10 Of The Best Things About Two Year Olds (Just In Case You Need Reminding)

10 Of The Best Things About Two Year Olds (Just In Case You Need Reminding)

You’ve probably spent two years dreading your baby turning two.

In fact, fear of the ‘terrible twos’ probably started when you were pregnant, when your lovely friends advised you that babies are easy, it’s toddlers that ruin your lives.

Although, I hate to break it to you, but plenty of parents say they find threenagers to be harder than the ‘terrible twos’. Don’t shoot the messenger!

Admittedly you will have the odd terrible moment – or perhaps day – but two year olds are nothing to be feared. In fact, these inquisitive, inspiring and funny children should be celebrated, tantrums and all.

The Best Things About Two Year Olds

Here are 10 of the absolute best things about two year olds:

#1: They Get Excited

Remember how much effort you put into birthday and Christmas when your child was a baby?

No matter how many Pinterest activities you copied, or how much you spent on wrapping paper, she just didn’t really seem to grasp the importance of the day, did she?

Well, not anymore.

Now that your child is two, you have entered a new era of excitement, understanding and hype. Oh yeah, that’s the bad thing about this newfound excitement, they get really hyped up in the pre-Christmas period (which generally starts in September…).

Two year olds know what to expect at birthday parties (cake and pass the parcel) and so will get excited in the (long) run up.

#2: They Are Dibber Dobbers

Two year olds are really good at getting people in trouble, especially your partner and mother-in-law.

Everything they do is innocently reported back to you, including allowing extra television and contraband chocolate before bed.

Yep, you’ll hear about it all, so get practising your disapproving face now.

Be warned though, this honest works both ways, and your two year old will also be ratting you out too.

#3: They’ve Stolen Your Moves

The involuntary dancing of babies has progressed into some learned moves that your toddler can whip out at a moment’s notice.

And guess what, they learned from the best. That’s right, every time you’ve danced around your room to Single Ladies over the past two years, she’s been watching and learning.

So, next time you go to a wedding, don’t be surprised to discover that a certain someone has stolen all of your go to moves.

Cue your awkward face when your two year old starts inappropriately shaking her butt at a birthday party.

#4: They Make Friends

Two year olds are finally ready to start developing friendships with other children.

After months of you forcing them to sit next to other babies, while you chat to their mums about sore nipples, your sleep deficit and baby led weaning, it’s finally paying off.

Two year olds are starting to interact with other children, they are playing chase and giggling with each other. Sure, they’re also still snatching, fighting and screaming at each other, but all great friendships have their ups and downs.

#5: They Have A Secret Language

Your two year old is learning to talk, and though it may not sound like much to other people, you can finally tell what she’s saying.

She won’t speak in sentences, but will be to order her words together so that you can (sort of) follow her story.

#6: They Spend Time Playing By Themselves

Ah, all those hours of play have finally paid off, your two year old finally knows how to play by herself.

She can keep herself entertained for short periods now.

She might be happily entertained with a new toy, or transfixed by something as ordinary as a wooden spoon, but it means you can have a few minutes to yourself every now and then.

#7: They Love To Sing

By two years old, your child is starting to remember tunes, and can maybe even remember the odd word.

You might stumble across your two year old belting out her favourite songs (probably Let It Go) and she will almost definitely be getting all the words wrong (‘the pastas in the plaster’), but it will music to your ears nonetheless.

#8: They Are Funny

And not just accidentally funny, as in a “haha, she doesn’t pronounce the ‘l’ in clock” kind of way, but in a deliberate telling jokes way.

The jokes may not make much sense, and if you heard them during a stand up act you’d probably ask for a refund, but coming from the mouth of your two year old, the jokes are hilarious.

They will change the words of stories and songs for hilarity, and repeat funny things they hear.

Being two, they won’t know why the things are funny, aside from the laughter that ensued, so you might find your toddler making a few inappropriate jokes picked up from television or one of your more raucous aunts.

#9: They Are Really Good At Bartering

If you have market goods to buy, take your two year old along for the ride. Not only will she secure the best deals but she’ll leave the market traders in awe of her as she does it without making any enemies.

Of course, this skill is slightly less wonderful when it’s used on you. As you inform her there is just one minute left until you leave the park, she immediately retorts “Two!”, already planting her feet firmly in the negotiation seat.

You will find yourself bartering over the number of bedtime stories, how many oranges a person can eat in a day, and how long she has to wait for a friend to finish his turn with the long-desired ride on toy.

Oh, and no matter how good your bartering skills are, the two year old will always win.

#10: They Know Their Own Minds

This one might not seem like a positive at 3am when she demands it’s morning, or at 2pm when she announces that she’s NOT leaving the park, or even at 6pm when she tells you she doesn’t want to eat the pasta you just spent half an hour making.

But, really, it is a good thing. Your two year old is well on her way to being a strong minded, decisive person who is unafraid to speak her mind and stand up for what she believes in.

And that’s the sort of person we need in the world, so good work, all of your parenting is paying off.

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