10 Times It’s OK To Nap When You’re Pregnant

10 Times It's OK To Nap When You're Pregnant

All social rules and conventions simply fly out of the window when you’re pregnant.

As a human incubator, you’re allowed a free pass when it comes to bad behaviour.

Farted in a lift? No worries, you’re pregnant!

Helped yourself to the first slice from the surprise birthday cake hidden in the office fridge? Totally fine, you’re pregnant!

Punched a stranger, because she asked if you were carrying twins? Yeah, that happens, you’re pregnant!

And, when you are pregnant, you probably couldn’t care less about the social rules and conventions you’re breaking.

After all, when you’re suffering with vaginal discharge, indigestion and constipation, it’s pretty much impossible to care who you offend. You’re just too busy being offended by your own body to think of anyone else.

Enjoy it. There is nothing more liberating than the joy of not giving a hoot about what people think.

Times It’s OK To Nap When You’re Pregnant

With that in mind, here are 10 times it’s ok to nap when you’re pregnant:

#1: At The Cinema

Is it your fault that cinema seats are ridiculously comfy when you’re the size of an elephant? No, no it isn’t.

Is it your fault that the portions are so large you fell into a popcorn coma? Certainly not.

And is it your fault that no Hollywood movie has ever been able to withstand the effects of pregnancy fatigue? Of course not.

You are pregnant, so get your naps wherever you can. And don’t ever feel you need to apologise to fellow cinema-goers for your snoring.

#2: At Work

You are an independent woman. You are a sister doing it for yourself. The ring you’re wearing? You bought it. You are the modern version of the 1980s business woman, with her slicked back hair and towering shoulder pads.

But you’re also pregnant and that means you can get away with the odd nap in the office. In fact, you should feel free to refer to the communal office sofa as your bedroom. Don’t feel embarrassed about bringing in a blanket and pillow from home. You’re just nesting.

#3: Before Dinner

One of the lovely things about being pregnant is that you look so utterly exhausted all the time. Those eye bags do have a purpose! People start making you dinner, and taking care of the household chores, after not so much as a glance in your direction.

Finally, you can nap on the sofa whilst someone else cooks you a meal. The only downside to this is that they’re likely to be mad when you then announce you’re too tired to eat it, and you slope off to bed.

#4: On Public Transport

It’s basically impossible to stay awake on public transport when you’re pregnant. Firstly, you’re guaranteed a seat because of your mammoth size, so you will be pretty comfortable. And you’re pregnant, which basically means you’re at least 10 degrees warmer than anyone else in the vicinity.

Besides, public transport makes a humming noise, which is the best lullaby in the world. And if you’re on public transport, it means you’re either going to work and you’re exhausted from a night of needing to pee constantly, or you’re coming home from work and you’re exhausted from a long day of trying to stay awake.

And if the stranger next to you just happens to have a very pillow-like shoulder…. Well, don’t even try to fight it. Just embrace the nap.

#5: Whilst Socialising

Socialising isn’t easy when you’re pregnant. For a start, every old friend or family member will immediately comment on how massive you are. This just makes you wish you hadn’t bothered leaving the house.

Most social occasions take place in the evening. By this point in the day, you are probably beyond exhausted and struggling to stay awake. After exerting yourself by applying mascara, brushing your hair, and spraying some deodorant, you’ll be way too tired to make conversation.

While everyone around you sips mojitos, and tells tall tales of their recent debauchery, you’ll be using cocktail umbrellas to try to prise your heavy eyelids open. It’s ok. Just go to sleep. You’re pregnant. Nobody will mind if you take a few minutes to get some shut-eye. And everyone else is probably drunk anyway, so they might not even notice.

#6: On Date Night

Date night is such a lovely idea. It’s really important to nurture your relationship, especially in these final few months before you become parents.

Pretty soon you’ll need to organise babysitters each time you want to see a movie, or have dinner just for two, so it makes perfect sense to make the most of these final months of freedom.

Or at least it would if you weren’t so darn tired. Good luck getting through date night without counting a few sheep.

If you manage to survive dinner and a movie without so much as a nap, then you’re guaranteed to collapse as soon as you walk through the door. As soon as you get home there will be a race to the bedroom and you’ll leave a trail of clothes behind you. Just, ahem, not in the way you used to… Zzz.

#7: When You’re Meant To Be Somewhere

Real life continues throughout pregnancy, but it really shouldn’t. How are pregnant women supposed to continue to excel in their work, social and personal lives when they’re focusing all their energies on not throwing up in public, staying awake, and not peeing when they sneeze? Really, you should be given a free pass to get out of anything and everything during pregnancy.

But, sadly, you’re not. You’ll still be expected to remember dentist appointments, important work meetings and your best friend’s birthday. The only problem is, you’re likely to sleep through all of these occasions. Why? Because you didn’t set an alarm. You weren’t even meaning to take a nap. You were only going to rest your eyes for a minute…

#8: At Bedtime

Obviously the ideal is to fall asleep at bedtime. Your bedtime, that is, not anybody else’s.

If you have already have children, you should expect to share a bedtime with them for a few months. You’ll crawl into bed with them at 7pm, read a couple of stories, snuggle up and then wake up disorientated three hours later. Oh, and you’ll have really bad hip and backache because of sleeping on your child’s bed. Then you’ll struggle to get up without waking your kid. And when it is really is your bedtime, you won’t be able to sleep, thanks to your accidental three hour evening nap.

#9: While Writing This Article

Look, I’m going to be honest with you here. I’m 35 weeks pregnant and I had to stop for a nap halfway through writing this article. Why? Because I had only four hours sleep last night. And the same the night before.

Yep, pregnancy insomnia has well and truly kicked in. I spent most of last night panicking about changing tables. As in: Why haven’t I bought one yet? What if I get back ache from changing nappies on the floor? Where will I keep all the wipes?

So, this morning, I took a nap. And I’ll probably be taking another this afternoon. And then I’ll be awake all night worrying about whether I’ve left it too late to order a birthing pool.

#10: While Reading This Article

That’s ok. No need to apologise. It’s a very long article, and you are very tired. Don’t worry. See? You made it to the end – eventually.

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Fiona Peacock is a writer, researcher and lover of all things to do with pregnancy, birth and motherhood (apart from the lack of sleep). She is a home birth advocate, passionate about gentle parenting and is also really tired.

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