after when i got up, i started bleeding light blood, it was all over the floor, so i took a pad and put it for over night. Two weeks before i had the same problem and i ended up being admitted in hospital. So im just gonna stay away from sex to avoid complications.

  19. I’m 40 weeks 1 day 1cm dilated and my cervix is softened, I had sex with my husband yesterday and bleed a little bit. I had sex tonight and I’m bleeding quite a bit.. is it normal I’m freaking out this is my first baby and my due date was yesterday……

  20. I’m 10 weeks this my first child had sex yesterday and I went to the bathroom and wip my self it. was light bleed and blood clot should I get nervous go to the hospital

  21. Hi I’m 16+ 4 days pregnant I just has sex with my husband and realised I was bleeding it was fresh red blood
    Not a lot and when I wipe it’s still
    Their like blood mixed in with water it’s my first pregnancy and am really worried

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