Pregnancy Announcement Ideas – 7 Creative Videos

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas - 7 Creative Videos

So close to making your pregnancy announcement and busting to share?

You’ve been keeping the world’s most exciting secret for weeks!

You might’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve nearly let slip your news.

It’s been hard to hide the fact you’re no longer up for late nights and suddenly gone off soft cheese without giving away your secret.

Keeping your pregnancy under wraps is hard works.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas – 7 Creative Videos

So it’s understandable that when you finally break the news to your loved ones, you want it to be memorable.

Here are some creative pregnancy announcements to give you inspiration for your big revelation:

Pregnancy Announcement #1: On The Rocks

Celebrity couple, Chris O’Dowd and Dawn O’Porter, announced their pregnancy in the way of the moment – through the ice bucket challenge!

Hollywood’s O’Dowd completed the challenge and then nominated Baby O’Porter to take the challenge.

Judging by the size of O’Porter’s bump, the couple’s friends and family may have known the news for a while, but this was a wonderful way to tell the rest of the world.

Pregnancy Announcement #2: A Family Treasure Hunt

This creative couple created a personalised treasure hunt to break the news to their family.

The family race round the home, laughing and joking along the way.

The treasure hunt leads the unsuspecting players to a room filled with balloons, the perfect way to announce a pregnancy.

Pregnancy Announcement #3: The Picture Worth A Thousand Words

Nothing says ‘Grandma’ quite like a framed sonogram picture.

This is a great way to break the news, finally you can share that photograph of your beautiful baby with the world.

Pregnancy Announcement #4: Buddy Up

Ok, this one may be slightly harder to arrange, but this double announcement seems to make this Grandma-to-be’s day.

Overjoyed about the first pregnancy, she then looks fit to burst when she hears another family member is also pregnant.

Pregnancy Announcement #5: Say It With Fashion

What better way to tell your child they’re about to become a big sister, than to get it printed on a t-shirt?

This t-shirt can also be used as a way to tell other friends and family the news, simply have your older child strut about in their new finery when visitors come over.

The reaction of this big-sister-to-be is beautiful, and definitely one not to be missed.

Pregnancy Announcement #6: Grandpa or Pops?

Sometimes, it pays to keep things simple.

This unexpecting Grandpa-to-be has the news broken to him by his son-in-law, who asks whether he’d like to be Grandpa or Pops.

A love, simple way to break the news, and this Pops-to-be couldn’t be happier.

Warning: This video will have you in tears.

Pregnancy Announcement #7: Say Cheese

Filming a pregnancy announcement sort of gives the game away, unless you can film without anyone noticing.

This creative couple set up a huge family photo with all their loved ones, but hit the record instead of the photo button.

Instead of asking them to say cheese, they announce they’re pregnant. With twins! This video is awesome.

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