What’s The Popping Or Clicking Noise In My Bump During Pregnancy?

What's The Popping Or Clicking Noise In My Bump During Pregnancy?

You’re sitting on the sofa, rubbing your hands over your bump as your baby nudges back, responding to your movements, when suddenly there’s a popping or clicking noise coming from your bump.

It doesn’t hurt, but it leaves you feeling a little nervous.

You run (waddle) to your laptop, and quickly type into the search bar to try and find out what’s going on.

But, for once, the internet doesn’t seem to hold the answer.

What is causing that weird clicking or popping noise inside your bump?

Even if you ask your doctor or midwife, you may come away none the wiser.

What’s The Popping Or Clicking Noise Coming From My Bump?!

That’s because, no-one really knows exactly what causes the noise.

The clicking or popping noise isn’t documented in any midwifery or obstetrics texts, though there are a few theories of what could be causing it.

What Does The Popping Or Clicking Sound Like?

The noise can vary from very quiet to pretty loud. Sometimes it may only be noticeable only to you, and other times your colleagues may look up from their desk to check that your waters haven’t just broken.

Some mothers compare it to the sound of cracking knuckles, others to the sound of two fingernails being clicked together.

Here are four of the most common theories behind the mysterious popping or clicking bump:

#1: The Noise Is Caused By Baby’s Joints

Babies are very bendy. However bendy you think they are, double it. They are really good wrigglers, and get themselves into all kinds of weird position in the womb.

Some healthcare professionals think the clicking noise is caused by baby’s joints as he squirms in and out of all kinds of positions.

#2: The Noise Is Caused By Your Ligaments

Some women have been advised by their healthcare professionals that the clicking sound could be caused by their ligaments stretching to make way for the growing baby.

Rather than the noise coming from inside the amniotic sac, it could actually be something happening to you that is causing the pop noise.

#3: The Noise Is Caused By The Sac

As you bendy baby wriggles and jiggles about, some experts believe that the popping noise could be caused by the fluid moving around inside the amniotic sad.

As your uterus moves around inside you, usually because you are being poked and prodded by you baby’s stretching limbs, air moves around causing a popping sound.

#4: Baby’s Mouth Is Making The Noise

There haven’t been any studies carried out into what causes this noise, though some mothers report that their babies emerge from the womb making popping or clicking noises with their lips.

You’ll have to wait until your baby is born to see if this theory stands up.


Is It Something To Worry About?

It might be worrying to have an unexplained noise coming out of your bump every so often, but fear not. One of the reasons that the noise is unexplained, is because money hasn’t been spent on researching this phenomenon.

Why? Because it’s probably nothing to worry about.

Rest assured that many women have experienced this over the years, and have gone on to have healthy, happy babies. If you feel worried about the noise, ask your midwife or doctor for advice.

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Fiona Peacock is a writer, researcher and lover of all things to do with pregnancy, birth and motherhood (apart from the lack of sleep). She is a home birth advocate, passionate about gentle parenting and is also really tired.


  1. When I was pregnant with my firstborn I heard this sound.. He’s almoat 2 now and his joints still make this clicking sound.. Usually when he rolls over in his sleep. I’m currently pregnant with baby #2 (30 weeks) and still hear the clicking when she gives a particularly large kick or nudge. I think nuts cute..and will side with the first explanation, it’s their joints.

  2. Yes baby is active tonight and I have heard the noise a few times…glad I found this article…my first thought was joints

  3. Am 3weeks and heard it too is so wired n felt am going into labour thank God is nothing to worry about, i ve not heard it with my 1st tho…

  4. Omg! So glad I’ve found this article! – just this second heard a pop sound and truth be told.. I was too scared to get up just in case it was my waters had broken as I’m at that stage now. Now I’ve read this.. I can stand up without a worry 🙂

    1. Im 37 weeks today and this is the 3rd time in 3 days ive heard this noise. It happened when i was sat on the couch and i was too scared to stand up so i remained seated for 2 hrs as i thought it welk could have been my waters… lol…. but it wasnt !

  5. Pregnant with twins currently 35 weeks and hear it all the time when these babies move, can’t remember if i heard it in my last pregnancy

  6. I’m now 37 weeks, and heard this noise it’s started the past week or so I thought it was my waters but now I’ve read this and it could be his joints I can relax

  7. I’m due on wednesday. And I had asked my doctor last week why I was hearing weird cracking or clicking noises from my belly every once in awhile. I had brought up if it could be his joints cause it’s when he moves usually and she said there is no way it’s his joints. So I’m still left without an answer.

  8. Wow! This is my 3rd pregnancy and I have never heard this noise until this very day. I am currently 34 w 5 d. As I was sitting on my bed she began to move vigorously and I began to hear small popping sounds. It made me feel so uncomfortable because I felt like maybe the way I was sitting made her joints do that. So happy to have read all the other testimonies.

  9. I heard it first almost 2 months ago, but now we’re getting closer to the big day it’s happening more and more often.
    First I thought I was just imagining things. Then I went back and forth between joints or a smacking little tongue. But I guess the first one makes most sense.
    Finally remembered to ask my OB today. She’d heard of it plenty times before, but since there’s been no research she couldn’t say. Just that there’s no link whatsoever to anything worrisome =)

  10. Im 31 weeks pregnant and I’ve been hearing this for weeks and it’s only when the baby moves. It sounds exactly like the noise my wrist makes when it randomly pops. I’ve asked others about it and they think I’m crazy…

  11. Ya I’ve been hearing it the past week and a half been scared out my mind cause I wonder what the world is my son doing its also my 1st so every lil things worry me#hope it’s his joints but I hear it too much!!# yikes 8mnths

  12. I just experienced the same pooping sound and was super nervous as hubby is working night shift. Was about to call him to come home lol!!!!

  13. I’m 38 weeks with my little boy and I’ve been hearing this a TON. It’s worrying me a bit. But I know my obgyn isn’t going to help me. I’m just going to guess it’s either fluid or joints.

  14. My mom had 8 kids, and we all came way past our due dates. (This was before labor induction was standard.) Anyway, with each of us, she was awakened at night by a popping sound, and realized that her waters had broken.

  15. I’m 35 weeks with twins and I started hearing the clicking noise today…. this article is a Tad bit reassuring but I’m still a bit worried…. I’m waiting on a phone call back from my nurse.

  16. Am 33weeks now, it happen to me this morning, early hours of the morning. Was deep in sleep but screamed with fear of what the hell is happening in there. Was shock! Am relieved now and I must say it is uncomfortable

  17. I heard that sound through the end of my pregnanacy. Thought it was the baby or about the pregnancy. My baby girl is 11 months old But I heard the same sound 2-3 times in the past few weeks. I’m sure it’s not the baby but I still don’t know why:) It comes just around the belly button.

  18. Yes! Baby’s joints.

    I and my husband heard my bump clicking when baby was moving inside. (Sounds bit like rubbing one finger nail off another one.) I asked my midwife and consultant (just out of interest) neither had any explanation and looked at me like I was an idiot.

    When baby was born his joints continued to make the same sound, so I’m 100% confident this is what we could hear. He’s 28months, picture of health, no joint issues and still quite clicky.

    I’m 30 weeks pregnant and just heard new baby clicking for first time. Hope this might reassure someone 🙂

  19. I noticed it happened in both my pregnancies when the baby was running out of room in the third trimester and moving his/her legs less due to being squished. When she would decide to stretch them, his/her knees would pop. I noticed my joints react the same way. I think it is a combination of long periods of not moving their legs due to lack of room, and then finally stretching them, making the joints snap/pop.

  20. I’m only 18 weeks with my 2nd child and have been hearing this noise for the past week and it has been worrying me. I knew it was my baby moving but couldn’t figure out why it was making that noise. Glad to know it’s completely normal.

  21. I was a clicking and popping baby! My mom always tells me how she could hear popping when she was pregnant with me and how she always thought it was strange because my older brother wasn’t like that in the womb. We were both big babies (over 9 lbs!). 22 years later and I’ve always had very noisy joints! Not painful, they just pop often. I even have a couple joints that I can pop endlessly (my right knee and wrist).

  22. While PG with my first, I was doing dishes when I hestdI 3 loud clicks and suddenly felt baby drop like a rock! Looked down in shock and yup, sure enough, baby had dropped about 4-5 inches (I’m short hipped so I carried very high) and I could breath again… I went into labor a wk or so later.

  23. I am at 36 weeks and my baby has been clicking all day every day for awhile now! It’s only when he moves and is not sore. It’s quite loud sometimes aswell. So strange that no re search has been done regarding this. People just laugh and think I am crazy. Glad I am not the only one

  24. Hi
    I’m 33 weeks and 4 days now and was just watching tv on the sofa and as I’m not fully led down as I breath o hear and feel the noise (clicking, popping). Thought at first was like water or something so we paused everything juts to listen to it.
    It is louder if I take a deep breath, doesn’t hurt though… makes me laugh.

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